How To Upload A Profile Picture On Twitter?

Last updated on August 27th, 2019 at 06:06 pm

The perfect Twitter profile can be the tool for building your brand reputation, marketing business, influencing users and gaining the loyal and large number of followers. A smart strategy and advanced tools can help you to create your Twitter profile effective and mesmerizing. To start any strategy or marketing plan for your social media networks, you need to have the perfect name, profile photo, header, background design, and bio, therefore ensure to focus on each and every factor to boost your Twitter account.

In this digital world, thousands of profile pictures get updated monthly, and dozens of people change their profile picture on a daily basis to grab the viewers’ attention. People are more crazy about their profile pictures as this is the first thing which creates the first impression on the viewers. Within an impression of the profile picture, you decide whether you will connect with the person or not, or will buy its services or just avoid it. In the same way, everyone judges your profile picture.

On top-ranked social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and everywhere else, people look for the better pictures which left a recognition sign in their mind. So, your profile picture is the key source to connect your personal brand to the public feedbacks and your business to the mass audience. From your job profile to your creativity, it leaves a great impact on your daily life.

Moreover, fixing your picture is a one-time action for the long-lasting benefits, therefore invest some time in setting up the most important part of your online presence. Here, in this article, you will find the complete procedure of uploading the profile picture along with the tips of selecting the image.

Guidelines To Select The Profile Picture:

Show Your Face:

Direct images of faces are a powerful type of source that can do great things to your profile as well as your brand. Studies say that it is a psychological factor of humans due to which image with faces builds 90% strong reputation than the profile pictures without faces. Therefore, you should focus on to take a perfect picture with keeping all the alignment in the right position.

Ensure to click or select an image which can show your face clearly so that the viewers can get an instant impact in their mind.  Do not hesitate to share your picture, be friendly and select the picture which can convince your audience on behalf of you. Profile picture actually removes the gap between the brands and customers.

Frame Yourself:

Usually, we just focus on the picture that looks good and have a bright background, but here we actually avoid the most important thing which needs to focus on is the frame of the picture. Some headshots are too close to the camera and some are too far, whereas some are too high and some have a low frame which could be imperfect for your brand and market.

Therefore, make sure that the image you choose should be aligned in a proper frame so that the viewers can see you and a bit of your background. Moreover, your face should be more focused on the image.

Turn Up Your Smile Up:

Your body language says a lot about you, and most importantly Face expressions are the key source to present your views. If you are running a business or a brand, try to always share your smiling pictures with your audience. Avoid sharing expressionless images with your target people as it will also build and impact your marketing presentation.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter:

For Dekstop/iOS/Android:

Make sure that you are on or have an app on your iOS or Android phone.

1. Open Twitter:

If you are using Twitter via a web browser, then you will be required to type in the search bar. Doing this, you will be navigated on Twitter’s main page where you will see all the tweets posted by your followers.

Just in case you are not logged into your account already then you will be required to provide your login id and password.

Moreover, if you have a Twitter app, then you have to tap its icon represented with a blue box and a white bird inscribed in it.

2. Go To Profile Tab:

Now, on Twitter’s main page, you will have a list of multiple options located at the left side of the page. The options would be “Home,” “Explore,” “Notifications,” “Messages,” “Bookmarks,” “Lists,” “Profile,” and “More”. Here, click on the  “Profile” tab located at the “More” tab.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter-Go To Profile Tab

3. Edit Profile:

From the profile tab, you will be taken on a new page where you will find all the settings related to your profile like profile image, header, as well as your all tweets and replies.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter - Edit Profile

Here, click on the “Edit Profile” option located at the top-right corner of the page just below the header of your account.

4. Upload Image:

Once you click on the “Edit Profile” , a pop-up message will appear along with your previous profile picture, header, and bio.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter - click on the camera icon

Here, click on the camera icon located inside your profile picture located in a circle. You will find your profile picture at the top-left corner of the pop-message, and just below the header.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter - Upload Image

When you click on the “Camera icon”, it will take you to the location on your device where you have saved your images. Pick an image from there and then make the basic setups as per your needs and preferences.

5. Click Apply:

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter - Click Apply

Once you have selected the perfect image for your Twitter account, then click on the “Apply” button located at the top-right corner of the page. This will save the image as your profile image and then the visitors on your page will see your new image on Twitter. That’s it, you are done, your profile picture has been uploaded now.

Upload Profile Picture On Twitter - Click Save

Uploading a profile picture on Twitter is an easy and important procedure. It helps you to build a strong reputation in the industry and provide your tons of opportunities to perform well for your audience. Your profile image is the face of your brand you are running online, therefore, always make sure to deliver your best to the audience so that they connect with you happily.