How To Reset Instagram Account Password?

Last updated on July 16th, 2019 at 05:34 pm

How To Reset Instagram Account Password

Instagram is a colorful platform where one can connect with a large group of people. This visual sharing platform added multiple features through which the user can edit his/her uploads, including filters, and tags location information to make the content more attractive and interactive.

The use of the photo-sharing platform has grown exponentially. As of the last year 2018, there are nearly 500 million daily active users. With such a big number of users, hackers have been involved a lot to take advantage of users’ obsession with Instagram. They are always in the chance to grab users’ information and data. If you are worried about the digital threats, you can secure your account by resetting Instagram’s password frequently.

Resetting password to secure account from online threat is the one situation, another case due to which users have to reset their password is when they forget their password.  There are times when you can’t remember your password, and in this case, resetting Instagram account’s password is the best option you can go for. 

Continue reading, if you want to reset your Instagram account’s password-

Reset Password With Username:

1. Open Instagram:

Open the Instagram app on your phone. (If you are an Android user, you cannot use your username to receive a password reset email.)

Open Instagram

2. Get Help Signing In:

You have to tap the “Sign in” option located at the bottom of the screen. (It is below the blue “Login” button.

get help signing in

3. Enter Your Username:

If you are not able to remember which email address you entered previously to create an account, typing in your username tab will at least give you a hint.

Enter Your Username

4. Tap “Send Login Link”:

Once you enter your username, tap “Send Login Link” – registered email address and a confirmation message will appear.

For example, you might see, “We sent an email to r******* with a link to get back into your account.”

Tap Send Login Link

5. Tap “Ok”:

Further, you need to tap “Ok” – it is located at the bottom of the pop-up window. 

Tap Ok

6. Open The Email From Instagram:

You will see an option “Help with your account” to open the email from Instagram. There you will find a link “reset your Instagram password here” below the Log Me in button.

Open The Email From Instagram

7. Tap The Password Reset Link:

Once you tap the password reset link, you will be re-directed on a page where you can create a new password for your account.  The tab will ask you to type the new password twice to verify if it is correct or not.

Tap Reset Password

8. Tap Reset Password:

Once you create a new password, you will be taken to your Instagram home page. You can now open Instagram with a new password.

Tap Reset Password

Using Phone Number:

1. Open Instagram:

Open the Instagram app on your device. It is the purple-red-gradient app with the white square camera icon.

Open Instagram

2. Tap “Get Help Signing In”:

It is the blue link located below the “Login” tab. To reach the link, you might have to tap “Sign In” at the bottom of the page.

get help signing in

3. Tap the Phone Tab:

It is on the middle-right side of the page.

Tap the Phone Tab

On Android, you have to click on “Send SMS.”

4. Tap “Send Login Link”:

Once you tap “Send Login Link”, you will receive a text with a link on your registered phone number.

Tap Send Login Link

You have to tap right forward arrow in the top-right corner of the screen, if you are using an Android device.

5. Open Your Phone’s Message:

View message on your phone, you will receive a text message from a five-digit number. The text body will say tap the link to get back into your Instagram account. (You may have to tap on it twice.)

Open Your Phone's Message

6. Tap Open:

Click on “Open this page on Instagram?” Doing this will open your Instagram account.

Tap Open

As an Android user, if you tap the link, you will be navigated to a password reset page. There you will be able to type a new password (you have to type a password twice) and then tap “Reset password.” After this, you can open Instagram and log in with your new password.

If you are using an iPhone, and want to reset Instagram account’s password, then you have to tap “Edit Profile” on your profile page. Further, enter a new email address into the email field. From there, tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen, tap the “Settings” gear, and further  tap “Reset Password.” You’ll receive a link in your new email address.

Using Your Facebook Account:

1. Open Instagram:

Open the  Instagram app on your device by tapping on the purple-red-gradient app with the white square camera icon.

Open Instagram

2. Tap “Get help signing in”:

You will find this option below the blue “Login” button.

Get Help Signing In

3. Tap Log In With Facebook:

You will find the “Log in with Facebook” option at the bottom of the page. (This method will not work  if you haven’t linked your Instagram account with Facebook.)

Tap Log In With Facebook

4. Tap “Ok”:

“Ok” button will appear below the text notifying you that you are an authorized user of Instagram. After a few minutes, you will be re-directed to your Instagram account within the Instagram app.

grant access

Android user has to tap “Continue as [Your Name] instead of “Ok.”

Do not keep your Instagram password easy and simple, add some complex characters or digits so that no one can hack your account. Resetting Instagram password is quite easy, but if you face problem in remembering passwords, you can use a password manager that will organize all your passwords perfectly.