How To Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks?

Last updated on August 6th, 2019 at 03:18 pm

How To Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks

SoundCloud is a famous music streaming website that lets you listen to millions of songs and allow to upload your original tracks across the world. It is a beautiful platform that actually gives its users special treatment and opportunities. Arguably, for music creators and listeners, it is an excellent place where they can share their talent and can learn something new with every new track.

The platform also provides great options for music lovers to come together and experience something extra special. SoundCloud offers the excessive amount of music for music lovers to consider a different taste of music that you usually can’t find on any other music platform.

SoundCloud’s great competitor in the industry is Spotify- both are the most powerful driving forces that can help users to find and enjoy amazing beats and tracks. But few differences make SoundCloud a little open platform than Spotify.

  • Spotify free version is limited, whereas on SoundCloud free version is good enough for its users.
  • On SoundCloud, independent artists can upload their music, but on Spotify, there is lacking in underground music and remixes.
  • SoundCloud is counted as a great social platform to discover new music, but on the other side, people miss music from several big-name artists.

There are a lot of differences between SoundCloud and other music streaming platforms, but every platform has its advantages and disadvantages.  We will not go into the ratings of these platforms, here we will simply continue the procedure of enabling downloading of SoundCloud tracks.

As a music creator or composer, when you upload music on you SoundCloud profile, it is essential to make it enable users to listen and save if they want to. You can listen, download, and search your favorite track. But there are many singers who don’t know the right way to uplift their career through the platform as they don’t have a better idea to do it. They usually believe uploading tracks is the last thing that should be done to make music available for the listeners, but actually, this is just a simple step of promoting music on the network.

There is a complete list of promoting and enabling music on SoundCloud for everyone on the channel, and enabling the download of your music to the guests is one of them. If you are also one of the singers who actually don’t have any idea about where to start to enable the download button for your tracks, continue reading the article and learn more about downloads of SoundCloud’ tracks-

SoundCloud Track Download Limitations:

On SoundCloud, anyone can listen and upload music for free, but there are some limitations to download the tracks. Users who are not associated with any premium or pro version of the site can only download 100 tracks, whereas it’s Pro users have the ability to download 1000 tracks. Moreover, for the Pro Unlimited users, SoundCloud allows downloading unlimited tracks without any trouble.

Enabling downloads for your tracks to refer to; it allows the SoundCloud users to download the copy of the original track that you uploaded on the means you are giving permissions to users to download a copy of your original track.

If you also want to allow others to download a copy of your original tracks, check out the quick steps-

1. Open SoundCloud:

Open your favorite web browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and enter in the address bar located at the top of the page.

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Open Soundcloud

Press “Enter” button which will lead you on the SoundCloud’s main page where you will get ample of option for musicians as well as listeners.  Musicians can upload their original track to promote their music and listeners can search or download their favorite track only if the admin of that track has enabled to download a track from settings

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Sign In

If you are not logged in automatically, you need to go on the SoundCloud Log In page where you find different login options:

(i) Continue With Facebook:

If you are already logged into the Facebook account, use this option to Log into your SoundCloud account – it will redirect you to SoundCloud’s main page.

 Continue With Facebook

(ii) Continue With Google:

You will be needed to use this option only if your registered email address and password are saved in your computer; otherwise, you will be required to enter your email address and password.

Continue With Google

(iii) Enter Your Email Address Or Profile URL:

Here, you need to enter your registered email address or Profile URL and password in the given tab. Must check your login credentials once before clicking on the “Continue” option. Afterward click on “Sign In” tab, it is an orange color icon located next to “Password” tab.

2. Tap Picture Or Name:

Once you opened your SoundCloud profile, you need to click your name or picture located at the top right of the page. You will find your profile name and picture on a navigation bar in the upper right corner of the page. You will get a drop-down menu which contains a list of options.

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Tap Picture Or Name

3. Select Tracks:

If you click on the profile icon, you will get different settings option like Tracks, Albums, Playlists, and Reposts. Here you need to select the “Tracks” icon to proceed.

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Select Tracks

4. Click Edit Track:

You will get the Edit track icon below the menu list, you need to select this option to proceed.

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Edit Track

5. Tap Permissions:

Once you clicked on “Edit track” a pop-up menu will appear, there you will find different options to edit your track like Basic info, Metadata, and Permissions. Select “Permissions” to enable track download.

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Tap Permissions

6. Select Enable Direct Downloads:

Select Enable Direct Downloads

When you click “Direct downloads,” a pop-up will appear saying “track is now available for direct download in original format as same as it was uploaded.”

Enable Direct Download

Once you click direct downloads options, you will be promoted with a note; “Distributing content without permission is unlawful. Make sure you have all the necessary rights.”

7. Select Save Changes:

Enable Downloads For Your SoundCloud Tracks - Select Save Changes

Once you selected the “Enable direct downloads” you need to tap the “Save Changes” button located at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Benefits Of Enable Download For Your SoundCloud Tracks:
  • It will help to get your play counts up.
  • It will increase your engagement with your fans by sharing or commenting on your track.
  • It will support you to maximize your music exposure.
  • Note: You can’t enable downloads for your soundtrack through Soundcloud’s application. You need to use a web browser either in your phone or desktop to successfully complete the procedure.