How To Save Instagram Photos To My Phone?

09 December 2019

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Instagram is the platform where billions of people make their presence, and millions of photos are uploaded to it daily. Scrolling down your Instagram feed, you will find everything from food porn to cat images. People are mad to publish their content and see others' posts on Instagram and there is no surprise if you want to save Instagram photos and use them for yourself. There are times when you love some quotes and want to save them as, but you didn't find the option to save the photos, so you end up by taking its screenshot.

Lets' see the most common reasons to save Instagram photos:

  • Creating a personal bucket of photos.
  • Making a personal mood board
  • Want to create an album of tagged photos to your camera roll
  • Saving your personal Instagram posts if you lost the original file

Note: "Double-tapping is not enough, downloading Instagram posts is a good option, but saving them could be tricky. There is no option to prevent copyright issues- whatever the reason is behind saving Instagram photos, it is important to know that Instagram has some strict guidelines regarding copyright."

Table of Contents

  1. Save Your Original Posts
  2. Save Others’ Posts
  3. Fast Save For Instagram
  4. DownloadGram

Follow the steps given below to learn how to save Instagram posts on your phone's gallery:

Save Your Original Posts:

(i) Open Your Profile:

Open Instagram

If you want to save Instagram photos, open its application, and go to your profile page. Tap on the hamburger icon (represented with three horizontal lines) located on the top corner of the page.

Open Your Profile

(ii) Go To “settings” Option:

Tap on the “settings” icon located at the bottom right corner of the page.

Go To settings Option

(iii) Go To “Account” Tab:

Once you click on the "settings" option, you will see multiple tabs. There you have to select the “Account” tab.

Go To Account Tab

(iv) Tap The “Original Posts” Tab:

In the “Account” tab look for the “Original Posts” option and tap on it.

Tap The Original Posts Tab

(v) Save Your Photos:

Once you tap on the “Original Posts” tab, you will see two fields, “Save Original Posts” and “Save Posted Photos.” Turn on these two fields, every photo you post on Instagram will be automatically saved to your phone's library.

Save Your Photos

Save Others' Posts:

There is no default option to save Instagram posts on the phone's gallery, but you can only save posts to your Instagram account's library-

(i) Open Instagram:

Open the Instagram app. If you haven't logged in already then enter your username and password to open the app.

Open Instagram

(ii) Look For The Post:

Next, look for the post you want to save in your account's library.

Look For The Post

(iii) Tap On "Flag" Option:

Now,to save the post, you need to tap on "Flag" icon. Once you tap on it, it will pop-up "Save to collection" tab and "View Saved" tab.

Tap On Flag Icon Option

(iv) Click on "View Saved":

When you click on the "View Saved" option, you will be navigated to the page where all your posts have been saved.

Click on View Saved

 Instagram doesn’t allow users to save someone’s photo in their phone gallery for security reasons. But, still you want to save others' posts on your phone's gallery, then there are numerous third-party apps through which you can perform the task. It might look tempting, but it has some consequences too.

Here, we have listed some of the top third-party apps which are known for providing multiple facilities to users and saving others' posts to phone's gallery is one of them. Let’s take a look.

Fast Save For Instagram:

Fast save is one of the most popular apps for Android users - it provides a few features through which you can save Instagram users' post to your phone's gallery.  It gives you complete freedom to download unlimited photos from Instagram.

Fast Save For Instagram


DownloadGram is also a third-party application that allows you to download Instagram users' posts on your phone's gallery. With this app, you just have to insert the link into the input box of the post that you want to save. Next, you have to click on the download option to save the posts. That's all.