How To Turn On And Off Push Notifications On Instagram?

21 December 2019

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Instagram is one of the most engaging and exciting social media platforms in this era, and it is popular among the people of all age groups, be it the teens or adults. It is also said that many children under the age of 13 are also active on this platform, however, as of now, the stats are low, but are increasing with a reasonable rate.

People spend almost 40 minutes on this app in a day. The highest number of users is from the age of 18 to 35. It is their best way to do 'something different' to escape from the 'ordinary lives.' However, the photo-sharing app has become an addiction now. People claim that they get anxiety if they do not go through their Instagram regularly. This anxiety is caused in terms of checking their direct messages, checking the number of likes on the posts, or starving for getting the maximum number of views on the stories.

Researchers say that these anxieties can be calmed down by managing the Instagram's notifications- users get when they post something in their account's wall, or when they receive any message from their followers or new visitors.

Like any other social media network, Instagram also shows notifications to its users, if they communicate through messages, comments, likes, photos, and videos. Though this is the excellent feature that makes users' work easy and comfortable as they get to know about the Instagrammers' activities through a notification, on the other hand, it is also the major cause behind the users' anxiety and restlessness.


Users have the urge to viewing in detail the particular notification that they have received.  Everything has its own advantages if a particular thing is used in an organized manner, and has disadvantages if the thing is used in an excessive way. Nothing is pure, and nothing is great, it completely depends on the person using the platform. 

If we consider every social media network, then you will get to know that every network has the feature of enabling or disabling the notifications. Instagram also provides us the freedom of doing the same. If you too would choose to turn off or turn on the notifications on this photo-video sharing app or personalize as what notifications you want to see, then you are free to do so.

A few months back,  an article wrote about the new features, Instagram added to its platform to help users who may feel overwhelmed by the notification or messages they receive from the app. The feature was added in the new Instagram update for few users, which enabled them to stop or pause their notifications for a particular time period.  But there was no official announcement about the updated feature. However, the feature was available to iOS and Android users. Once users know where to look for it, the setting is easy to adjust.

Users have the option to pause the notifications for 15 minutes, an hour, two hours, four hours, or a full eight hours. It simply turns off the push notifications, but they're still visible when users open up the app.

Either, the user wants to receive Instagram notifications or want to disable the feature, the giant provides both the options and can be done with a few taps.


Table of Contents

  1. Open The Instagram App
  2. View Your Profile
  3. Go To Settings
  4. Manage Your Notifications

Turn On/Off Push Notifications:


1. Open The Instagram App:

Turn On And Off Push Notifications On Instagram - Open Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your smart phone-the app would be a combination of pink and purple colored icon with a white camera inscribed on it. Once you tap on the icon, you will be navigated on its main page.

Turn On And Off Push Notifications On Instagram - Log In Instagram

If you are not already logged in, enter your email, username, or phone number with which you have created your Instagram account and then enter the correct password in the required fields.


2. View Your Profile:

Turn On And Off Push Notifications On Instagram - View Your Profile

On the main page of the network, you will have multiple options. Look for the "Humanoid" icon located at the bottom right corner of the page. Tap on it to open the option.  This will take you to a new page where you have to tap on the hamburger icon represented with the three horizontal lines.



3. Go To Settings:

From the hamburger option, you will be directed on a new page where you will have a list of multiple options such as "Activity," "Nametag," "Saved," etc. There you need to tap on the "Settings" icon located just at the bottom right side of the page. 

Turn On And Off Push Notifications On Instagram - Open Settings


4. Manage Your Notifications:

The settings tab take you to the new page to continue the task. On a new page, you will have lots of choices to manage, here you have to find the "Notifications" tab, accompanied by the bell icon.


Once you tap on the Notification tab, you will get into the page where you find so many options to manage notifications as per your convenience. 


The first option you will find "Pause All" tab with a toggle off option. If you don't want to pause notification, then toggle off the button from right to left. And if you want to pause all the notifications, toggle off the switch from left to right.


When you toggle off the button from left to right, a pop-up will appear with a setup of time, like for how much time you want to turn off the push notifications.  Select the hours from the pop-up as per your convenience. That's all.

On the notification page, you will have so many options to manage the notifications. You can easily personalize settings as per your needs. There you will find the notification settings for "Posts, Stories and Comments," "Following and Followers," "Direct Messages," "Live and IGTV," "From Instagram," and "Email and SMS."

Note: Another way of setting up notifications is through "Your Activity" tab. Here, you will get the stats of your account on the app of the last 7 days. Apart from this, you will also see the option of "Notification settings," which you will find under the sub-heading, "Manage your time." Here, you need to tap on "Notification settings" option, which will also take you to the notifications page.

This is a more convenient way if you do not wish to see any of the notifications that are a part of this particular app. In this section, you can turn off the notifications of any of the apps that you want to.

Turning off or on notifications options is not available on the desktop, so if you want to personalize your notification settings on Instagram, you will have to make the changes from its application only.

It is essential to know what is disturbing you. You should realize that if any of the activities that you do is causing hindrance to your day to day tasks, then you should find ways to rectify those activities and manage your time.

Find out what distracts or disturbs you the most and take measures to control those areas that are problematic for you. You can at least turn off those notifications that show you like, comment, etc. on your posts. This way, you will not have any anxiety to keep on checking your device whenever you upload a new picture or video.