How To Use Twitter Threads?

Last updated on September 9th, 2019 at 01:43 pm

Twitter is the most popular microblogging website that has evaluated the meaning of conversation on social networks. From posting GIFs to sharing images with hashtags, Twitter has raised everything on social media channels differently.

As a regular user of Twitter, you must be aware of the fact that Twitter has the power to boost up your profile through your one tweet. You don’t have a plan for the multiple strategies, neither you have to go with the hard and fast rule to present your personality on Twitter, but yes, you have to ensure that what you do on Twitter must be relatable and appropriate.

Along with thousands of features, you have tons of opportunities to use Twitter- business owners could use Twitter for the SEO purpose to present themselves at the top of the other similar businesses, influencers can use the channel to express their views and to share their content with the target audience, as well as creators could make the best use of Twitter to tell people about their hidden talent on the channel.

There has always been an amazing combination of talent, promotion, and content with Twitter as the channel has created different ways to make everyone’s content discoverable. Moreover, the network always ensured that its users do not encounter any sort of problem with its features and never get disappointed with the channels’ presentation. Therefore, the channel has so many different features to make everything convenient for the users, and among all its best features, the Twitter thread is something that can help every individual on the channel to create a masterpiece of their tweets.

Here, if you are not a regular user of Twitter, then you must be wondering that what is a Twitter thread and how does it works? And, here the post is for you- in this post, we have discussed everything about Twitter threads, like what are these threads, how does it work and what benefit you can attain from the threads. 

What Is Twitter Thread?

A Twitter thread is a series of tweets posted on Twitter that are connected to one another and could be read as one continuous post. Most threads are created by the same Twitter user and are used to convey a message, idea or a thought in an elaborated manner. As Twitter has some word limit to write a single tweet which creates an issue while completing the conversation over a single tweet, therefore, Twitter thread helps to describe your conversation which you could not express through a single tweet. With the Twitter thread, the user could communicate properly without any sort of limitations.

Moreover, the expression has also enhanced the way to describe tweet with a lot of replies by other users. For example, if numerous individuals start conversing to a tweet with images, different memes, GIFs, and more reply to those tweets with even more messages can be described as a thread.

What Is The Difference Between Twitter Threads & Tweetstorms?

Most of the Twitter users face problems while differentiating between Twitter Threads and Twitter Tweetstorms, and some of them think that they both are the same thing. When a person posts multiple tweets in quick succession, then it is known a tweetstorm but if those tweets are replies to one another, they would be known as Twitter threads.

But this is not always the situation, most of the tweetstorms consist of individual tweets without any connection to each other or any connecting context.

Note: “The phrase “tweetstorm” can also be used to describe multiple Twitter users tweeting about the same topic, but this style has become a bit outdated.”

How To Create A Twitter Thread?

Creating a Twitter thread is easy as it does not need a long procedure to be performed. You just need to publish a tweet and then reply the tweet directly in the same way you would reply to a tweet written by someone else. Once the second tweet is published, then you will be required to reply it with a third tweet and continue until your thread is completed.

Check out the complete procedure to create a Twitter thread-

1. Open Twitter:

Login Twitter account in your preferred web browser by typing Doing this, you will be taken on Twitter’s main page/newsfeed.

How To Use Twitter Threads - Type in your preferred web browser

In case, you are not logged in already, then you would be required to provide your Twitter login id and password in the required tabs. Further, click on the login or sign in button to proceed further. This will log in your Twitter profile and take you to the main page of the channel.

How To Use Twitter Threads - Log In Twitter

2. Compose A Tweet:

Now, it is time to tweet what you want. On Twitter’s main page, you will see all the tweets posted by the people you follow and follows you. There at the top of the page, you will have your profile icon with your picture and have a blank space with a message, “What’s happening?”, click on the space and start writing under 240 characters what you want to tweet.

How To Use Twitter Threads- Compose A Tweet

Note:  “If you go over the character limit, the text that is over the limit will be highlighted in red color. So you can easily copy it to your next Tweet.”

When you start writing in the blank field, all the hidden button will pop-up with the blue color.

3. Click On Add Icon:

How To Use Twitter Threads - Click On Add Icon

Once you are finished writing your one tweet, then continue your tweet by clicking on the “+” icon. This would provide you space to write your another tweet. Continue the procedure until your content is not finished.

How To Use Twitter Threads - continue your tweet

In the same way, add your another tweet.

4. Post Your Thread:

Once you are done with your writeups, then scroll down the tweet fields, and look for the “Tweet all” button located at the bottom-right corner of the page. This will post your Twitter thread.

How To Use Twitter Threads - Post Your Thread

5. Done:

You are done now, you can see the thread you have created from your profile easily.

However, creating a Twitter thread is easy to use, but one biggest issue with this method is that your followers can start replying to your tweets once they are published. This could cause some intended miscommunication and doubts, as people may skip the tweet through which you have answered.

To avoid this feature, use Twitter’s native thread feature which allows you to compose an entire Twitter thread of multiple tweets that can be published at once. This native Twitter thread tool is built into the Twitter website and apps.

Twitter is a giant that has evolved so many advanced changes in the social media industry and arguably as has been an awesome tool for multiple promotion activities. Twitter thread is its big example as it has made it convenient for users to complete their conversation through a thread. For influencers and creators, thread is a perfect medium to share their monologue and innovative content. This also helps to boost up viewers’ engagement via comments and replies.