How To Share Multiple Photos On One Instagram Post?

04 December 2019

how to share multiple photos on instagram

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Everybody’s obsession with mobile photography has been growing from the last few years, and a platform like Instagram has raised photography's passion immensely.  Instagram is one of the most popular social networking applications, easily available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). This photo-sharing app is made for every social media lover. The app has been delivering tremendous services to its users since its launch. It has marvelous features including multiple filters to beautify photos and videos, story section to share small snippets, location tags, to show your present location and many more. Every user on Instagram has got something best as per his/her desire.

And among all the best features, there comes multiple photo sharing at a time. The hard work of uploading one photo at a time on Instagram has been ended. Now, you can add up to 10 photos and videos at once. Do not worry about bothering your followers, sharing multiple features will make your profile attractive and more interactive than ever.  Sharing multiple photos and videos at a time is quite easy, all you have to know is which content you actually want to share simultaneously.  

Follow the steps to know how to share multiple photos on one Instagram post-

Table of Contents

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Tap “+” Icon
  3. Tap “Library” Option
  4. Tap “Select Multiple Icon”
  5. Tap Photos
  6. Tap "Next"
  7. Tap “Filter” Option
  8. Tap “Share” Button

1. Open Instagram:

If you are already logged into Instagram, one single tap on the purple-red-orange box with camera icon will navigate you on its home page.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Open Instagram App

If you are not logged into Instagram, type your username and password, and tap "Login."

how to share multiple photos on instagram-Enter Your Login Details

2. Tap "+" Icon:

Tapon plus icon represented with black color located in the bottom-center of the page.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap plus Icon

3. Tap "Library" Option:

Library option will be located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap Library Option

4. Tap "Select Multiple Icon":

Here, you need to tap on "Select multiple" icon. You will find this option on the middle right corner of the screen with two overlapping cubes.  If you cannot see this option, then it might be possible that you haven't updated the app - update the app for more new features.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap Select Multiple Icon

5. Tap Photos:

Tap each photo, you wish to upload from the option. You can only select up to 10 photos.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap Photos

6. Tap  “Next”:

Once you have selected all the images you want to share, tap on "Next" option located on the top right corner of the screen.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap Next

7. Tap "Filter" Option:

If you want to add some creativity to your selected photos, you can choose a filter which you like the most. You can find the filter option at the bottom of the screen.  Selecting one filter will apply on all of the photos you have selected.

how to share multiple photos on instagram -Tap Filter Option

After selecting a filter for your photos, tap "Next" for further preference.

8. Tap "Share" Button:

You will find "Share" option in the top-right corner of your screen. When you tap on "Share" button, all the photos that you have selected will be shared on Instagram.

how to share multiple photos on instagram - Share Button

Whenever you share multiple photos in a single post, your followers will see an icon in the upper right corner of your profile's grid. This icon will let them know that the post has multiple photos. Swiping up the pictures will help them to see all your photos.