How To Use Facebook’s Stories?

Last updated on July 15th, 2019 at 11:09 am

How To Use Facebook's Stories

Whether good or bad, it is debatable! But Facebook stories are going to be a big tool in 2019 for businesses and individuals. In fact, Facebook Stories is on track to beat Snapchat with 150 million daily active users as per the data from Facebook.

Facebook added Stories section in 2017, which enable users to post  user-generated photos or videos that can be viewed by the audience for a short period and disappears after 24 hours.

Facebook stories are the form where user can post visual data rather than written data-it requires your camera roll to apply many tempting filters before you select your story. Now a days, many users rely on the visual presentations, and they like to post their photos and videos visually.

Facebook cameras come out with new features which enable users to add colorful filters, different masks, frames which make your story more colorful and different from others’ post. You can also add static as well as dynamic filters in your photo and videos like a waterfall, snowfall, etc. which build your story unique.

With easy steps, Facebook stories give ample of opportunity to its users to promote and market their brand visually to new audiences.

Adding Photos & Videos To Your Story (On App):

1. Open Facebook Account:

Open the Facebook application on your mobile phone- it would be a blue colored application with a white “f.” You just need to tap on the app, this will directly take you to the Facebook newsfeed page.

Open Facebook App

Just in case, you are not already logged in on Facebook, you will be needed to enter your email address or registered phone number and password correctly in the given tab.

Once you entered your email address and password, click on the “Log In” button next to the password tab.

2. Tap Add To Story:

Once you logged into your Facebook account, you need to go on the newsfeed page and tap “Add to the story,” which will open a new page. On the page, you need to select photo or videos from the camera icon.

Use Facebook's Stories -Tap Add To Story

When you tap on the Story section, you will be prompted with your gallery and a camera icon. Tap either on “Gallery” or “Camera” icon to continue the procedure.

Gallery: Through gallery option, you will have all the image you have clicked before.

Camera: Through camera option, you can click your story at a time of sharing it. When you select the Camera,  a pop-up will appear which says to enable Facebook to access your Camera and microphone. Click “Allow” to proceed.

3. Tap The Camera Icon With Curved Arrow:

If you want to switch between front and back Camera, you need to tap on the camera icon with curved arrows.

4. Tap On Flash Icon:

If you wish to adjust your camera brightness i.e., cloudy, automatic, then you need to tap on the “Flash” icon shown by the zig-zag arrow located at the left side of the camera icon.

Tap On Flash Icon

5. Click On Emoji:

If you want to make your story more colourful and attractive, you must go for emoji option. When you click on the emoji icon, you will see different colourful masks with funny animation on your face appear below the screen page, here you need to select your preferred emojis.

Click On Emoji

6. Click A Photo Or Record A Video:

Here, you need to tap the large circular icon located at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or hold the same circle if you want to record a video. You will see a preview of your clicked videos or photo appears on the middle of the screen. You will find different editing options once you clicked a photo or record a video.

Click A Photo Or Record A Video

7. Tap Magic Wand:

Once you clicked a photo or recorded a video, you will be required to click on the magic wand located at the bottom-left corner of the screen page. You will get a drop-down arrow with options of adding different frames (creative stickers, outlines) to your photos with your preference.

Tap Magic Wand

When you have done all the preferred frames affects, you need to swipe down to minimize the effects menu.

8. Click Save:

If you want to save your edited photos or videos in your camera roll, you need to tap on the save icon located at the left side of the screen, in-between the effects and privacy option.

Click Save

9. Swipe Your Screen Right Side:

Here you need to swipe your screen to add different filters on your photo- the filter will make your photo more colorful.

Swipe Your Screen Right Side

10. Select Privacy:

Select Privacy

Once you selected the story or recorded the video, you need to tap “Privacy” option located below Facebook’s screen page. It will navigate you on a new page, says, “who can see your story?” your story will be visible for 24 hours on Facebook and messenger. This setting does not apply to live videos you share to your story.”

privacy option

With the privacy option you can make your story private, public or custom- on the privacy settings option, you will have “Public,” Friends and connections,” “Friends,” “Custom,” and “Hide Story From” option. Select any of them as per your convenience.

11. Click Text Option (Aa) :

If you want to add anything on your photos or videos to describe them better, you need to tap on the “Aa” option located at the top of the page. The option will enable the writing tab after which you can write whatever you want to.

