How To Report Inappropriate Content On Instagram?

03 January 2020

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Social media platforms with new updates are evolving, as the latest updates do not get old when the new ones come up.  All the platforms introduce updates on a daily basis like the new version, new effects, new features as well as new UI for a more user-friendly experience. And the sites always give users the freedom to report any content that they find is unsuitable or inappropriate in any sense.

Protection on social media is equally important as much as the activeness is required. Our safety always comes first. There are a certain set of rules that are supposed to be followed by a person who is active on social media accounts. Just the way we are entitled to follow certain basic norms for staying in society, we are obligated to the rights reserved by social media, and we must adhere to them. The failure of these rules and regulations leads to strict consequences.

However, people tend to go against the law in the virtual world, just the way they do in the real world. Users are allowed to go against and report such content that they find incongruous and absurd on all social media websites. Be it Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other social media website for that matter. Users are free to report any of the content which is seriously offensive in some way or the other.

Talking about the features provided to users by Instagram, the updates appear almost every week. These updates make the app all the more exciting and fun-filled. For instance, lately, a lot of advancements have been done in the features of the story, be it every day changing stickers, GIFs, the option of polls and reactions, making highlights, adding post to the stories, etc., the list is indeed endless. On the other hand, the privacy options of the app are more advanced as compares to other social networking websites.

"For example, controlling who can share your posts or stories, or whatsoever, everything is under your control."

Talking about the privacy freedoms any social media handle provides to us, it is important to know your rights as well as the guidelines of others. Remember, people are using this website for entertainment purpose and expressing their views. Certain things on social media are offended for us but not for others whereas many a time, our posts also offend our viewers in many ways which is why we have to be smart and loyal users.

Around 40 percent of users have been claimed to have reported something or the other on Instagram in the previous year. These include all sorts of posts, videos, photographs, advertisements, stories, highlights, comments, and even people’s accounts. We can give the reasons for reporting the particular thing, once we report the content, the network takes in our request and the required action.

Most of the content that people report on the app is offensive in terms of breaking the app’s guidelines and violating the basic rules of posting personal content without permission,  or claiming politically incorrect statements, or posting something about someone which is not true, etc.

We have to learn how to proceed in reporting something on the app, let us go through the steps for it.

Table of Contents

  1. Reporting A Person
  2. Reporting A Picture, Video Or Advertisement
  3. Reporting A Story

Reporting A Person:

1. Log In Instagram:

How To Report Inappropriate Content On Instagram - Open Instagram

Open the Instagramapp on your phone by tapping its icon. If you are not logged in into the app then you need to log in with the correct credentials (username and passwords).

Report Inappropriate Content On Instagram - Enter Login Details

2. Look For The Person You Want To Report:          

On Instagram's main page, you will see multiple options just at the bottom of the page that are "Home" where you see the content your followers uploads, "Search" option represented with the lens icon, "+" where you can add your post, "Heart" option where you can see your activities that you have done in last past 7 days and your followers activities, "Humanoid" icon that will navigate you to your profile where you can make the required changes as per the convenience.

How To Report Inappropriate Content On Instagram - Look For The Person You Want To Report

Here, you need to tap the "lens" icon to search the person whose profile you want to report.  Once you tap the search tab, you will see a page with different accounts, there, you need to type the name of the person.

Once you type the name of the person you want to report, you will see a list of the multiple profiles, tap on the appropriate profile by recognizing the profile picture of the person to open their profile.

3. Tap Three Vertical Dots:

Find the three vertically lined dots option(Android) or horizontally dotted option(iOS) and tap on the same. After this, a list of multiple options pop-ups on the screen where you will see the very first option "Report" for reporting that person.  

Reporting A Picture - Look For The Three Vertical Dots

4. Give The Reason:

Once you tap on the "Report" option, you will be asked if it is spam or it is inappropriate. Select the valid option and proceed thereafter.

Report Inappropriate Content On Instagram - Give The Reason

"For doing this on the web through desktop, open the website by typing in the search engine and log in using your details. After this, search for the person by typing his name in the search bar. By tapping on the magnifying glass icon, you will see three horizontally lined dots, you need to click on it. After which you will be asked if you want to report this user. Proceed further accordingly."

Reporting A Picture, Video Or Advertisement:

1. Look For The Three Vertical Dots:

If you come across any inappropriate post, whether it is a video, picture or an advertisement, and you wish to report it, all you have to do is, again find the three vertically lined dots option(Android) or horizontally dotted option (iOS) and tap on the dots for the further procedure.

Reporting A Picture - Look For The Three Vertical Dots

2. Tap Report Option:

Reporting A Picture - Tap Report Option

Once you tap on the dots, you will see a pop-up menu with the list of options, tap on the "Report" option. After which a pop-up menu will appear again on the screen saying, "Choose a reason for reporting this post" with "It's spam" and "It's inappropriate" options.  Choose the correct suitable option.

Reporting A Picture - Choose a reason

"To report any photo, video or an ad on the website, log in using the above-mentioned details and again find the three horizontally lined dots option towards the upper right corner of the particular post. You will then be asked if you have to report this post inappropriate. Click on the same."

Reporting A Story:

1. Look For The Vertical/Horizontal Dots:

If you find a story which seems inappropriate in any sense, tap on the vertical dots (Android) located at the upper right corner of the post or horizontal dots (iOS) located at the bottom of your screen.

Reporting A Story - Look For The Vertical Dots

2. Tap "Report" Options:

After tapping on the dots, you will be prompted with a pop-up menu showing a list of options. There, you need to tap on the "Report" option.

Reporting A Story - Tap Report Options

Moving forward, you will be asked to enter the reason behind reporting the story. You need to choose from the "It's spam" or "It's inappropriate" options.  

Reporting A Story - Choose Reasons

"Instagram does not allow to report a story on the web as Instagram does not provide users with the feature of posting and viewing stories on the desktop."

After having reported a particular post or story, Instagram tallies the validness of the post and informs the user if it is actually invalid or not. In case, the post is indeed inappropriate, the post gets deleted.

If many people altogether report something, then the profile/post/story gets removed on its own.

Instagram does not immediately remove the person or take any action against the reported profile. The giant first review the person’s data and activities, after which it removes the account of the reported person, or take strict action if the account is spam or fraud.

Reporting content is not an everyday activity, it should not be done over vain and futile things. If something serious appears to us, then we should go for reporting the content. Think twice before taking such decisions. Never take advantages of the freedom provided to you.