How To See How Much Time Is Spent On Instagram?

27 December 2019

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Instagram is the app that keeps us updated with the daily happenings around the world.  Sharing images, posting new thoughts, talking about the latest update of brands, showing pictures from weekends, and posting many things has become a trend which keeps us connected with existing followers and new community.

People nowadays have the habit of going through their Instagram feed almost every hour. There is always keenness to see what is new in other’s lives, in terms of stories, photos, videos, direct messages, following new people or attaining new followers. This app has now become a blessing in disguise. Where it was meant for only entertainment purposes, it has become a major resource in our lives to stay updated-Instagram has almost become a habit and an addiction.

It is always important to control your addictions on time before it is too late. This is why Instagram helps you to keep a check on your activeness on a day to day basis. With the advancement of the features in this app, one must make use of all the options that it provides to us. This is also an advancement in the steps to promote the better mental well-being of the people.

Instagram provides us the feature of checking how much time do we devote to it on a daily basis and gives us the advantage of getting us notified when we have overused it. Let us see how this is done.

Table of Contents

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go To Your Profile
  3. Open Settings
  4. Tap Your Activity
  5. Some Characteristics Of This Feature Are

1. Open Instagram:

Open the Instagram app on your phone by clicking the icon which is square and multi-colored, with a white colored camera inscribed in it. 

How To See How Much Time Is Spent On Instagram - Open Instagram

If you have not logged in already, enter the details by either typing in your phone number, email id or username and further type in your password. If you don’t have the app in your phone, you can download it from App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android).

2. Go To Your Profile:

After opening the Instagram app, you have to tap on the "Humanoid" icon, which would be located at the bottom right of the screen, this will take you to your profile.

See How much Time Spent On Instagram - Go To Your Profile

3. Open Settings:

There are two different ways through which you can go to the "Your Activity" option. (It completely depend if you have updated the Instagram app or not).

After opening your profile, you need to look for the "Hamburger" icon represented with the three horizontally lines.   

How To See How Much Time Is Spent On Instagram - Tap on Hamburger Icon

4. Tap Your Activity:

See How much Time Spent On Instagram - Your Activity

Once you tap on the "Hamburger" icon, you will see "Your Activity" option just below your email address.  Tap "Your Activity," a table will appear, henceforth that has kept the records of your activeness on the app for a week.

You can get to the "Your Activity" option through the "Settings" option.

Your Activity option through the Settings

After tapping on the icon, you will see another "Settings" icon(a wheel-shaped icon) at the bottom of your screen, which will take you to the settings of your profile. There you will see a list of options, where "Your Activity" option would be located at the second number just below the "Follow and Invite Friends" tab.

The table will show your weekly participation on this app, the average number of hours you have spentin a day on Instagram would be represented by the bar blue bar graphs accordingly.

The feature of Instagram is available as a dashboard and shows you the time you have spent in the app over the last week (7 days), with an approximation of the average time spent every day.  Moreover, you can also set a daily time limit for the app as per your convenience; if you cross it, Then you will get an alert notification through Instagram.  But, here the difficult part is acknowledging the alert, and actually closing the app and going outside for a change.

The other best of the dashboard is that it has a feature that gives you a liberty to choose which notifications you want to receive and also allows you to mute push notifications. This new feature is a welcome addition as Instagram has had a quite conflicting history with social media addiction.

In 2018, a survey was conducted by a research center which noted that Instagram was the worst and terrible social media giant for users' mental health. The survey showed the data, which clearly says that the app was associated with high levels of anxiety, depression, and bullying.

However, as of now, all the options that are available to us should be made the best use, so that one can control their engagement on social media. It is never wrong to scroll through the stories of the posts that our acquaintances post, one should know how to balance these things, as too much of anything is always harmful.

Some Characteristics Of This Feature Are:

  • This feature is only available on the Instagram app, this means one cannot look up for this option by opening Instagram either by using the browser on their phone or on desktop.
  • You can also use this option to get reminded about your daily activities on the app. You can use this feature when you want to see the number of hours and minutes.
  • The feature of the app also reminds you of the same on a daily basis. This feature is also helpful in controlling unnecessary engagement on the app. The option is available to you under the sub-heading "Manage your time."
  • Sometimes, notifications can act as quite a distraction, which is why, while accessing this option, you get furthermore options of managing our notification by the option of "Notification settings." Here you can keep a track of which notifications you wish to see and which ones you do not want to see. In other words, you can personalize the notifications here. The settings are also available under the sub-heading "Manage your time."
  • The bar graph you will see on the screen represents the record of your daily activeness on the app throughout the days of the week. This also allows you to check the record of the days. All you have to do is tap on the graph of the day which you wish to see - you will get the number of hours or minutes that you have spent on the app on that particular day.
  • This is only restricted to the records of the past 7 days. The information of the days prior to the last 7 days cannot be accessed.