How To Fix Problem While Playing Track On SoundCloud?

28 November 2019

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Since its launch, SoundCloud has been attaining popularity among a vast audience. It has become quite a valuable platform for all those who see their future in the field of creating songs or music. This website is growing at a tremendous pace, and it has maintained its fame all through its past 12 years.

You can create a worth appreciation track by making sure that you make use of clear microphone which records sound accurately without any disturbance. You should also look to the point that your music, any tune, beats, or any rhythm is not be copied,  as people will not find it unique and hence they will not recommend your work. Try to make your content attractive and fascinating by adding beautiful images, covers, or even descriptions and names, so the viewers find it more impressive than others.

Everything related to social media has its own pros and cons, where at one instance, everything runs smoothly without any issues but sometimes the bugs create so many problems which makes it difficult to access the single page properly for even a minute.

There can be complications while uploading tracks on SoundCloud as well- these problems can be in the form of slow uploading, or failed attempts at uploading; even if the network is supporting. You have to keep in check the following things if your efforts at uploading tracks on SoundCloud are failed constantly:

Keep in mind that the web browser you use to access “” should support SoundCloud. Do not use any lower browser version. The 4 basic and standard lower browser versions that SoundCloud supports are-

  • Chrome 35
  • Firefox 28
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6

Table of Contents

  1. Fix SoundCloud Tracks Playing Issues
  2. Why You Are Not Able To Play Tracks?

Fix SoundCloud Tracks Playing Issues:

  • Update your browser from the lower browser for smooth accessing. This will load your uploading page properly.
  • Keep a check on the updating permissions, see that there is ample of space in your device to download a track
  • Keep a track of SoundCloud’s “Status Blog” so that there are not any obstacles on the website that cause your problem in the loading of the pages.
  • Check that you are using the recent version of “Flash.”
  • See if the particular page is uploading in some other browser, apart from the one you are accessing into currently.
  • Try to turn off the anti-virus and any other Firewall in your browser.

Why You Are Not Able To Play Tracks?

  • There might be a circumstance when a registered member of SoundCloud does not have the basic rights to post his/her track on all the platforms. These tracks are available only into the countries where the rights are permitted, which is why individual tracks are unavailable in certain regions.

If you are using an Android or iOS, you have to remember the following factors if the tracks are not playing properly or not at all:

  • Keep on pulling down the screen to refresh until your loading of the page is finished. This might help to a lot of extents, and if not, check that you have a proper internet connection which is working appropriately. If the trouble continues, uninstall and then reinstall the app, check if it helps.

If the problems in playing a track occur while using the web browser on the desktop, then check the following points:

  • Try to refresh the page, this task works well in re-uploading anything on the net. In many cases, playback problems are not permanent.
  • Check the SoundCloud’s “Status Blog” to keep a track of all the news and updates to see if there are any shortcomings from your end, which you don’t know about.
  • Clean up the browser cookies and cache and then restart the website again.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the app downloaded.
  • Make sure the “Flash” is installed and is up to date.
  • Turn off all the extra ads or other extensions that keep on appearing on the web pages. These cause a lot of interruptions in loading the required content. They might also prevent your SoundCloud to work correctly.
  • Remember to add “” to the exceptions list in the plug-in settings section which is present in your browser.
  • Try accessing the site on a different browser from the one which you are using at the moment. You will get to know if the problem is with that particular browser or with the website as a whole.
  • Sometimes, the cookies of the website get disrupted, and there might be a lot of ads playing in the background while a track is played. The key is to wait patiently until the particular ad is finished. The cookies and cache need to be regularly updated to prevent this from happening.

Internet sometimes works in a lot of funny ways- sometimes it works in a super-cool way, but sometimes it does not allow to even open a single page of any social networking site. Rather than getting irritated over such vain things, try to think rationally about how you can solve these problems by utilizing the means provided to you. The freedoms of using the internet are provided to us to make their best use for our betterment, so try to make use of it appropriately.

SoundCloud is one of the best medium where one can listen to the best tracks and also can upload his excellent compositions. Due to these little issues and errors, many people think of leaving the platform as they believe that the problem is with the channel, but sometimes the problems are quite general like internet problem for which you cannot blame the platform. If someone really wants to present his talent in front of the audience, then SoundCloud is absolutely the right place where one can get the right review and right engagement from the right audience.