How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 06:33 pm

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform where one can share, views and upload videos of his/her preference. There is no restrictions or charges to view or upload videos on the channel, but yes there are some community standards that need to be followed by the users which we will discuss later on.

Along with billions of users, YouTube has always been the best part of the industry which gave the beautiful platform to users to showcase their talent and advertise their creativity to the world without any cost. Though the channel has been in the controversy since its launch due to the sharing lot of unsuitable content, but still it has always carried out the best way for users to secure them and protect them from the unusual content.

With such big popularity around the world and the trust connection people have on it, it is serving a lot of new features and advanced setups to deliver the better user experience. There are various advanced features,  and having a record what you have liked is one of the best features which could help you to stay connected with your years ago liked videos.

Wondering how is it possible to see what you have liked? But like any other social media platform, YouTube also allows you to see what you have liked in your previous days.

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Note: “YouTube gives the opportunity to its users to like others videos on YouTube, users can see their  “Liked videos” in future which appears in sequence from the most recently liked video to least recently liked.”

There are certain limitations set by the YouTube community, the maximum no of the video you can like should not exceed 5000.

 Reviewing videos that you have liked could be done within a few taps, you just need to go through a simple procedure we have mentioned below-

Most of YouTube’s task could not be done on its app version, but luckily, you can see which videos you have liked on the channel in its application via phone.

On Desktop:

1. Open YouTube:


Type in the URL box of your computer web browser and press the Enter key. If you are already logged into your YouTube account then you will be directly taken on its main page, otherwise, you will be directed on YouTube login page. Here, you need to enter your Email address or registered phone number followed by the password.

Click Sign In

There is also an option to log in directly through your associated Google account-here you only need to select your Google account to log in.

  • Make sure you have entered correct login credentials before proceeding to the sign-in option.
  • If you forget your password; then, click on the “Forget password” option located just below the password tab.
  • Once you have entered your correct login credentials, click the “Next ” option located below the password tab.

2. Go To Library:

Once you are on YouTube’s main page, you will see a page with lots of videos. There on the left side, you will have multiple options like “Home,” Trending,” “Subscription,” “Library,” “History,” “Watch later” and so on.

View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Click On The Library Tab

There, you need to click on the “Library tab” to continue with the procedure.

3. Click On Liked Videos:

View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Liked Videos

From the library section, you will be taken on a new a page where you find the video from the history section, videos which you have selected to watch later, your playlist, Liked videos as well as purchases that you have ever made.

Click On Liked Videos

There, click on the “Liked videos” option represented with the thumbs up icon.  Once you click on the option, you will be taken on a new page where you find all the videos which you have liked.

Reviewing your liked videos on YouTube via desktop is similar to reviewing it on your phone.

On Phone:

1. Open YouTube:

Among all the applications on your phone, look for the “YouTube” app- it would be a red box with a white video playing icon. Tap on the YouTube icon; doing this you will be directly reached on its main page.

Open YouTube App

2. Tap Library:

Once you logged into your YouTube account, you will see various videos on the page with multiple options. There you need to click on the “Library” option located at the bottom of the page.

View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Tap Library

You will see a “Library” Icon located at the bottom right side of the YouTube homepage. If you tap the library icon, then you will be navigated to a new page.

At the bottom of the page, you will find five options that are “Home,” “Trending,” “Subscription,” “Inbox,”  and “Library”.

3. Tap Liked Videos:

From the Library option, you will be directed on a new page, where you will see options like “History,” “Downloads,” “My Videos” etc.  Scroll down the page and look for the “Liked Videos”.  Once you click on the liked videos option, you will get all the videos you have liked till now.

View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Tap Liked Videos

Reviewing your liked videos time to time helps you to keep a connection with your favorite creators. Moreover, it also supports to find the videos which you have liked previously but not able to find in the current time.

YouTube has been a wonderful video sharing and viewing platform which is flooded with unique features and trendy content. One could get the number of benefits from the channel and could attain popularity around the world. This open and free channel gives tons of options and provides a direct route to reach the target audience and their needs.