Use Facebook's Stories - Click Text Option (Aa)

Once you are done, click on the done button located at the right corner of the screen.

12. Add stickers and Emojis:

You can add different Stickers and Emojis to your photos with GIFs options located at the top of the screen page. Stickers include location, mood, feelings, etc.

13. Click On The Zig-Zag Icon:

If you want to draw something on your clicked photo freehandedly, you need to tap on the Doodle icon shown by the zig-zag icon located at the top-right corner of the page.

Use Facebook's Stories - Click On The Doodle Icon

14. Tap Share To Story:

Once you edited your photo, you need to tap “Share to story” icon located at the bottom of the page, now your story will be posted on the newsfeed of your Facebook profile.

Tap Share To Story

Viewing Friend’s Stories:

1. Open Facebook Account:

Open the Facebook app in your mobile phone by tapping the blue colored icon with a white “f”-this will simply take you to its newsfeed page. 

Open Facebook App

In case, you are not logged in already then you have to provide an email address, username or phone number associated with your account and the correct password to move with the further procedure.

Once you entered your email address and password, “Log In” tab just below the credentials tabs.

2. Tap Friends Profile Image In The Stories Bar:

If you want to see the story which your friend has shared on Facebook, then you need to go through a small procedure.

Tap Friends Profile Image In The Stories Bar

When people added to your friend’s list post something on the story section, it appears just at the top of the newsfeed with their profile image. To view what someone has posted on their story, you need to tap on the content popping-up with their profile image.

3. Things To Know While Viewing Someone’s Story:

  • You can also forward or backward the photos or videos they have posted by clicking forward and backward option.
  • Once you saw your friend’s Facebook story, your friend will be able to see that you have viewed their story.
  • According to the Facebook algorithm, Facebook stories have some limitations of time means each video and photo is available only for 24 hours.

4. Reply To Friend:

Once you tap on the friend’s profile image in the story bar, their stories will display in your mobile. If you want to reply to your friend’s stories, you need to type on the “reply to friends” tab.

Reply To Friend

There is also an option to send a reply as GIFs, Emojis, etc., you can send it according to your choice and priority.

5. Kebab menu:

Kebab menu

Moving forward, you will have a “Kebab menu” at the top right corner of the page, if you tap on the menu, you will have a pop-up message saying “mute your friend (you will stop seeing their story, but will remain friends) or Give feedback (if any of your) or report to story or something went wrong.”

mute your friend

On Web Browser:

1. Login Into Facebook Account:

Open your preferred web browser and type in the required tab and further click the “Enter” button. Doing this, you will directly reach on Facebook’s newsfeed.

Login Into Facebook Account

If you are not already logged in into Facebook, you need to go on your Facebook login page where you have to provide credentials including email address or registered phone number and password correctly in the given tab.

Once you entered your email address and password, click on the “Log In” tab next to the password tab.

2. Click On Add To Story:

Once you logged into the Facebook account, you need to tap “Add to story” icon shown by blue plus sign in-between the circle to write something or share your photo/video.

Use Facebook's Stories - Click On Add To Story

3. Create Post:

Once you logged in to Facebook account, you need to go on “Create post” where you will find an option “What’s on your mind” located below the create post icon.

Use Facebook's Stories - Create Post

4. Click Photo/ Video:

Sharing posts on the story section is not a complicated task if you are accessing the web browser. The procedure only varies a little bit from its application. When you tap on the “Story” section, you will have “Photo/video,” “Tag friends,” “Feeling/Activity,” and more options.


There you need to click on the “Photo/Video” option to select the content.  When you click on the option, you will have a window of the folder where you have saved your content. Select photo or video from the window that you want to share on story section.

5. Tap Tag Friends:

Moving forward, if you want to tag someone on your story, you can click on  “Tag friends” option located next to “Photo/Video” option. When you tag someone on the post and share it, the person will be notified that you have tagged him or her.

Click On Tag Friends

6. Choose Feelings Or Activity:

Here, you need to select how you are feeling or what you are doing in the stories update. Once you clicked on feelings or activity you will get a pop-up menu there- select the option that can express your emotions in a better way like ‘Happy’ ‘Amused,’’ snarky’ ‘celebrating’ etc.

feeling or activity

7. Click On More Button:

You need to expand options by just clicking the “More” button shown by the three dots; it enables you to find more option to add in your Facebook story.

