How To Upload Music On SoundCloud Using Your Mobile?

30 November 2019



  • SoundCloud reaches over 25% of the US mobile population.
  • With 180 million tracks, SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio streaming site.
  • Creators generally get a 55% net revenue share for the songs they upload.


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With 76 million monthly users, SoundCloud is serving lots of opportunities to music creators to showcase their talent.  Every musician wants to share his work on the platform and want to grow his presence worldwide. But somehow they don’t have access to their PCs, but their talent could not be stopped just because of limited resources.


Here, SoundCloud allows its users to upload audio files and tracks through their phone. And we have highlighted the quick steps one should know while uploading music tracks on SoundCloud through mobile phone.

Read the steps below to know how to upload music on SoundCloud through mobile phone-


Table of Contents

  1. Open My Files On Your Phone
  2. Search For Your Desired File You Want To Upload
  3. Long Press Your File
  4. Tap Share Via
  5. Enter The Required Information
  6. Tap On Upload

1. Open My Files On Your Phone:

Open My Files On Your Phone

This application located in your app section with the names; “My Files,” “File Manager,” or “Files Explorer" (depending on the type of phone you have). When you tap on the icon,  a new tab will be open.

2. Search For Your Desired File You Want To Upload:

Search For Your Desired File You Want To Upload

In the file manager, you’ll find the tracks which you want to share. You will find your desired files mostly in “Music”, “Audio” or “Downloads" folders.


3. Long Press Your File:

Long Press Your File

Tap and hold your file for one or two seconds- "Share" option will appear in the upper right corner of the page. (depending on the phone type)


4. Tap Share Via:

Tap Share Via

 In this option, tap on the "Share" icon.  A list of platforms will appear - choose SoundCloud from the options.

On most of the mobile devices, users see the "Send" option instead of "Share."


5. Enter The Required Information:

Enter The Required Information

 Now your SoundCloud app will appear with a pop-up asking for the required information about the track. (Make sure to provide correct and legitimate information.)


6. Tap On Upload:

Tap On Upload

Tap on an upward- pointing arrow in the center of the page. That's it, your track will be on SoundCloud website.

SoundCloud is one of the best music streaming website which offers multiple opportunities to musicians. Song lovers can relate to the platform and know the worth of spending their time on it. There are many options available in the music sector one can choose to share his/her beats including Spotify, Mixcloud, Deezer and many more.

SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the largest music selection from the most diverse creator community(over 10 million Soundcloud music creator) in the globe.

On SoundCloud, musicians not only get fame in the industry but they earn well from their talent and efforts. Creators generally get a 55% net revenue share for the songs they upload and own the rights to. And it’s been said, “hidden art is worthless.” and an artist needs to show his art globally. If he does not upload his/her music to showcase to the target audience, then it is just pointless.