Social media networks have made themselves a necessity to create connections, increase awareness, and build a strong image among billion people around the world. And due to the continuous development of internet marketing, there are several social media networks, all of which have unique characteristics and value.

Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are the channels which help to promote and advertise business, brands and all kind of creative content and to boost marketing strategies, there are several third-party services which nudge the audience towards every platform.

Here we have made a list of top 10 websites to buy these social media services. Our research team has considered these websites on the basis of the following factors:

Website research:Website research is based on the following categories-

Pricing and package

The price and packages of the websites are compared. We believe that the customers should get a perfect value pack when they are spending their money on the service. We analyze this by comparing the cost of the services for particular social media category. The data that we have collected is primarily from websites where they have mentioned the price for each service.

Packages are analyzed on the basis of their variations i.e how many low, medium or high volume packages are offered by the websites. There are three important criteria which we consider for evaluating this parameter –

  • Lowest price available
  • Price per value of service when quantified
  • Value packages

Turnaround Time

The time efficiency is compared in this category. We analyze which website delivers plays and followers faster. This parameter is primarily evaluated on the basis of secondary research that we have conducted with the respondents.

We have also considered the delivery time as proclaimed by the website but have matched it against the data as recorded from the respondents.

  • Time taken to deliver services
  • Time taken to revert on email about your queries

Refund Policy

There are many websites where the customers can claim their money if they are not satisfied with the promised results. We consider money back guarantee on the basis of-

  • Amount refunded
  • Time taken to receive refund
  • Refund procedure

Refund policy has been considered as one of the most critical factors by the audiences when choosing service. This is because many service providers do not provide the result as promised on their website and customers end up losing their money.

Refund procedure is also very critical since many companies have strict terms and conditions which make the refund policy very tedious. Procedure should be simple and consumer friendly with relevant questions being asked while refunding.

Companies which provide refund within 24 hours have been given better ratings, followed by companies with 48 hours and 72 hours of refund respectively.

Service Authenticity

The customers are always in need of services which are genuine and free from any bots. Therefore, keeping this in mind we analyze the websites which can provide authentic followers and plays. Authenticity is compared keeping these points in mind-

  • Real engagement from audiences
  • No drop in engagement after completion of service

The minimum retention period we have looked into is 6 months from the time the service was completed. This was data was captured by the help of respondents who did avail their services.

Real engagement is verified by checking the services provided by the websites. We have also cross verified with our respondents.

Financial Transaction Security

While transferring money, we check how secured the portal has been made by the website. Financial security is compared on the basis of following parameters

  • SSL
  • PCI
  • Tokenization
  • Anti Fraud Tools (If any)

Website security is one of the major factor while giving ratings to the service providers. Any website which was lacking in any security related issue was completely removed from our rating systems.

Customer Service

The customer service option can become really important sometimes. If a person feels unsatisfied with the service he has received, he can contact the service providers. Customer service is based on the following points-

  • Contact details provided
  • Quick response by customer service
  • Options for contacting (Email, contact number etc.)

Higher rating was provided to websites which had live chat enabled (24×7), followed by contact number and email option.

The data was also collected on the basis of the responses shared by the respondents. We have cross verified the claims made by the websites about their customer service against the response provided by the customers.

Consumer – Friendly

Website should be user friendly. A visitor should be able to navigate easily and compare the pricing plans. We consider the user-friendliness of the website on the basis of-

  • Less intrusive advertisements
  • Page loading speed
  • No hidden terms & conditions
  • In-depth information

The terms & conditions form an important part. Service providers whose claims on website and terms and conditions matched were given higher ratings. Hidden terms terms and conditions were awarded negative points (-1) for each.

Websites have high loading speed, mobile optimized and less advertisements were awarded 1 point.


Everyone is in search of discounts so that they can save some money. Therefore, we compare the websites on the basis of discounts they are providing like early bird discount, occasional discounts, discount on particular volume and etc.

  • Discount on volume
  • Coupon discount

Higher discount rate garnered higher points. 1.0 was awarded for continuous discount of 10% on next volume, 2.0 points was awarded for discount on above 20%.

Coupon discounts were counted on the basis of availability and discount rate offered. For every discount rate of 10% on the cost price, 0.5 stars were awarded. Negative 0.5 stars were awarded to those websites where coupon did not work. It was cross verified by the responses gathered from the respondents.

Payment option

Many websites have very few payment options due to which the customer is forced to take a look at other options. So comparing websites on the basis of payment options is a vital part. For eg. If a website is providing the payment option with Visa or MasterCard that will be preferred as compared to the websites which provide only one payment option. Global payment options are always preferred.

4 stars – More than 4 globally accepted payment options like PayPal, VISA

3 stars – More than 3 globally accepted payment options

Trust Flow

There are websites which have been providing social media services for many years and they hold good position in the market.

There are websites which have retained their customers and have been accredited by other organizations. The trust flow category is considered on the basis of-

  • Customers retained
  • Accreditations
  • Social Reviews

Social reviews were given higher points (0.5 to 2 stars) depending upon their reviews made on the famous review portals. This also included their reviews on other rating platforms. We have not considered ratings as given on the website since they are generally fake.

Customer retention was on the basis of the feedback shared by the respondents. The retention rate of 75% and above was awarded 2 stars whereas the retention rate of 50% plus was awarded 1 star. Negative (-1) was awarded for retention rate below 10%

Social media surveys

We have conducted surveys through email and Facebook and received data from other social survey sites. These surveys have given us data which are reliable because the respondent of these surveys is the audiences who have used this service. This data has helped us in verifying the claims made by the service providers on their website.

You can get the questionnaire here

The audience survey has given us a true picture of the claims as made by the websites.

The respondents PII has been kept confidential. Only their responses have been captured and these have been translated into data for providing ratings.