How To Remove A Follower From Instagram?

04 December 2019


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Getting followers on Instagram is exciting and tempting- we love it when someone follows us on Instagram. But, it is unfortunate that when it comes to removing followers from our friends' list, we have to go through a little process. Unfortunately, there is no choice, if we need to clean our Instagram account from the people we don't want to show our everyday life content, we have to follow the process.

There are multiple reasons due to which we face the situation where we have to remove people from our friends' list like once in a while someone comes around we don't like to follow back, may some of the followers have left Instagram, or they never like or comment on our posts and many more.


Whatever reason might be, we can remove followers from our Instagram account, but cannot delete them, unlike other social media platforms.

Here is how to remove followers from your Instagram account:


Table of Contents

  1. Open The Instagram Profile
  2. Open Followers Profile
  3. Remove Follower

1. Open The Instagram Profile:

Open Instagram App

If you really want to remove a follower from Instagram, open the Instagram application, and go to your profile. Tap on the “Followers” tab located on the profile page.  It will navigate you to the next page where you will get your followers' list.


You'll have to log in with your Instagram account credentials if you aren't already logged in.

2. Open Followers Profile:

Once you click on “Followers” option, it will navigate you to a new page where you will see your followers' list. Here, you have to select the follower's profile. Afterward, click on the “Kebab menu” (shown by three vertical dots) for Android users and “Meatballs menu” (demonstrated by three horizontal dots)for iPhone users.

Followers List

3. Remove Follower:

Tap the “Kebab menu,” which is shown by three vertical lines located on the right side of the follower's profile. A popup will appear with a text “Instagram won’t tell @abc they were removed from followers.” Below this popup you will see two tabs, one says to cancel it, and another says to remove. Tap on the "Remove" button to remove your follower permanently.


Guidelines Instagrammer should follow-

  • Be aware of fake followers.
  • Make your account private.
  • Don’t accept unknown requests.

The best thing about removing followers from Instagram is that once you remove a follower from your friend's list, he/she will not know that you have removed him/her from your follower's list. They will not receive a notification or anything.