How To View Who Liked Your Videos On YouTube?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 06:01 pm

YouTube is the biggest video search engine website in which you could share educational, entertaining and any kind of informational video. It is just like a TV which could be accessed online. The network is known for its mesmerizing features and components through which you could get tons of benefits, including popularity, business growth, brand visibility, and more.

The platform is available in every corner of the world and easily accessible by both the creators and audience. Moreover, the network gives thousands of reasons to access it among which creating and sharing videos on the channel is one. From settings up video customization to getting up the notifications of new updates, YouTube is flourished with finest features which makes it best from the rest of the video streaming websites.

The channel is a free platform which gives multiple free options to users to popularize his/her content and enrich his/her exposure to a large extent. On the other hand, the network is a big source of communication as it encourages content of similar genre and brings new ideas with the combination of different content around the world.  

Moving forward, YouTube also provides you multiple opportunities to monetize from the network, but for monetization, you need to cross criteria of a maximum number of likes, views, comments, shares, and subscribers.  Getting likes, shares, comments, subscribers are not only important for the monetization but are also essential to boost popularity all over the world.

As a marketer or a creator, it becomes important to know all about the social networks, as in this digital society, it is difficult to survive among the competitors without using any social network. Therefore, if you are representing your creative content through the channel, or promoting your brand/business via YouTube, you must be aware of the fact that the likes on YouTube videos are the major component and source to increase your exposure and audience.

Many popular creators are there who believes that like is the option through which the audience can show their interest and appreciation on other videos. Moreover, they also encourage creators to create new updated and unique content for the public.

It is also believed that using likes analytics could also help to engage people more easily on video content and support in determining that which kind of video one has to post or which kind of content one should avoid.

But before knowing the benefits of “likes” analytics, it is necessary to know how to view who liked your YouTube video content.

The article will walk you through the easy procedure to view who liked your YouTube video-

Note: “YouTube does not allow you to analyze who  liked your videos on your Smartphone,” therefore, if you want to check who have to click the like button on your video, then you have to open your YouTube account on a web browser.”

1. Open YouTube:

Open YouTube on your preferred web browser.

Open YouTube on your preferred web browser

In case, you are not signed in your YouTube account already; then you will be required to provide your details like email address, username or phone number associated with your account and the correct password. Doing this will open the main page where you will find the videos related to your searches.

2. Open Your Profile:

After logging into your account, click on your profile icon- it would be a circle with your profile picture. Just in case you have not uploaded any picture, then it would appear with the first letter of your name.

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Open Your Profile

3. Click On YouTube Studio (beta):

From your profile menu, a menu will appear with multiple options; there click on the YouTube Studio (beta) option. The option will be located at the third-number among the options.

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Click On YouTube Studio (beta)

4. Click Analytics:

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Click Analytics

When you click on the “YouTube Studio (beta)” option, you will be taken on a new page with multiple options. There, you will see multiple options on the left side of the page, click on the “Analytics” option located below the channel tab.

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Analytics

Overview Report:

When you click on the Analytics tab, the overview report will appear, it basically summarizes just how your content is performing in the industry.

Among the items included in this report are watch time, views, and if you have monetized anything on your channel, earnings are shown as well.

The report also provides the most relevant data for interactions such as comments, shares, favorites, likes, and dislikes. If you purchase YouTube likes, then you should know the difference between those and organic likes.

From the analytics tab, you will get new option along with all the data like, “overview,” “Reach,” “Engagement,” “Audience,” “Revenue,” and more. 

In the analytics page, you will find the data of all the videos, but if you want to see the data for a particular video, then you have to go with the bit different option that is “Videos.”

5. Click Videos:

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube

On the same page, you will see the “Videos” option located above the “Analytics” tab.  Click on the option to continue the procedure if you want to look likes on a particular video.

How To View Your Liked Videos On YouTube - Videos

After clicking on “videos” option, you will be taken on a new page. There you will have different tabs and options, along with “Visibility,” “Date,” “Views,” “Comments,” “Likes,” tabs.  Here, you can easily find how many liked did you get in your previous videos and what is the current status of your content.

Like section has become an important component for every social media marketing tool which attracts more audience than ever before. But getting likes on your any content is not an easy task; it requires your day and night efforts to take your business/brands to the next level of success.