How To Share GIF On Instagram?

29 November 2019

How To Share GIF On Instagram


  • GIFs are a great tool for business to create perfect Instagram Stories.
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was introduced back in 1987.
  • For the past five years, users interests for GIFs has increased dynamically.


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GIFs are animated images used from photos or videos that loop continuously and are suitable for the web. They are digestible, fun and, most importantly, relatable that’s why everybody loves them and shares them on Instagram.


Table of Contents

  1. Step 1 – Download A Third Party GIF App
  2. Step 2 – Choose Your GIF
  3. Step 3 – Select The Instagram Icon
  4. Step 4 – Select Feed To Share As A Post
  5. Step 5 – Share As An Instagram Story

Therefore, read the steps below to know how to post a GIF on Instagram:


Step 1-Download a third party GIF app:

There are a lot of GIF apps available on the web. Install this third-party app on your mobile and open it.

Download A Third Party GIF App


Step 2-Choose your GIF:

Explore the GIF options and choose the best according to your need.

Choose Your GIF


Step 3-Select the Instagram icon:

Now, you have to press the Instagram icon located under any GIF that will automatically open Instagram, giving you a screen with two options- to add the GIF as a post to your feed or add the GIF as a story.

Select The Instagram Icon


Step 4-Select feed to share as a post:

If you select the feed option, a .mp4, 15 second GIF will be put into a post, ready for you to edit and write a beautiful caption. You can simply press the share option to post it for your followers.


Step 5-Select story to share as an Instagram story: 

Select story to share as an Instagram story

If you select the story option, a .mp4, 15 second GIF will be pushed into the Story creation tools. You can resize the GIF by pinching or expanding the screen, this will help you to fit the entire GIF in the vertical format of Instagram Stories.


Well, this is a fact that GIFs will continue to be a rising trend on Instagram. So, start using them in your feeds and stories. A massive number of people found it as a better way of communication, GIFs have become a vital one in digital marketing as well. They actually have the power to change the mood of your follower reading your post.

According to the New York Times, Tumblr said it had 23 million GIFs posted to its site every day. When Facebook began supporting GIFs, more than five million of the animations were sent daily through its messaging app.

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