How To Upload An Image While Uploading A SoundCloud Track?

Last updated on August 3rd, 2019 at 03:41 pm

How To Upload An Image While Uploading A SoundCloud Track

With more than 175 million active users all over the world, SoundCloud now has become one of the most popular music sharing platforms after YouTube and NetEase. It has gained such vast popularity due to its success among the newbies who wish to make a career in the field of music. It has given a lot of opportunity to all those people who have wanted to test their capability of producing music, singing, and for those people who wish to listen to different music from all the little corners of the world. This is why this platform is prospering a lot as it has given a lot of scope to the hidden talents.

There is a lot of competition in all the aspects these days. If one uploads even some minutes of musical instrument clip or a clip in one’s own voice, one has to make a cover image to attract a comparatively larger number of audience. Hence, knowing how to upload a track is not enough-it is essential to provide your track with a fascinating picture which has to be relatable to your track to give it a  more attractive look.

Note: “For the best result SoundCloud accepts images up to 2mb in size. SoundCloud recommend uploading a .jpg or .png of at least 800 pixels x 800 pixels. Square images look best for track artwork.”

For Individual Tracks, you can add or change an image on your track on the track page itself or can do it under the Basic Info tab. You can do add or change the image from the edit’s page.

For Multiple Tracks, you can add or change an image at once through Track page. You need to click on the tracks in which you want to add or change an image, click Edit tracks and select the image from the dropdown option.

Wandering what the exact steps to upload an image on a SoundCloud track are? Then this article is right for you.

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Read on to know how exactly you can upload an image on SoundCloud tracks through the desktop and from the mobile application.

On Computer:

Open The Website:

In your preferred web browser, type in and click to open the website. This will take you to the discover page which lets you go through the uploaded tracks by the people in your list.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Open The Website

In case you are not already signed in, you will have to enter your registered email id and the password in the given space.

Click Upload:

On the discover page, you will see a black bar at the top of the page having options such as “Home,” “Stream,” “Library,” “Try Pro,” “Upload” etc. There, you have to click on the “Upload” option to proceed further.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Click On Upload

Upload The File:

The next step is to click on “Choose file to upload.” After doing this, you will be asked to choose the file, select the file from your desktop, and then click “Open.” This will get your track ready to be uploaded.

Upload The Image:

After choosing the file that you wish to upload, a dialog box will open where you will be asked about the title of your track and if you want to add a description of your track, its genre or include any additional tracks. You can edit information regarding your music tracks there.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Upload Image

Beside this dialog box, you will see an option of “Update image.” You have to select this option and again choose the file from your desktop to finish the uploading.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Choose Image

On Phone:

The following steps are required to upload an image to your SoundCloud track via your mobile phone

For this, you will have to download the Creator’s app. You will see its option in your profile to download it.

Open The File:

Select the file from your phone by tapping on the “File Manager” option and choose the music audio that you want to upload to your profile. Tap the icon of sharing the particular file and tap on to share it on SoundCloud.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Open The File

Tap On The Image Option:

After choosing the file that you want to upload to your profile, you will be shown the option of how to “post” your content. You can choose to add a title to your track here, and towards the right of the “change artwork” option, a small blurred square will appear. Tap on it to open the tab.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Tap On The Image Option

Choose The Image:

Next, you will be asked if you wish to upload only the existing image with your post, i.e., the image saved in your device along with your music, or if you want to add a new picture. You can now choose accordingly as per your choice.

Upload Image On Sound Track - Set Image

If you record at the moment while opening the app, you can do the same and then add the image to your profile as per the aforementioned steps. However, it is better than you choose to upload the already recorded file from your phone as that becomes convenient, and the chances of mistakenly posting the wrong music file become lesser.

It becomes quite important to follow the steps carefully and uploading your content accurately. Make sure that you put an image along with your music which is suitable to the sacred music, it can be related to the genre of your music, or something adhering to the lyrics and title of your track, or you can even design your cover accordingly if you have a good hand at it.

Remember that adding an image is just an ‘extra-effect’ to your track which the audience will definitely notice, but make sure that your track should be worth the audience’s time because that is what the main focus of this platform is.