How To Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook?

Last updated on August 6th, 2019 at 06:56 pm

How To Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Since its creation, it has served the best services to every user and has engaged people of all ages from all over the world.  

When you upload content on Facebook like your favorite images, videos, etc., you can make it more tempting by just adding some features including captions, emojis, filters, and more. Facebook is always known for its convenient features and one of the best examples of its ideal setups is its alternative text option which is launched especially for visually impaired users who cannot view content on the site.  

Yes, Facebook has alternative text option through which one can create photo descriptions automatically, which helps those people who have vision loss- the people who are blind and have insight issue can understand your photos. You can either add more details about a picture into the Facebook post that makes your post more convenient to understand. 

Alt text is often quite simple as it might give something like one caption to content, for example- smiling, glasses, food,  gym, etc.

Note: You can only add alt text through your desktop as the option is not available via Facebook’s app/phone.

Alt (Automatic alternative text) is a new feature of Facebook based on the object recognition technology to create a description of the photo that helps those people who have vision loss. Alt text simply provides more information about your image like function, content to visually impaired people.

Businesses and individuals can use the alt text and can have multiple opportunities to grow their audience engagement. Alt text feature will help businesses and other creators to share content to every person even if the person is blind- means the person would be able to connect everyone easily.

Wondering how? Want to make the use of the feature to reach each and every person on Facebook? Read on the article- it will walk you through the step by step procedure of adding alternative text to your photos.

1. Open Facebook:

Choose your favorite web browser and enter www.Facebook .com in the address box located at the top of the web page and then press the “enter” button. It will direct you on Facebook’s newsfeed page where you can explore whatever you want.

Login To Your Facebook Account

If you are not automatically logged into Facebook, then you are required to go on the Facebook login page. You will find two horizontal tabs located at the top right corner of the Facebook Login page. There, you will be required to enter your email address or registered phone number and password.

Note: Make sure that the email address and password you have entered is correct; otherwise you can’t log in to your page.

Once you entered the login credentials correctly, you need to click on the login button located next to the password tab at the top-right corner of the Facebook login page. It will lead you to Facebook’s newsfeed.

2. Select Photo/Video:

Once you logged in your Facebook account, you need to select the “Photo/Video” option located at the top of your newsfeed or timeline. It will navigate you in your computer gallery from where you can choose a photo from your gallery.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Select Photo or Video

3. Select The Photo:

After now, select your favorite photo you want to add on your Facebook account from your computer gallery. You can select multiple images at one time to upload, there is an option to add more photos shown by + sign in-between square. You need to click on this option if you want to select multiple images.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Select The Photo

4. Click Open:

After selecting the option,  your photo, you will find two options saying to open or cancel your chosen image. Here, you have to click on the “Open” option located at the bottom right corner of your computer gallery page.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Click Open

5. Select Edit Photo:

If you want to edit your photo, you may need to drift over the picture after which you will find an option to edit. The edit option will be represented by a brush-type structure placed inside the circle, click on it to proceed with the procedure.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Select Edit Photo

6. Select Alt Text:

If you click on the “Edit Photo” option, then you will find a list of editing options over there. You need to drag down and select the “Alt Text” option, where you will see a text “Add alternative text that describes the contents of the photo for people with visual impair.”

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Select Alt Text

7. Add Photo Description:

Add a brief description of your photo in the given alt text box. It will help those people who are visually impaired because your photo description is enough to say everything about your photo and make them accessible.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Add Photo Description

There are certain limitations your description should not exceed more than 100 words.

Facebook would notify users if the description crossed the word limit.

8. Select “Save”:

Once you edited your photo and added a description in the alt box, you need to click on the “Save” button located at the bottom right corner of the page.

Edit Alternative Text For A Photo On Facebook - Select Save

Pro Benefits Of Adding Alt Text:

  • Adding alternative text makes your Facebook content accessible to the millions of people worldwide who can’t see. Let’s take an example, if any of your Facebook friends upload an image on Facebook and you can’t get an image due to some problem, then Facebook will automatically show a caption in place of the image like food, restaurant name, etc.
  • This new technology of Facebook can tell users what is actually in a photo if it is not visible.
  • Automatic alt text helps people who have vision loss- these people get benefits from alt text because they usually use a screen reader to navigate the web, which transforms the visual content into the speech.
  • Automatic alt text helps those people who have turned off images to save data.