Use Facebook's Stories - Click On More Button

8. Tap Check-In:

Use Facebook's Stories - Tap Check In

If you want to add “where are you” in your Facebook story, you need to click on the check-in button. Once you click “Check-in,” it will locate your accurate location where you are present currently.

Click Check In

9. Tap Live Videos:

Lots of users want to share their adventurous experience via Facebook story. Live videos enable Facebook friends to watch you live.

Tap Live Videos

Facebook users can comment on your live video, and you can see it on the front of your screen.

There is an option to add Emojis to the comment section of the live video.

10. Add GIFs:

If you want to make your story more attractive and funny, then you should go for GIFs. When you click on GIFs icon,  you will get lots of animated short videos-scroll down and select your preferred GIF.

11. Create a Watch Party:

Create Watch Party

Nowadays, people are busy in their personal life, they have no time to spend with their friend and family. “Invite” option can help you to easily gather different people with different taste on your page. If you want to create a watch party, you need to tap “Create watch party” where you can watch, talk and react to the same video at the same time with your friends and family.

Use Facebook's Stories -Create a Watch Party

Step 1

Add videos:

If you want to create a watch party, you need to select videos from your desktop gallery. Once you selected the videos, tap “open” located at the bottom-right side of the screen. Now, video is ready, you can watch, talk with others.

Step 2

Watch Together:

As the host, you are the admin of the particular video, and you have control over the video that is played; therefore, you can add friends to watch the video together.

Step 3

Invite people:

If you want to watch videos with your friends and family, there is an option to send invitations to your friends to join your watch party. You need to click on the “Invite People” option.

If you send invitations to your friends, your friend will get a notification that you are invited to watch the party.

12. Tap On Your Story:

 Once you are done with all the procedures, you will get two tabs below the pop-up menu that are “Add to news feed” and “Add to the Facebook story” – select the option as per your choice.

Tap On Your Story

13. Enter Privacy:

Once you selected your story, you need to go to the privacy option located right side of your story icon. There, you will find a list of option including friends, friends and connection and public. Choose any of the options as per your convenience.

go to the privacy option

14. Tap Post:

Once you edited your Facebook story or added various effects to make it better, you need to tap the “Post” button located at the bottom-right of the page. Now your Facebook story is ready.

tap the Post button

Why Facebook Stories?

In this growing digital world, there is nothing which we can ignore to promote our brand, content as well as business to the world. With so many social media networking sites, we have tons of features that give us the liberty to market ourselves in every situation at any time. Among the top-ranked social networks, we have Facebook, which has proved to be a promising channel for every digital purpose.

Either we urge to share photos or videos, or want to invite people from different sectors to our page, Facebook gives us everything essential in today’s advanced society. And one of the excellent options the channel has given us is the Story feature that has made it more accessible for us to share our content frequently. Instead of only leveraging Facebook’s newsfeed, now we can upload our quick photos and emotions to the feature.

So, in such a huge popularity of digital world, if you are not using Facebook stories, then you are not the only one. There are many people who aren’t using Stories section as they feel there are many platforms with the same option. But Facebook Stories feature has lots of advantages one can take to promote or market his/her brand.

Wondering what the benefits of Stores feature are? Want to know the best part of the section? Read on and see how the small feature can bring a significant change to your business, brand, or popularity.

Prime State:

The first thing that you should know about Facebook stories is it presents you and your content on the top position, right at the top of users’ feeds. It gives you an opportunity to stand on the top of the page of every person who is your friend on Facebook.

This is a big benefit to your business/brand as it helps your content to reach the top result as the story feature puts your content/brand/business at the front and center and attracts more attention. Though the feature is little different and common but it has the capacity to get your content or brand at the top of the people’s feed or your fans page. The feature could work as a key tool if it is used or access properly.

However, Facebook is experimenting with hiding the stories tab with some users but it could not down the popularity and opportunity its offers to you and your business.


Facebook confirmed in an article that the company is in the procedure of rolling out the ability for users to cross share their Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.  Though, there are no official words yet that the same capacity will be shared to brands but logically it will help to grow business more quickly in the digital world.

If you are already posting Instagram stories then crossing the stories to Facebook will benefit your brand to get visible among most of your friends and followers-essentially it will boost your exposure potential with no additional efforts.

Yes, there might be an annoying factor which can impact your brand or business reputation in case you didn’t access both the platforms in the correct way. Therefore, in this case, try to make your content attractive enough and meaningful, so that the people who see your stories do not get annoyed.