How To Prevent Your Facebook Profile From Revealing Too Much?

Last updated on August 12th, 2019 at 04:35 pm

How To Prevent Your Facebook Profile From Revealing Too Much

Facebook brings intense happiness- it is an easy and divine way to keep a connection with friends and family, share photographs and videos, the express feeling of sorrow or joy, showcase talent and promote brand or business to the world. In other words, it is a superb medium to reach everyone and show our every new activity to them. It is one of the great sources of information and a place of exciting features and functions, and with over 2 billion users, it is one of the most amazing social networks. 

Considering so much engagement of the people of this world onto this social media website comes to a lot of shortcomings in terms of privacy. This is because all kind of people are active on Facebook who is viewing your data, your content in terms of your pictures, videos, your whereabouts, etc., one must always keep in mind that there are certain restrictions that should be maintained while posting personal content and information on Facebook or any of the social media platform for that matter.

One should keep certain factors in mind while using social media sites by considering the kind of audience that we have around us. People can use, share, and even take advantage of our content if we are not cautious enough.

Let us look through some settings options that Facebook provides to us and through which we can manage our Facebook privacy if we want our content to not be shown to a broader audience.

Whether you are using Facebook through the web on desktop or your mobile phone or even from the app, you can edit your profile privacy as and how you want to.

Read on to see how to prevent your Facebook profile from revealing too much:

Edit Privacy on Desktop/ Web Browser:

1. Open Facebook

In your preferred web browser, type “” and log in using your email id or phone number and your password.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Open Facebook

2. Open Settings:

When you open Facebook, you will see an inverted arrow with some drag down options on the top right of the window, click on it after which you will find the option of “Settings” among the other options. This will be the second last option.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Open Settings

3. Click On Privacy:

After opening your settings, at the left of your screen, you will find various options to edit your settings on the website. You have to find the option of “Privacy” to proceed further.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile -  Click On Privacy

4. Choose Accordingly:

Now, your desktop screen will provide different pop-up options of editing privacy on your timeline. We will explain to you how to move through each of these various options that will make your profile more safe and secure.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Choose Accordingly
  • If you wish to personalize the privacy of your future posts, in a sense making it looks to only certain people, hiding it from particular group, only showing to friends, or a certain group of friends, or even to yourself through the option of “only me,” you can choose accordingly as per your choice.

  • You can also remove or hide the tagged posts on your timelines by choosing the option of reviewing all the tagged posts. There is another way of doing this by going on the tagged picture and from among the give options, choosing to remove the tag from the specific picture, and thereby even hiding it from your timeline.

  • You can edit who views your email address, or phone number that you have provided to Facebook during the time of signing in to the website.

  • At the time of posting a status, you can choose from the option of whom you want your status to be shown by going to the “update status” option, clicking on the drop-down menu and then editing your privacy as per your choice.

  • You can also click into your profile, go to the “About section” which will appear beneath your cover picture and choose among your necessary detailed information related to you by clicking on the “Edit” option that appears aside of every detail that you mentioned which as Relationship status, school or college information, etc. This “Edit” option will take you to the privacy options, and you can choose options as per your choice.

  • You can organize events from Facebook as well, and invite people, make updates to which they can accept or decline. You have to click on the “Home page” and on the top menu, select the option of Events in the right-hand corner, which will show you the events in which you have been invited. After this, click “+Event” and edit your “Privacy” according to the people whom you want should attend your event.

  • In case you wish to block certain people, you again have to go to the “Settings” option, from the above-mentioned instructions and click on the option of “Blocking.” You have to then type in the name of the user whom you wish to block. You can also prevent someone, by searching for their profiles, opening it and from among the drag down menu options, choose to block that particular person.

Edit Privacy On Mobile Web Browser/App:

You can also edit your privacy while using the website or the app from your phone.

1. Open Facebook:

If you have the Facebook application installed in your phone, you just have to tap on it open the app. If you are not logged in, log in using the necessary details.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Open Facebook App

“While using the browser, search for, and log in using the necessary details.”

2. Open Settings:

Prevent Your Facebook Profile  - Tab The Hamburger Menu

After opening Facebook, you have to tap on the “Hamburger” icon located at the top-right corner of your screen.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - click on the Privacy and Settings

There, click on the “Settings & Privacy” option, which will show you a list of options.  Scroll down until you see the option of “Settings.”

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Click on settings

3. Tap Privacy Settings:

Moving forward, you have to scroll down to the “Privacy Settings.” This option lets you control what all content and information people can see which is present on your timeline.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Tap Privacy Settings

Choose among the given options of who can view your future or past posts, or who can see your friend list, your story, your highlights etc., by selecting on each of the option and opening the drag down menu to choose among public, friends and connections i.e. the people connected with you on Messenger, or to friends, or only to certain people, or hiding it from certain people.

Prevent Your Facebook Profile - Choose among the given options

This feature of personalizing your profile is essential as there are lots of people on the network, and showing your content to the people you don’t want can be harmful if those people are fraud or fake. 

Every individual has its own choice of showing his or content to the people whom he wishes to show and to from whom he wants to hide. However, one must keep in mind about not posting any content which might offend any of the users. Moreover, Facebook gives you the liberty to change privacy settings anytime any moment- you can hide your previous statuses, photos, etc. and choose to change the privacy at the time of posting or change it in the present for the future posts. Facebook, hence gives us the freedom of utilizing all of its options for a better experience.