Companies To Avoid While Buying SoundCloud Services

Last updated on June 27th, 2019 at 03:54 pm

Companies To Avoid While Buying SoundCloud Services


  • 81% of beginners rebuilding their profile from paid services to create the illusion of popularity.
  • 90% of companies are using the same strategies for selling SoundCloud services.
  • Facebook and IG have started an investigation on companies selling social media services.

To achieve the best results out of the SoundCloud, musicians buy SoundCloud plays from various websites. Well, purchasing SoundCloud plays are not so easy as there can be websites which don’t provide 100% results. They will charge you a good amount but the outcome can be disheartening, so before making your mind setup to buy SoundCloud services, you need to be attentive towards every fake service.

Here, we have listed some websites which can upset you in results you will obtain. We have measured these websites’ authenticity and reliability on the following parameters.

  • Bots Delivery
  • Pricing
  • Turnaround time
  • Customer support
  • Trust flow
  • Press coverage

Bots Delivery:

Bots sometimes just remain on the profile for a few seconds or a few days, they are not permanent. This can drop the musician’s reputation down in front of his/her audience. There are numerous companies in the market selling fake services and diverting customers from their desired goals.

“Facebook disabled nearly 1.3 billion accounts over the past two quarters which were fake and were holding the bots services.”

Pricing: Before investing in any strategy, it is necessary to know about its price and cost. These fake services offer a maximum number of likes, plays, reposts at an affordable range. They promise money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. Any real services and authentic organization do not offer such fake deals. Therefore, before shelling bucks on fake SoundCloud service, think, is it worth it?

Turnaround time: There is a proper algorithm through which the buying process of plays, likes as well as reposts work, but the fake companies would guarantee you to deliver SoundCloud services within no time or within an hour.

Customer Support: Customer support is an important factor to build up a relationship with customers. But if you will do research about such fake services, you will see these services do not provide any customer support.  Few services mention 24/7 support on their website but do not follow the promise they made.

Trust Flow: Trust is one of the major components to establish a reliable service and reputation, but do these fake services could be trusted? Technically, one should not trust these services as they make a number of false promises on their website to attract customer, but once the customer gets a connection with them, they will not stand on their promises.

Press Coverage: Any reputed organization or trusted business would have a goodwill in the market. But companies offering fake services usually do not register them on an authentic platform and restrict any coverage through media.

Big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are suspending accounts with bots and fake services.  Soon, SoundCloud will also block accounts holding fake likes, plays, and any other services.

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Below is the list of websites which should be avoided while buying SoundCloud services as they do not provide organic and genuine services.

Build My Plays:

Build My Plays

Bots Delivery-

An authentic user, a real person searched SoundCloud and found you, either through related tracks or referred links by friends. Rather than being prompted by a computer program, they decided to click the play button and listen to your uploaded content. With fake plays, a musician cannot expect to go a long way in his career.


Organic promotion of SoundCloud, play is time-consuming and laborious. This website provides thousands of views for a low fee may seem like a miracle, but this can be a very clever way of bringing people to buy a service which is not at all worth.

“Fake views, fake plays, fake fans, fake followers and fake friends – the mainstream music industry has long been about “buzz” over achievement, fame over success, the simple appearance of being everyone’s favorite artist over being the favorite artist of anyone.” – Terry Matthew (5 Magzine)



Turnaround time-

When it comes to the turnaround time for delivering the service, the time promised by this website is very dicey. Therefore, the expectation of on-time delivery from this website should be a waste of time.

No information about key employees:

Google can be a great platform for researching such factors. You should always search for the company’s key employees before purchasing the plays. Most websites selling fake plays will not feature any details about founders or key employees.

Websiteee promises to give
the fastest delivery of Soundcloud Plays. But when it comes to delivering the service, it takes around 7-10 days.



Bots Delivery:

If the engagement on your song is not authentic then it is of no use. Expecting to gain fame through something which is not real will not be considered by a lot of people. This site is only providing fake plays which are going to ruin your dreams.

No Customer support:

Customer support is an important parameter when buying online services. What if you don’t get the result in the desired time? Or you have queries before you will proceed to the payment stage? Well, for solving such complicated situations, responsive customer support should be there. And here, there is no such sign.

In the name of customer service, the website has only given a section where you can give them your details and they will contact you. There is no information about them. We filled inquiry form and got no response from their side.

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Getting impressive service at a cheap rate will not be always good. The motive can be to earn a huge amount rather than providing good service. This website also provides the services at cheap rates but it can’t be said to be worth.

Trust flow-

The trust factor can be a big issue when it comes to purchasing services. This website doesn’t seem to be a good option when it comes to buying services as it is not trusted by many people. According to Majestic SEO, Trust Flow is a score between 0 and 100 based on a website’s quality.


No press coverage:

A good Google search should reveal if a website has been covered by online publications or notable bloggers. This website doesn’t seem to have an online presence, therefore, chances are this could be a scam.

Trust Flow:

Trust can be maintained if reputed people have taken the initiative to provide the service but this website has nothing as such. This seems to be a startup where the only motive is to earn money rather than providing a good service and create goodwill.

Red Social:

red social

No Customer support:

As you read about the importance of customer support in BuzzDayz. The Red Social is also having the same issue. It struggles when it comes to providing good customer service. Buying SoundCloud plays from this website can be very risky.

Turnaround time-

This website promises to deliver the service in 2-3 days and takes a week’s time to give the results. This result is not at all worth. The procedure is time taking and even then the service provided is not at all worth paying for.

DD Plays:

DD Plays

Bots Delivery:

Like BuzzDayz, this website is also delivering bots. You cannot even predict the time you are going to sustain in the market with such fake plays.

No funding from outside investors:

Take a look for big companies or venture-backed startups because they are extremely transparent and develop strategies to enhance views organically. You should check to see if a website has received any investor funding which will give a proof that it has a good backup and some reputed companies standing next to them.

SoundCloud has come a long way since 2007. Thousands of new artists are signing up daily and sharing their tracks on the platform to gain fame. Many websites promise thousands of Soundcloud plays, and most claim to provide them from real people.

However, what may look like a dream come true might really be a scam in sheep’s clothing. So, in the greed of gaining fame, one should not run after fake websites that are going to waste time and money. Therefore, always select a website that you can trust to promote your Soundcloud plays organically.