How To Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page?

Last updated on August 7th, 2019 at 01:54 pm

How To Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page

It doesn’t matter if you have a small shop, a big firm, or you have a vast corporate, promoting business is equally important for everyone. And social media networks are essential for business marketing strategy. Your business needs a social media presence in order to be acquainted with an increased number of customers. 

Note: “More than three billion in the world use social media every month.”

Some of the best reasons why versatility presence on social media platforms is required-

Increased Awareness:

When news is spread over more number of platforms, its awareness will be carried on to more number of people. Different people are present over different platforms. One might be an active user on Instagram, but not on Twitter. There is no harm even if people who are present on all social media sites come across your posts or advertisements twice or thrice, it will only increase the scope of your content getting shared.

Maintains Authenticity:

You build your reliability by ensuring your audience to trust your brand or product and maintaining it. Your regular presence in front of the eyes of people helps you to be remembered by them. You can show your personality, your motives, and plans regarding your business simply by representing it on social media. Take advantage of the different features provided by different social media platforms.

For example, make use of the “Story” and “Highlight” feature on Instagram, or create good tweets in not more than 280 characters. Be creative and showcase yourself henceforth.

Helps In More Engagement:

The more you ensure your faith among the people who follow you, the more engaged they become into your business. You can connect with your audience if the frequency of your profile visit in front of their eyes is more. You also get to connect with your people in better and diversified ways and never lose their interest.

You may try using the options of videos, which is available over all the social media platforms because it is said that the videos are comparatively more engaging than the usual photos or images.

Ensures Better Communication:

You can obviously communicate better by pertaining to your presence over several numbers of social media platforms as it will let them know about your existence on different levels. In case a person has not paid much attention to one of your posts on Facebook, then coming across that post on Instagram might grab their attention the second time. Multiple communication in various forms results in an increased and better communication strategy.

Linking your Instagram to your Facebook Page is another important tool which is helpful in maintaining your versatility on social media. We will guide you through the steps as to how it is done.

Note: In order to link your Instagram to your Facebook page, you have to be the admin of that page.

Follow the mentioned steps to do the same over Android or iOS using the application-

1. Open The Instagram App:

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -Open Instagram

Open the app by tapping on the multi-colored square icon with a camera inscribed in it.

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page - Login

Log in if you haven’t already done before.

2. Open Your Profile:

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -Open Your Profile

Go to your profile and then tap on the “Hamburger” icon, which you will find at the top left of your screen.

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -tap on the Hamburger icon

3. Tap On Settings:

You will find your “Settings” at the bottom of the present page. It is represented by the wheel icon.

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -Tap On Settings

4. Select Linked Accounts:

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -  Tap On Account

After having opened “Settings,” tap on the option of “Account,” and then open the “Linked Accounts.”

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -  open the Linked Accounts

5. Choose Facebook:

After opening the linked accounts, tap on the option of opening Facebook. Log in if you haven’t already  logged in through your phone.

Link Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page -Choose Facebook

After this, your account of the page will directly be linked to your Instagram. If you have multiple pages, then you have to select the particular page that you wish to be linked.

select the particular page that you wish to be linked

About connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram account, the main purpose is for business accounts. One can choose to link their personal accounts as well. However, benefits are increased for business purposes.

A Facebook page, when linked with an Instagram business account, you get the ability to create ads for Facebook. If you decide to not do the same, you are losing a lot on utilizing best the business tools that are provided to you via social networking websites.

If you connect your Facebook page to your Instagram, it will be helpful in-

  • Promoting your stories and posts to two different platforms: you will be required to claim your Facebook page if you wish to advertise from your Instagram.
  • Shopping on the gram: apart from fulfilling your business requirements, you need to have your Facebook account linked with your Instagram, if you have to set up shop on your Insta business account.
  • Running the ads. You can also run the Facebook and Instagram ads from your page which you want should appear on both the platforms.

Now the question that arises is what all happens when you connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page.

To run a Facebook page, it is required to be the admin of that particular page. Connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram makes you-

  • Page admin, editors, moderators and advertiser of the particular page and the account.
  • These page admins, editors, and moderators can read and respond to Instagram comments and allow to send direct messages from the Facebook page Inbox.
  • The page admins can share the Facebook page posts to their Instagram and Instagram posts to their Facebook.
  • By having a business account on Instagram, the page admins and the editors can sync business contact information, which includes a phone number, email, location address, from Facebook to Instagram. The updates that one makes on a site appear automatically on the other sites as well.
  • People visiting your page may also recommend to makes certain changes in the business contact information, when you receive an email related to this, your page asks you to accept such changes if the sync is permitted. After this, the respective edits will be made both to your Facebook page and the Instagram business account.

Your presence on the social media platforms, even for the page or the normal account is useful. It is also time-saving as it conveniently helps us to share the content with a click on both of the platforms. This way, your content is also shown to more people, and the chances of your popularity will increase thereby.

Always make use of all the user-friendly and convenient features that social media provides you with. The liberties of social media platforms are given us for our own benefits. Making the best use out of them for our own advantage should always be put into consideration. Be an active and smart member.