How To Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram?

28 November 2019

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram

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Being on social media has become part and parcel of our lives. It is almost mandatory for people to be active on social networking sites if they want to be updated with the daily happenings around the world. Not active on social media platforms could be the negligence of the daily activities around these days. And when we talk about the quick source of updates and information, then Instagram comes to our mind among other mediums.

Instagram has become one of the fastest medium through which we can get instant information about celebrities, politics, fashion, diet, and more. If we are active on the platform, then we don't have to rush for the other sites for quite some time as it delivers immediate response of everything happening around.


Instagram explores to us a lot of features- not only a medium for sharing picturesand videos but also a platform through which we can connect with the world in a few taps. Through this colorful network, we can communicate people around with the means if stories, our posts, direct messages, or by liking, commenting, or sharing others' posts. All these advanced and quite exciting features make it more engaging than the traditional mediums.

However, it is always important to be properly aware of the features of every social media platform we are accessing or using for any purpose, either it is a promotion, advertisement, or communication.

Stories Section:Instagram's stories section has been the best part of the channel as it brought a lot of engagement on the platform. Its stories features are somehow the best core of the network as people have loved the presentation of the function. Through the concept of stories, we can show our daily activities of our brand, business, or content to the world.

Comments:Comment section is the option where followers can appreciate, show gratitude, or can let their people know about the post. The comment section is always public, means what we write or someone writes to us can be seen by others too.

Likes:This is the major part of the platform, as people work hard to increase the number of likes on their post. The photo-sharing app was started with the main motive of sharing content and getting likes, which actually has generated a competition between users to create more attractive content rather than creative and meaningful.

"Instagram has recently introduced a new version for Canada users where a number of likes will not appear on the post, and only the owner of the account would be able to see the count of likes on his/her post."

Direct Message:Direct Message is a medium on Instagram through which we can connect with our followers and friends in a chat format. In this section, we can text them messages we want.

The direct messaging feature allows us to converse with our friends. We can talk to our followers, or anyone for that matter who is present on Instagram. We are free to share media, GIFs,Stickers, and even stories through direct messages.

Just like the feature of changing the activity status on Facebook, where people can hide their presence, if they do not wish to show others that they are using the app, Instagram has also come up with the same idea. The activity status feature gives us the advantage of knowing the online activity status of the people whom we follow.  However, we have always had the option of not letting our presence shown to the rest of the world. By turning off the activity status, one can actively access the platform, without worrying about the fact that others might get to know about their presence. This helps in getting over the tension of ignoring someone intentionally or unintentionally. 

"For marketers and influencers, showing clearly that they are active at this moment invites a ton of opportunities - it is not a conversation starter only, but it leaves the door open with many of options of success. An active brand on the platform shows that they value their followers' input and relationship. If you are running any brand and interacting with your audience, it will be easy for you to increase their involvement in your product or services."

If you don't have much interactive behavior and really don't want to show your followers that you are active on the platform, then you can easily turn off your activity status after which you will not be bothered by any of your friends on the channel.

Read on to know how you can turn off activity status on Instagram within a few taps-


Table of Contents

  1. Using Instagram App
  2. Using Web Browser

Using Instagram App

1. Open Instagram App:

Open the Instagramapp on your smartphone, it is the pink colored icon with a white camera image inscribed in it. Tap on this icon to open Instagram.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Open Instagram App

If you don't have the app downloaded in your phone, you can search for in your browser. You can do the same in your desktop as well.

2. Go To Your Profile:

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Go To Your Profile

Tap on your profile represented by the humanoid icon- this option to visit your profile is at the bottom right of your screen.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Click On Hamburger icon

3. Go To The Settings:

After opening your profile, you will see an icon with three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen. It is also known as the "Hamburger" icon. You have to click on this icon, and herein, at the bottom of the screen, you will see another icon for settings represented with a wheel icon.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Go To The Settings

4. Open Privacy:

After opening the settings, there is an option of privacy. It is the third option, tap on this for further proceedings.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Open Privacy

5. Tap On Activity Status:

After tapping on the option for privacy, the next step is to find the option of "Activity status" to change it as and how you want.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Tap On Activity Status

6. Change The Status As Per Your Choice:

The next step is to change the status, that turns it off if it is on and vice-versa. Tap on the toggle button and switch it as how you want it to be. If you drag the circle towards the left, the activity status is turned off. The bar then turns to grey color, and if the status is to be turned on, the bar turns to blue color.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Change The Status As Per Your Choice

If you do not have the Instagram application installed in your smartphone, you can choose to turn off the activity status by opening the Instagram website in your mobile and desktop browser.

For doing this, you have to follow certain steps.

Using Web Browser

1. Open Instagram:

Type "" in your phone or desktop browser and open the Instagram website.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - open the Instagram website

2. Log In:

Log in into your account by typing either your username, email, or phone number and also write your password in the given space.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Log in into your account

3. Open Profile:

Next, you have to tap/ click on your profile, which is represented by the "Humanoid icon." This will open your profile.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Tap On Humanoid Icon

4. Open Settings:

After having opened your profile, find the settings option represented with a wheel icon on your screen and tap/ click on to proceed further.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Open Settings

5. Open Privacy And Security:

After opening your profile settings, the next step is to open the option of "Privacy and Security" this will take you to further settings of editing your activity status.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Open Privacy And Security

6. Edit Accordingly:

Untick the box with "Show activity status," this will turn off your visibility of being active on Instagram to the others.

Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram - Edit Accordingly

Always remember that if your activity status is turned on, then apart from seeing your active sign, shown by the "green circle" beside your name, people will also be able to see how much time ago you were last active. For example, if you were active 2 hours ago, it will be written under your name in the DMs "active 2 hours ago". If you are active presently, then it will be written: "Active now."

This option comes with the restriction that if you turn off your activity status, you will not be able to access others' activity statusas well and vice versa. It is up to us whether we want to know what is the status of our friends and if we want them to access our status or not.

We can make access to these features and how we want to. If we do not want others to bother us seeing our presence on Instagram, then we can always choose to hide it. This is one of the best things about Instagram that we are not forced into obeying any particular privacy setting. Everything is in our hands and can be optimized as per our will.