How To Log In To SoundCloud?

Last updated on July 19th, 2019 at 01:07 pm

How To Log In To SoundCloud


  • Yung Lean, a Swedish rapper started SoundCloud rap in 2002.
  • SoundCloud says, it has 175 million monthly users, but it hasn’t updated that number since 2014.
  • SoundCloud Go+ is available for an upgraded listener experience.

SoundCloud is a music streaming website,  in fact, it is the world’s largest music platform since its launch in 2008. The platform offers multiple opportunities for different users, some use it as a storage box for a variety of songs and audios, while others use it as a stage where they can showcase their talent and connect directly with their fans.

Is it possible to stream music tracks on SoundCloud without creating an account?

An account is not necessary to stream music tracks on SoundCloud. However, if you want to download the tracks or want to explore any personal playlist, then you will need to sign up with the SoundCloud account. Also, listening to individual public tracks is possible on a web browser, so, it isn’t also necessary to have the SoundCloud app.

Read the steps below to know how to log in to SoundCloud through a web browser and phone-

Log In To SoundCloud From Web Browser:

1. Visit SoundCloud’s Website:

Type in your preferred web browser. This will take you to SoundCloud’s official page.

Visit SoundCloud's Website

2. Click On The “Sign in” Option:

After you have landed on to the SoundCloud’s official page, you will see options like “Create account,” “Sign in,” and “For creators” in the top right side of your screen. Click on the “Sign in” button from there.

Click On The Sign in Option

3. Enter Your Email Address:

When you click on the sign in option, you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your email address. Make sure that you write your email address correctly because even a little mistake in the characters or alphabets will not be accepted. Once you filled up all the credential correctly, click on the continue option.

Enter Your Email Address

4. Enter Your Password:

You will need to enter the password that you created previously in order to log in. If you forgot your password, click the “Don’t know your password” link below the sign-in field.

Enter Your Password

5. Click On The “Sign in”  Option:

Check that you have entered all the required details correctly and then click on the “Sign in” button.

6. You Are Done:

After entering your email and password, you will be logged in to your SoundCloud account successfully. Now, you are ready to enjoy some of the top songs from the week, the music of your favorite creators, and you are also free to upload some of your own.

You Are Done

Sign In To SoundCloud From Phone:

1. Tap On The “SoundCloud” App:

Find the SoundCloud app from the list of applications on your phone,it is an apricot colored icon with a cloud-like structure made on it.

Tap On The SoundCloud App

2. Click On The “I Already Have An Account” Option:

Now that you have opened the app, you will see two options- the first orange-colored option of “Create an account” and the other white-colored option of “I already have an account.” Click on the latter.

Click On The I Already Have An Account Option

3. Enter Your Email Address And Password:

Enter your email address and password that you created your SoundCloud account with. In case, you have forgotten your password, then click on the “Forgot your password?” option below the continue tab.

Enter Your Email Address And Password

4. Click On The “Continue” Button:

Now that you have entered your email address and password correctly, you can click on the “Continue” option to move further.

Click On The Continue Button

5. You Are Done:

You will be logged in to SoundCloud account successfully. Now, you are free to explore some of your favorite tracks on the platform and also attract audiences with your new uploads.

You Are Done

Note: Follow the same steps as in Android to sign in to your SoundCloud account on your iOS device.

SoundCloud is a comprehensive resource to take most out of your music talent. Signing in to your SoundCloud account is not a complicated task to perform, you just need to know the right steps. After log in to the account, explore features and options you can leverage to bring your music talent worldwide.

Amazing SoundCloud Facts:

  • The total number of people SoundCloud reaches monthly?

175 million global users.

  • The total number of music creators on SoundCloud:

10 million.

  • The total number of tracks uploaded on SoundCloud:

170 million tracks.

  • The estimated amount of revenue SoundCloud has raised:

$193 million.

  • The estimated value of SoundCloud:

$700 million.

  • Percentage of US users on SoundCloud:

25 percent.

  • On what platforms is it available?

You can find SoundCloud on various platforms including-

  • Online –
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10 (beta)
  • Xbox One
  • Google Home (coming soon)
  • Sonos