How To See Twitter Analytics?

Social media marketing has changed the way of engaging the target audience and has made up traditional methodologies into a completely new modern form. From the way of communication to targeting the audience, and from advertising the multiple ads to selecting the options, everything has changed. And Twitter has grown up with all such updates and changes and also adapted all the latest moderation for the benefit of the users and its big example is Twitter analytics.

Twitter analytics lets you know everything about your questions, provide you insight into not only how your content is performing but why it is getting such results. Twitter has even updated its analytics so that it could assist the users more promptly than before with an enhanced interface and more specific data.

Your Twitter analytics could give you better insights into the form of information stored for your account. It also helps in providing the easiest way to view your activities and details about your account and to make modification as per the current status.

Twitter has always been an amazing tool for building business connections and initiating communications in the market. The channel is an ultimate source of information, news, updates, and the latest trends which support every marketer, advertiser, and influencer to grab the right opportunities. And for the marketers and advertisers, it could be the best weapon to use in the marketing strategies as it is the medium used by millions of people across the world.

Though it has fewer users than other social media channels still it has the capability to bring out the best result for the marketers which is the major reason it has its different identification in the industry among other social media platforms.

And here, as a marketer, if you are on Twitter and using it to promote your brand, then it is a necessity for you to view your analytics weekly or metrics on a daily basis. This will support you to promote your brand and to plan your strategies as per the latest trends and viewers engagement.

Though this is 2019 where marketers have tons of application to have more insight into their Twitter account, using the inbuilt analytics have the full potential to provide you with the perfect data information.

Through Twitter analytics, you could have the complete details of the entire metrics and impressions in an organic way.  Moreover, you can discover a lot more things in your Tweet activity dashboard, here you just need to know what to choose and where to look.

In this post, you will learn how to enhance your marketing strategies and campaigns with Twitter Analytics including a complete tutorial of how to use it.

Twitter Analytics:

1. Open Twitter:

How To See Twitter Analytics - Type in your preferred web browser

Type in your preferred web browser and further press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Doing this, you will be taken on Twitter’s main page.

How To See Twitter Analytics - logged in your Twitter account

2. Click On More:

On the main page of Twitter, you will see a list of options located on the left side of the page. This list would have multiple options among which you need to click on the “More” option. Once you click on the “More” option, you will be taken on a new page.

How To See Twitter Analytics- Go To More

3. Select Analytics:

Now, you need to look for the “Analytics” option- it would be located on the left side of the page among different options. After this, you will be taken on a new page where you will find different tabs of the complete summary of your activities.

How To See Twitter Analytics - Select Analytics

The dashboard has “Tweets,” “Tweet impressions” “Profile visits” and “Followers” tab at the top of the page. This page will show you all the data and highlights of your activities.

Now you can find data for each section by jumping into every section listed below:

Tweets Activity:

Tweet section in the analytics tab is a section which enables you to discover diverse metrics related to your tweets that you have done in your previous days. This section will appear in a chart form providing all the details regarding your tweets’ performance.

How To See Twitter Analytics- Tweets Activity

In the section, you can simply see your Tweet activity for all of your tweets or for a certain tweet since it was published. Most of the tools are there that can analyze your Twitter followers and recommend the best day of the week for you to tweet. There are also ways out there which show when people are most engaged and active on Twitter, but analyzing your tweet activity is the best way to get to know about your performance.

Twitter allows you to analyze tweet activity in two different ways that are; (1) in groups of tweets during a set date range, (2) or by certain tweets since their posting.

Here, find out both the ways to analyze your tweet activity:

(i) Tweet activity based on date range:

In the Tweets section of your Twitter analytics page, you can modify the date range as per the preference you want to analyze your tweet activity when you published your highest-performing tweets.

On the right side of the page, you will see a calendar form icon, there from the drop-down arrow, open a chart of dates and customized as per your priority.

(ii) Tweet activity based on a specific tweet:

In order to see the specific tweet analytics, you need to go to the tweet, and then click on the small bar graph located at the bottom-right side of the tweet. This will give you the entire data you want.  

Once you click on the icon, a window will appear with tweet’s total impression, engagements, likes, links, clicks, and more since the tweet was first posted.

Audience Engagement:

Audience section refers to the retweets, follows, replies, favorites and clicks your tweets got including the hashtags, and links. Your audience engagement rate is equal to the tweets engagement divided by the number of impressions those tweets have made.

How To See Twitter Analytics - Audience Engagement

The section tells everything about the audience engagement on your profile/account/tweets on the basis of their interest, demographics, lifestyle and mobile footprint. Here, every section tells a different story as per your activities.

This section helps you to know more about your most engaged audience and the reason behind their engagement. This is an important factor that can help you to know everything about your activities and the way you expect in the coming days.


In the event tab under the analytics page, you will be able to take a look at big events coming in a few days. It also shows you what kind of impact they could have on your marketing strategies and campaigns. You will have the total number of tweets and the entire data of impressions and reach these holiday topics can generate.

How To See Twitter Analytics - Events

Here, when you click on a particular holiday, you will have more detail including who is more excited and talking about the event. It will also let you know the current top and live tweets surrounding the topic.

For every marketing strategy or campaign you run, you should be aware of its close and accurate analytics. This goes for Twitter too, use the analytics with the utmost care and distribute the content to the audience with the ideal facts.