How To Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud Profile?

28 November 2019

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Social media constantly updating its reputation and culture through new features and rapidly changing the digital environment with new channels. In the social media world, there is a huge space for creative content and new experiments that you can share to the world from any network- Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, TikTok Twitter, SoundCloud and more.

Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages in different context and concept, but all the platforms are the easy medium to reach people around the world. In this digital world where everyone face twist and turns when they come to market their creativity or promote their content, but these twist and turns help them to join the better community and audience and nudge them to create the best content possible for them. People publish or post their work on social networking sites because they want to attain popularity and identity through their talent.


We have all the platforms available for sharing images, videos, music, audio clips, and so on with a few clicks- it actually helps us to show our hidden talent across the world.

For music, there are a lot of mediums through which one can show his creativity and SoundCloud is among them. SoundCloud is counted as one of the best music streaming websites because of its unique quality of exploring the talent of people. But the platform only works if you have created or make the best of it. It is important, however, to always think twice before posting anything for a large audience to see. Once your audience sees your content, it just takes seconds to share it among others and in minutes you get viral if your content is out of the world.

Thinking twice before posting is quite an essential part if you really expect to bring the right audience on your page. Your positive or negative limelight that resides as your image in the virtual world is pretty much decided by the things that you post.

In today's world especially, where people decide about you based on your content presentation on the platform as it is an essential element in determining about your personality, career choice, thoughts, likes and dislikes, and your talent.

Think about it this way, post the matter which you know that you will not regret posting it some years down the line. This way, you will learn about the dividing road between right and wrong content over social media.

But, most of the time, people face criticism, bad comments and more if they just mess with the music beats, added the wrong track or used the others' tracks without showing any courtesy. These are just a few examples, there are a lot of reasons when people facecriticism for their creativity.  This is the situation where people try to delete or remove their tracks from the platform as they don't want to experience anything wrong.

If you are also stuck in such kind of situation or want to delete the track from SoundCloud because it does not sound good, then you can delete it in a few taps.


Table of Contents

  1. How To Delete Tracks
  2. Fix Deleting Tracks Issue

How To Delete Tracks:

1. Open SoundCloud:

Launch SoundCloud account through your preferred web browser. Type and then tap on the "Enter" button. Doing this, you will be navigated on a main page of the network.

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud -Open SoundCloud

In case you are not logged in already, then you will be required to provide your email address or username associated with your account and correct password that you have created while creating an account on SoundCloud.

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud -Press The Sign In

2. Open Tracks:

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud -Go to your profile icon

In the next step, you have to go to the page where you will have all the tracks. Go to your profile icon and click on it, doing this, you will be prompted with a list of options. There, select "Tracks" to proceed with the task. 

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud - Click On Tracks

From the "Tracks" option, you will be directed on a new page. Select the track which you want to remove or delete.

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud - Select the track

There you will see "Heart" icon, "Three horizontal dots," "Pen" icon to make editing, and "Trash bin" icon to delete the track.

Fix Deleting Music Track Issues On SoundCloud - select Delete track

Once you select the "Trash bin" option, you will be prompted with a pop-message saying, "Removing this track is irreversible. You will lose all the plays, likes and comments for this track with no way to get them back" with "Cancel" and "Delete forever" option. Click on the "Delete forever" option to simply remove the track from your list.

Click on the Delete forever option to simply remove the track from your list

"Once you removed the track, it cannot be restored."

"This option of deleting the track is not available through the mobile app. You can rather choose to make the track private by clicking on the options, this way your track will available to your profile, only to you. It is also not possible to select many tracks at once and delete them altogether."


Fix Deleting Tracks Issue:

 In case you are not able to delete tracks from your profile, you can look upon specific considerations to recheck.

  • Remember that you cannot choose to remove a track from your iOS or Android device. This can only be done via the desktop web browser.
  • If you do not find the option of deleting a track in your profile, you have to assure that you have logged in your account. And in your profile, you should find the "trash bin" icon, which you will find beneath your respective track's waveform.
  • There are also possibilities of tracks getting blocked because of copyright violation. If this is the scenario, then the tracks cannot be deleted or removed. Any action on that particular tracks is not possible to be done. It will remain on the track manager page. Such tracks will not be counted as your accumulated shared data.
  • You will find the blocked tracks on "Tracks page," and you can keep a check on the status of them getting unblocked or not. This space also helps you to check if any of your tracks is under any obligation of violating any rules of any sort.

After checking these steps if you are still unable to delete the tracks from your profile, you have to check the following points-

  • See, if there are not any disruptions in the page gets loaded correctly.
  • Check that you are using the up to date version of the network.
  • Check variable browser to see if any particular browser is being problematic.
  • Try turning off all the anti-virus running in your device.
  • Make sure there is no Firewall present in your browser.
  • Check the site once. See that you are accessing and not

You are always free to delete any data or track from your SoundCloud whenever you feel like. There are no restrictions by the website to not delete any data. However, it is always better to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Do not even put yourself in a situation when you will have to remove any tracks posted by you. Once an image of yours is formed in the public eye, it becomes quite hard to overturn it. Be assured and post appropriately.