How To Repost Tracks And Playlists On SoundCloud?

03 December 2019

Repost Tracks And Playlists On SoundCloud


  • Users can repost the tracks and playlists multiple times.
  • Users can easily share their favorite tracks with their friends and followers.
  • Reposting is important for viral distribution of music tracks.


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SoundCloud is the best platform where you can gather all your different tastes in music and share your random beats with no worries. Every time it is not necessary to shell bucks in marketing strategies and working badly for promotion - sometimes it is better to be genuine with a little spoon of wildness.

This is 2019, where people are mostly spending their time on social media networking sites, and SoundCloud is one of those sites. For music lovers and music creators, it is the right place to showcase their talent and creativity. And to build up music stream, reposting is the best option SoundCloud offer. Reposts on SoundCloud generates 3%-4 % more plays than without repost. Means, if there is 20k followers reposted your track, it would possibly increase 6k-8k plays.


Reposting is the fastest way to post favorite tracks on your profile page - you can repost a single track, a playlist or a whole album to your profile page.

Go with the following steps if you really want to repost SoundCloud tracks-

Table of Contents

  1. Choose Your Favorite Tracks
  2. Repost Your Favorite Track
  3. Share Your Favorite Track

1. Choose Your Favorite Tracks:

If you want to repost your favorite tracks, then go to the search tab located at the center-top of the page. You will get your search result related to your searches. 

go to the search tab located at the center-top of the page

"Let’s consider an example: You wrote "In the end" track name in the search tab, you will get everything related to the searched tracks."

2. Repost Your Favorite Track:

Once you get the track you were looking for, press on the "repost" icon located below the music track.

Repost Your Favorite Track

3. Share Your Favorite Track:

Once you tap on the "repost" icon, your track will be reposted on your SoundCloud profile page.  When you tap on the "repost" option, a pop-up will appear saying "This has been reposted to your SoundCloud profile. Would you like to share it with other friends as well?" with different social media platforms. If you want to share the track on other social media platforms, select the options from the pop-up.

Share Your Favorite Track

"Ifyou, unfortunately, unpost a track then you cannot put it back on the top of your friends' and followers' feed - it will go to the slot of an initial repost."

"If you would like to remove some tracks you have reposted, tap on "reposted" on SoundCloud again. For Android users - choose "unpost" option."

Reposting is one of the best features of SoundCloud that could be used to let people know about your profile and aura. But unfortunately, if you are an artist and upload original content, you won't be able to repost your own tracks or songs. But you can repost others' beats and tracks on SoundCloud and can appreciate their talent.