Top 10 SoundCloud Hacks For Getting Plays

16 Apr 2019


  • Best day/time of the week to release a song on SoundCloud is 5 pm GMT.
  • Don’t use fake services to promote your plays
  • Repost your plays on other social media accounts for higher visibility

SoundCloud has 175 million distinctive listeners, every month, it has emerged as a dominant power in the world of online music. SoundCloud is considered as a billion-dollar digital marketing firm. It can have an incredible influence on the visibility of an artist, at the onset of one’s profession. With using the service successfully, an artist can have the ability to develop into wider audiences and earn huge profits by creating good music.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Time To Release
  2. Build Creative Hashtags
  3. Adding A ‘Buy’ Link
  4. Connect With Audience
  5. Say ‘No’ To Fake Services
  6. Get Featured On Blogs
  7. Reposting Technique
  8. Promote On Other Social Media Platforms
  9. Monitor SoundCloud Actions
  10. Planning Marketing Strategy

But, even after working day and night there are many artists who think they are not getting enough as compared to the efforts they are making. Therefore to resolve the issue here, we have some cool tricks to help you grow as an artist on SoundCloud.

1. The Best Time To Release The Song:

Most people have daily jobs, and they have to complete that without concentrating on other things happening around them. So, even if they want to listen to songs, they play music from their playlist without exploring for new songs that have arrived.

Then, what can be the best time to release the song? Well, weekends are the best option. Be it Saturday night party or relaxing at home on Sunday, exploring the Soundcloud app and listening to new artists can be done easily on weekends. This is the reason many artists especially the new ones release their song on weekends. This is a trick about which many people are not aware of.

According to a source, Best day/time of the week to release a song on SoundCloud is 5 pm GMT.

2. Build Creative Hashtags For SoundCloud:

The hashtags originated on Twitter and quickly became part of each social media channel. Even on SoundCloud, hashtags play a major role in bringing the music in front of your target audience.

Even on SoundCloud, hashtags play a major role in bringing the music in front of your target audience

Not only that, you can create unique hashtags and use them in every song you release, then your audience will be able to find all your songs at a single place. Always keep this thing in your mind that regular SoundCloud listeners see hashtags as tools for improving their network experience,

3. Adding A ‘Buy’ Link:

Creating an amazing song and releasing it on SoundCloud can be fun and helps to gain popularity. But earning money from it is also an important factor to survive in the music industry and create more songs.

2 hrs of uploaded song is free, 4 hrs is $55/year, and unlimited space for $135/year.

So, the SoundCloud provides a “buy” option through which your listeners can also buy the music on various platforms like iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Beatport etc.

This way, you not only promote your song with the help of digital media but can also earn money.


4. Connect With Your Audience Through Comments:

Connecting with the audience is helpful for selling your music or letting them know that you are not only a good musician but also an amazing person. This way, you can create goodwill in the market and your audience is going to love you.

You can ask them about the music and what all they expect from your upcoming songs or simply giving them good news or asking them how they are. This is going to create a beautiful impact on the mind of the listener and they will tell their friends and family about you, which is going to make you more popular.

This is one of the best tricks to create a bond with your target audience. Consider, you are an amazing singer and have a good bond with your audience. You are being loved by many people. You have a live concert coming up and you are inviting people to come. Apart from your talent, your goodwill will also be considered and that is going to make your concert super hit.

5. Say ‘No’ To Fake Services:

Buying SoundCloud plays has become a trend for aspiring artists, DJ’s, and producers. Everyone is in a mad dash to be heard, and sometimes they may even sink to the level of going unheard so as to make it look like they were heard.

Shifting the career into high gear is one of the dreams for every musician. They spend countless hours musing over this and want to come up with great solutions that can benefit them to grow and gain fame.

The main objective is to attain the best response out of the uploaded music, therefore a musician should learn more about the consequences he has to face when he decides to buy Soundcloud plays, comments, and reposts. You should always remember that you are losing your authenticity and nobody will believe in you and your music.

