How To Join And Manage YouTube Premium?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 06:17 pm

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website that has been an outstanding platform for every creator and marketer. Along with billions of users, YouTube has always come up with advanced features to gives its users a perfect source to use. From the YouTube subscription option to the paid services, the channel has shown its credibility of having such big features on a single network.

YouTube is mostly adored by the creators, artists as well as the people who want to promote their brand or business through the channel. The channel’s function and activities allow users to built up their strong connection with the target audience and enable them with the convenient setup to proceed with their strategies.

There are various big setups YouTube offers, and among them, YouTube Red was a big project. It was introduced a couple of years ago. It is a paid subscription service that enabled people to watch ad-free YouTube videos for the hassle-free users’ experience. However, in May 2018, Google re-launched the service as YouTube Premium. And, here we will begin the article which will give you the entire information of YouTube Premium like how to join YouTube premium, benefits of premium subscriptions and exactly what could be the reason to start with the premium version?

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s own subscription service- it removes ads from YouTube videos, allows you to access the YouTube Originals, lets you listen to YouTube music ad-free and also includes a Google Play Music subscription. Moreover, the service is available in certain countries.

YouTube Premium services are available at just $11.99 per month which is actually not a bad deal if someone is really habitual of YouTube. Moreover, if you have got an entire family that wishes to access all the benefits of the channel, then you can share your deals of YouTube Premium with them.

How Does YouTube Premium Work?

(i) YouTube Premium Is Ad-Free:

The major core because of which YouTube Premium was introduced is to remove advertisements from videos. Since Google-owned YouTube generates most of its revenue from ads, it cannot just take away them without charging you. Moving forward, the version also supports artists to make money which attracts them more than any other video site.

By enabling you to pay, swapping between two videos will no longer make you wait around for the ads to vanish. Therefore, if you are logging in on a smart television, you will be easily able to view videos quickly without interruptions.

(ii) YouTube Premium Works Offline And In Background:

Another major feature of YouTube Premium which makes it more adorable and convenient than the other subscriptions is its offline viewing feature. Yes, if you buy the subscription of YouTube Premium, you can download a movie to watch it later. Another area that adds more value to the version is that you will be able to play videos in the background.

(iii) Access To Play Music &YouTube Music Premium:

If you pay for YouTube Red, you would get Google Play Music subscription for free. Play music allowed for storage around 50,000 offline songs with access to a 35 million song catalog, offline listening, and ad-free.

This music service was introduced in May 2018 to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea, and later it was rolled to the UK and select other territories in June 2018. It’s a mobile app and a desktop player that gives you access to millions of songs.

YouTube music is easily accessible to users and is completely free, but this has ads which will play after every video song. Moreover, you will not be allowed to download the music to listen to it when you are offline. However, to attain the ad-free music and downloads, you will be required to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium.  The Music Premium version costs $9.99 a month if you don’t have the subscription of YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium comes with both Play Music and YouTube Music Premium.

(iv) YouTube Premium Originals:

Another benefit that makes the Premium version an amazing service is its new content. YouTube provides latest and trendy videos for subscribers to which only the people who have purchased the subscription will have the access.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase YouTube Premium?

At the time of launch, YouTube Red subscription has a $9.99-per-month price tag. Though, because of the addition of new services like YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month. And in case, you already have a subscription to YouTube Red, you will be transferred to the Premium version without any cost increase.  Also, you can also pay $17.99 a month if you want to share the version with the six family members.

Where You Can Join YouTube Premium?

Signing up for YouTube Premium is not a difficult task if you have a good idea of its procedure. Here, read on to know where and how to join YouTube Premium.

1. Visit

Go to your preferred web browser and open on your computer or phone.

Open YouTube in your preferred web browser

2. Sign In:

Now, you need to sign in your Google account if you want to start your membership with YouTube Premium subscription.

Join And Manage YouTube Premium - Click Sign In

3. Click Try It Free:

Once you signed in your Google account, then you will get into the main page, there, click “Try it free” or click “Get YouTube Red” to proceed with the procedure.

Join And Manage YouTube Premium - Click Try It Free

4. Select Payment Method:

Further, you will be required to select the payment method through which you want to make the payment of YouTube Premium. Use or add a new payment method and then click “Buy” to complete the transaction.

Select Payment Method

YouTube Premium version is a health feature for those who are marketing their business and content as it helps to secure most of the time from unwanted advertisements and open platform to get the more trendy and latest content.

How To Share YouTube Premium?

Moreover, you are also allowed to share YouTube Premium with your family like Netflix subscription. You can add up to five other members of your family, but you will be required to pay $8 per month.

After upgrading to a YouTube family plan, all your six family members would be able to enjoy the same benefits- means ad ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music experience and Google Play Music for everyone. 

In order to upgrade Premium subscription to a family, you will be required to follow the setup of a few steps that are-

1. Log In YouTube:

Open YouTube in your preferred web browser and log in to your account.

2. Click Manage:

Further, click on the option “Manage” after which you will be taken on a new page. There you have to click on “Manage membership”  followed by “Upgrade “to continue with the task.

There, click on the “Upgrade” option once again to confirm.

Note: “On the other hand, you could go directly go to and click “Get family plan” to upgrade.”

After you confirm the process, you will be charged to pay some amount to upgrade to YouTube Premium Family.

Next, you have to invite members of your household to a family group. Here, to use and share the YouTube Premium service, you have to be at least 13 years old and have a Google account.

3. Go To Paid Membership:

To add a new household member, you need to go to “Paid membership page”, and further click on the overflow button located next to the YouTube Premium. Later on, select “Family Sharing Settings.”

Once you are done with the procedure, click on the “Send’ option to invite them.

Later on, those members whom you have sent the request will be required to accept the membership before the invitation expires.

Once you shared your membership with your family members, then they will be able to enjoy all the benefits of YouTube Premium such as Google Play, Ad-free Videos, downloading videos, etc.