How To See What Someone Liked On Instagram?

21 December 2019

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Social media nowadays is the platform that we always call upon to see what is happening in the lives of people around us. We want to connect with them in every possible way, and the social media sites provide us the liberty to know about the people we follow in many ways- in terms of being aware of their activities that people do on social media platforms.

We have the options of looking through their activities, what pictures or videos they post. People are also interested in knowing about the activities that their social media friends do. They have anxiety to know what account their online friends are following, or what photos or videos they have liked, or the hashtags they follow. 

Every active person on these sites is interested in following the activities of their near ones, which is why Instagram gives us the freedom to access the activities of our friends. Instagram is a platform which is completely built on networks. Its network of the user to users interaction gives account holders the liberty to easily connect with people who have similar interest and hobbies.  Personal and business accounts are can tracks what another account they follow or they have interacted with. These communications and interactions are outlined as likes and comments and can be tracked by simply visiting a certain page on the Instagram mobile application.


Note:The desktop version of the Instagram website does not support this feature.

Instagram is the second most used social networking site and one of the favorite social networks of users. Not only teens and millennials used the network, but as per the research, around 35% of online adults use Instagram up 3% from 2016.

Let us look through the details to access this particular feature-


Table of Contents

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go To The Following

1. Open Instagram

Tap the Instagram application on your phone -the pink colored square with a camera inscribed in it. If you are not logged in, log into it using your necessary details asked (username and password).

Open Instagram


2. Go To The Following

After having opened the application properly, the bottom of your screen will have various options to visit that is "Home" icon to visit the home page of the app, "Explore" page represented with the lens icon-here you can discover new friends and pages, "+" icon to share your post, "Heart" icon to see the activities, and the "Humanoid" icon which directly navigates to your profile where you can make necessary changes as per your requirement.   

You need to tap on the heart appearing among the four mentioned options which will take you to the notifications you have received in terms people who have followed you, likes or comments received, someone tagged you in their posts, someone liked your comment, follow requests, etc.

See what someone liked on Instagram - click on Heart

You have to swipe right under the heading"Following," which will open the activities of the people you follow.

See what someone liked on Instagram - See Following

Here, you will come across various recent activities done by the people you follow, for example, “ABC started following XYZ” or “ABC liked 3 photos of XYZ” or “ABC commented XYZ on PQR’s post” or “ABS liked XYZ’s comment.”

  • If a person has liked multiple photos or follows multiple accounts in the near moment, you will be able to look through all of them.
  • If many people like the same post, you will be able to see their names commonly in this feature.

It is an interesting feature that helps in exploring people more, as users are always interested to discover new people on Instagram. Through this option, you get to know what accounts our friends are following in order to follow these accounts and get to know about them.

However, certain points should always be kept into consideration while using this feature.

  • If a person likes the posts of a private account which you do not follow, you will not able to see them. In case you follow those common private accounts, then the activities will be visible to you.
  • There is no option to hide what you do. If a person follows you, he/she will be able to look at your activities, in terms of liking photos, following people, etc.
  • It is not necessary that all the activities done by people will be visible to you. If a person follows many accounts, then the limited activities of our friends will be visible to you. If many people are active on Instagram at a moment, then you will not be able to see everyone’s activities.
  • This option to see the activities or likes of the people is convenient only if it is downloaded on the phone. This is because this option becomes quite troublesome in browsers, as the page is not loaded properly many-a-times, the process becomes unsuitable while using desktop or phone browser. Hence, it is better to install the application in the phone for better and smooth functioning of loading of the activities on this app.

It is always an exciting idea to look into the activities our friends are doing. We can look upon the posts your friends like or comment and explore them further using this feature. However, taking advantage of the privileges provided by social media websites are never healthy. One is definitely free to check and follow what others are liking or what or whom they are following, but it is never a good option to stalk someone too much.

Always remember that these platforms are meant for entertainment and for connecting with people. Which is why we should always maintain our limitations and not excessively use social media. Never misuse the power that is provided to you. Be a smart user!