How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 01:03 pm

Having multiple accounts to manage personal and business life on Twitter separately is the right way to enjoy the channel benefits. From handling customers’ response to highlighting your business USPs, and from posting friend’s birthday pictures to sharing memes, you are allowed to enjoy all of its different features with customized settings. Moreover, there are many reasons behind having a separate Twitter account for both personal and professional accounts and the demand for the Twitter clients of matching those multifaceted needs are rising.

However, holding multiple Twitter account is easy but managing those account with the same enthusiasm which you were having for the one account is a bit tricky. Handling multiple accounts need sufficient and relatable content, active response and regular posting which could be difficult for a single person to handle every time.  But, Twitter makes it relatively easy to sign up for new accounts and switch between different accounts right on the application itself.

While holding multiple Twitter accounts, it could be possible that you encounter many problems like issue while keeping a track of new followers, logging and switching between accounts, scheduling tweets across multiple accounts, and many more, but here in this post, we will be sharing a guide to managing multiple Twitter accounts easily.

How To Add Additional Accounts?

1. Log In Twitter:

How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts - Type in your preferred web browser

If you are using a web browser, then you will be required to type in the search bar. Doing this, Twitter’s main page will appear on your screen. Just in case you are not logged in already then you will be required to provide your Twitter id and password in the required field.

How To Add Additional Accounts - Log In Twitter Account

2. Go To More:

On Twitter’s main page, you will have a list of multiple options located at the left side of the page. There, click on the “More” option to complete the procedure.

How To Add Additional Accounts - Go To More

3. Add account:

After clicking on the “More” option, you will have a list of menu. There, look at the top-left corner of the page- your profile symbol will appear with a plus sign. Click on the plus icon.

How To Add Additional Accounts - Click on the plus icon

Once you click on the plus icon, a pop-up message will appear with a link, “Add an existing account”, click on it and enter the credentials of the account which you want to add on Twitter.

How To Add Additional Accounts - Add an existing account

Note – “To add a new account on Twitter, you need to create it individually and then add it on Twitter.”

How To Add Additional Accounts - add a new account

Now if you want to switch between both the accounts, then you just have to go to the “More” option, after which you will get a list of options. But, here you need to go to your profile icon located at the top-left corner of the page. In front of your profile picture, you will see three horizontal dots, click on it and select the account which you want to access.

How To Add Additional Accounts - switch between both the accounts

How To Add Additional Account On Phone?

Adding multiple accounts on Twitter via phone could be done within in a few taps, you just have to focus on the three major steps that are-

1. Open Twitter:

Tap on the Twitter app on your phone, it would be a blue icon with the white bird inscribed in it. Once you click on it, Twitter’s main page will appear on your screen.

How To Add Additional Account On Phone - Open Twitter App

2. Tap Profile Icon:

On the main page of your Twitter account, tap on your profile icon after which you will be taken on a new page. There you will have two options “Create a new account,” and “Add an existing account”.

How To Add Additional Account On Phone - Tap Profile Icon

3. Add An Account:

Now, tap on the option you want- if you want to create a new account from the app, then “Create a new account” needs to be your first priority, but if you want to add your existing account on Twitter then choose “Add an existing account”.

How To Add Additional Account On Phone - Add An Account or Switch to existing Account

Moving further, provide your required credentials as per your selected option. Furthermore, you will be required to follow the online instructions to complete the task.

With those steps, you can add and switch between multiple accounts on Twitter, but handling these accounts’ basic requirement like regular tweets, content as well as accessing the account daily is a major task. And here, third party comes into action to support you in managing all your Twitter accounts.

Here, we have gathered a list of top three services through which you can handle your multiple accounts on Twitter-



TweetDeck is one of the most powerful tools for the real and perfect management of your multiple Twitter account. The website gives you tons of options for real time tracking, organizing, and engagement. Moreover, as per the customer reviews, it provides simple and custom Twitter experience.



HootSuite is a popular website known for its blogs and support for social networking sites. It helps in saving your time and sanity. HootSuite handles multiple networks, track statistics, etc.



Yoono is easy to use for a browser that enables you to connect with all social networks. The service is available with advanced stuff and gets all your friend updates, update your own status, and easily share stuff with your friends.

Having multiple Twitter account is the right way to enjoy the channels features, but keeping all your accounts updated with latest posts and content is your responsibility. Therefore, if you have multiple Twitter accounts, then you should look for the best Twitter management tool which can handle your accounts as per your preferences. Using a Twitter management tool like HootSuite or Tweetdeck will enable you to handle all the functions across multiple Twitter accounts from the same platform.