How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

29 November 2019

how to see who views your instagram profile


  • Instagram doesn’t allow its users to keep a track of the people who viewed their profile.
  • Few apps require in-app payments to function fully, cost range between $4.99 – $35.99.
  • Users should never give their Instagram password to third-party apps.


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The Instagram app doesn’t have an in-built feature to let users check who’s viewed their profile and they have a logical reason behind which is user privacy. This app owned by Facebook has all the data you want, like who viewed your profile, but it won’t share it with you because that could lead to a significant drop in user engagement on the platform.


Table of Contents

  1. Follower Insight
  2. Social View App
  3. Follower Analyzer App
  4. Follower Tracker For Instagram
  5. Easypeek
  6. InsTrack For Instagram

Instagram has given a very reasonable option for its users. You can convert your profile as public or private. As the name suggests, in private account the followers will be by your choice, then you can decide who can look and act or your feeds. In contrast, public accounts are open to everyone and anybody can see and take actions like, like and comment on your profile.

Well, even after making the account private or public, many people want to know who is stalking them regularly. To solve this issue, there are third-party apps which can help you to know about your stalker more.

Here, we have listed some of the top apps to see who views your Instagram profile:


Follower Insight:

Using this App you have the authority to check who views your Instagram profile. This app also gives an option to track those stalkers who follow, unfollow or block you on Instagram. Whenever an action like this takes place on your profile, a notification is sent to you.

Follower Insight App has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily know the stalkers on your Instagram profile.

Follower Insight

Our researchers analyzed everything about the App and they have experienced everything positive about it. Users have given four stars to the app.  We have shown some of the best Google reviews the app has received from its users.  

Ratings and Reviews

But on the other hand, one user highlight all the gross points of the application, let see what he has experienced-

Negative Review

Two different users had two different experiences which mean the app is not for everyone. Well, it is understood that when Instagram is not providing such facilities to its users, how third-party app can satisfy the customers.

What Follower Insight promises to its users- –

All features even premium one is free for users.

One must have an Instagram account to use the app.


Social View App:

Social View App

This app calculates all your Instagram activity and gets data for each user who has interacted with your profile recently. The app provides a list of people who recently liked and interacted with your profile.  

It displays a list of users who like you most, based on interactions which other people have had with your Instagram account, such as comments, likes, photos tagged, following and messaging. Social View App helps you to see up to the most recent 200 lists for your Instagram profile, and it is only available for iOS users.

After deep research, our researchers have found something awful about the app as they didn’t get the positive reviews from its users.

scan do not purchase

After this review, there is a dilemma of whether to use the Social View App or not.


Follower Analyzer App:

If you are more engaged on Instagram and want to know who always liked and commented on your post and etc., then this is the perfect app for you. You can not only get more insight into your profile, but it can also unlock many secrets of your friends and relatives.

Follower Analyzer App

The app also has the feature of viewing who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back. It shows you an engagement report in which you can get the information about the number of likes and comments per person. This app promises to give instant notifications about the actions taken on your Instagram profile.

top positive reviews

Follower Analyzer App has received multiple good reviews from the users, but we cannot make our decision one-sided until we use it.


Follower Tracker For Instagram:

This is a famous app for finding information about people who are scrolling your Instagram profile. You can even get to know about people who have unfollowed you, ghost followers, loyal followers and much more.

followers tracker for Instagram

It is amazing to see who views your Instagram account with this app. It can notify you about followers who are interested and engaged in your Instagram posts. Through this app, you can also take out the analytics and get to know about the engagement on your profile. Therefore, with “Follower tracker for Instagram” you can easily track your followers and the post-performance, to get the best out of this social media platform.

Of course, there is the fact that none of these third-party services can actually deliver what they promise, which is to let you see who views your profile on Instagram, and below is the best example of this –

not buy the blocking feature scam

Easypeek – Reports & Story Analytics For Instagram:

Easypeek, is an innovative instant reporting tool for Instagram. It offers a lot of interesting features for you to find the answers you are wondering. This app gives you an opportunity to track, analyze and what your Instagram followers engage with.

easypeek - reports and story analytics for Instagram

As we know that Instagram stories are a way to engage your daily life routines with the rest of the world. Therefore, this app helps you to simply track who viewed your Instagram stories by specifically filtering between your admirers and other curious strangers.

easypeek - user profile

According to the reviews of this app, it is explicitly convenient for serious Instagrammers, celebrities, small medium large-scale businesses and for anyone curious about interaction with their friends or competitors while giving importance about personal reports and data.

easypeek - Users followers

This app does not offer big promises that we analyzed from its reviews. Users find this app helpful but yes they face small issues like the app does not respond most of the time, it shows error message on the screen, etc.

bea down top positive reviews

InsTrack For Instagram:

This is a popular app for Instagram analytics and community management. The app helps to provide powerful analytics and deep insights that empower brands to understand their community and evolve creatively. InsTrack is perfectly suited for influencers, small businesses, celebrities, marketers and serious Instagrammers.

InsTrack For Instagram

It provides deep media analysis with advanced filtering and searches with powerful hashtags tracking. You can also use Instrack as a scheduler with automatic scheduling, easy rescheduling, and interactive preview.

The main feature of this iOS app is its notification feature. It always sends you a notification for followers’ count changes (gain/loss) and profiles views.

useless and annoying

As per the review, this app was working perfectly until it was not working as per the Instagram terms of policies. But when the app made changes to its features and specifications, the app showed terrible results.


With over one billion active users, Instagram is a staple for many successful businesses. The app has released tons of new features over the last six months. From IGTV to Insta stories and even 4-way calling, these updates are powerful tools you can use to reach potential customers and grow your business. With such high popularity, you’ll have more luck bumping into on Instagram than any other social media network. Therefore, get the best out of your Instagram profile.  The apps we have mentioned above will help you to discover who viewed your Insta profile, but while using these, you need to be careful about the consequences.