In 2012, Snoop Dogg discovered Polish artist Iza Lach via SoundCloud. He was so interested in what he heard, he flew out to Poland, recorded what Wahlforss said was “nearly a hundred” songs, and ultimately signed her to his label.

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It’s easily understood by people if you have bought fake SoundCloud services. You should believe in the concept of originality because the more genuine fans you will have, the better you’ll feel as a musician and the more motivated you are will help you grow as an artist. Beyond this, there are also technical reasons for not buying these services as your account can also be suspended by the SoundCloud.

User Testimonial

“Soundcloud blocked my account permanently”

Lorién Sauret

, Lead Vocalist, Ouro Preto

I have been a Lead Vocalist for my local band for the last 4 years.

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“Account frozen”


 Music Enthusiast

I recently made another account on SoundCloud as a private account as I own one for uploading tracks and this one was for casual use.

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6. Get Featured On Blogs:

This is one of the coolest tricks to get famous in today’s time. Collaborating with bloggers is really helpful. They have maintained their name in the market and people trust them. If they are going to write about your song and how good it is, it will definitely reach a massive audience.

These bloggers are well known by the audience and the most important factor is that people trust them. So, aligning your brand with their authoritative voice can add genuine authenticity to your song.

You also have to ensure your blogger is given the resources and guidance they need to carry out their role effectively and work hand-in-hand on the campaign with you as true partners.

Consider, you have created a good song and released that on SoundCloud. In some days, you realize you are not getting the amount of response you deserve. So, collaborating with a blogger can be a good option here.

The blogger can write why your song stands out in the market and why people should listen to it. For this, you can either pay the blogger or send some free passes of your concerts.

7. The Reposting Technique:

Posting the songs bring it on the high priority list and there are chances many users will listen to it. What else you can do is to repost the song. This way you can bring the song again on the songs priority list.

Well, there is also a tip to it. Use this trick only for max 3 days when you have released the song. Otherwise, your followers will get to know what you are trying to do and chances are they may unfollow you.

A good promotion through bloggers, social media platforms and telling friends and family about your song and asking them to repost can also help you increase the number of reposts organically.

8. Promote On Other Social Media Platforms:

Facebook and Instagram are having such a massive audience. So, spreading the news about your new song on various social media platforms can be a good idea to generate a huge audience on your song.

You can post your song on these sites and write good content to let people know how you created the song and what specialty your song consists. Through Social media platforms, you are going to create a bond with your target audience.

You can also explore Instagram’s auto-post and cross-promotional tools. Post a small video of your song on Instagram. The cross-promotional tools will allow you to instantly post from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more, bringing followers together from across your social networks.

9. Monitor Your SoundCloud Actions And Other Songs:

Keeping an eye on your competition and learning from them is one of the biggest tricks. You should never feel over-confident in what you are doing and feeling superior is not going to help you survive in the market. Beyond this always try to know your audience more. And check from where you are getting the maximum engagement.

For example, you are releasing songs on SoundCloud and getting a huge audience by promoting the song on Facebook. Therefore, always enhance your Facebook page and create a bond with your audience on Facebook.

Keeping a track on every step taken by you for getting the best out of your SoundCloud will give the accurate knowledge of the taste your followers have. You can be sure that what shall be perfect for your target audience and will gain a massive engagement.

10. Planning Your Marketing Strategy:

It is not an extraordinary trick or something which is not known to many people but artists do forget this major point while preparing to go big on SoundCloud.

Creating a song by taking time and writing the lyrics and preparing music and getting inspiration from various sources to make a beautiful song is always taken care of. After the song is prepared, artists upload it on SoundCloud and think their hard work will be paid amazingly.

Pro Unlimited –” This tier gives artists unlimited uploads and it costs approx $17 per month (or $135 annually).”Mad Decent frontman and producer Diplo has the page DiploApproved, where he consistently posts tracks from people you’ve probably never heard of.

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You should always make a marketing plan before bringing the song in front of the world. Starting without a plan can be a dumb idea, because you will have no way of knowing what you’re trying to achieve with your songs, and no way to measure how you will get there.