How To Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger?

Last updated on August 7th, 2019 at 05:57 pm

How To Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a fantastic source through which we can connect with different people from different regions across the world.  Since its launch, it has delivered fabulous services to its every user and made its functioning easy accessible, which is the main reason behind the channel’s popularity.

Facebook’s stories section, comments, like feature, sharing and posting on cross platforms, message source and a lot more setups are the things which are actually appreciable. However, these features are available on almost every social media network, but every channel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Every social network, including Instagram, Twitter, and many more have messaging feature in them, but Facebook has a standalone app for messages, which is known as Messenger. If we are accessing the Facebook application, then it is necessary to download the messenger app too. Facebook does not allow to chat through its application- we can only communicate through a chat without downloading the separate app over the web browser.

There is a little bit different procedure that we need to follow while communicating with our people through Facebook chat option in the web browser and its application. But its functioning is completely the same, which is an amazing thing. Both are free- we don’t have to pay any single penny, and both have an ultimate source of video calling feature also, which makes it a perfect and complete app.

Another best feature of Facebook chat process is that we can delete conversation we have done with another person and also can delete the message from our side once we send it. There are two options to delete the message from the conversation- one is to eliminate the conversation only from the chat, but it would not be removed from the other side, and another option is to remove the message from another’s chat too once you send it.

Read on the article to know the entire procedure of deleting messages from Facebook Messenger application and web browser chat option. The process is simple to perform if you are doing it in the right way; otherwise, you can encounter a few issues.

On Mobile App – Messenger:

Deleting Chat From One End:

Open Facebook Messenger in your phone you don’t need to enter your login details if you are logged in already in Facebook as it will directly connect you through the main channel.

Open Facebook Messenger

1. Select A Conversation:

Now, once you open the Messenger application, you will see a page with multiple options and features like a search tab at the above of the page, story section where you can share your story what you want to, you will also have the stories shared by other users just below the search tab.

Select A Conversation

Moving forward, you will have the camera icon and a pen icon just above the search tab, and the most prior tabs that are conversation tabs. In the conversation tab, you will have all the people with whom you have communicated recently, groups as well as communities.

There, you need to select the chat section from where you want to remove or delete your chats.

Pro-reason behind deleting chats: There are many reasons due to which one delete conversations from his account like the person don’t want to show his chats to anyone who uses his phone,  might there are some controversial conversations and lot more.

2. Select The Message:

Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger - Select The Message

Now, it is the time to select the message you want to delete from the conversation. There you need to long-press the message which you wish to remove from your end. Once you long-press the message, you will have a pop-up of replying the person through reactions/emoticons. Just below the page, you will also see three different options that are “Copy,” “Forward,” and “Remove.”

Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger - Tap on the Remove option

Tap on the “Remove” option after which you will be prompted by the text – “Remove for you.” Tap on it, which will remove the message from the conversation.

Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger - Remove for you

The option “Remove for you” will only appear if you are deleting your old conversation. But if you are deleting your current chats which you  have done recently within 10 minutes, then you will be prompted by the text- “Remove for you,” and “Remove for everyone.”

Deleting Chats From Both Sides:

If you want to delete your message which you have sent to your friend, then you need to make sure that you remove the chat within few minutes after sending it-Facebook does not allow to delete the older conversation from both the end.

1. Open Facebook Messenger:                     

Open Facebook messenger in your phone; it would be the blue icon with a white zig-zag icon inscribed in it. After opening the application, you will have a page where you will find different icons for a different purpose.

Open Facebook Messenger

2. Select a Conversation:

Once you reached the main page of Messenger, select the conversation from which you want to delete chats.

Select A Conversation

3. Tap Remove For Everyone:

After choosing the conversation from where you need to remove the chat done by you, long press the message you want to remove. When you long-press the message, you will be prompted with a small pop-up just below the page showing three different options that are “Chats,” “Forward,” and “Remove.”

Delete Messages In Facebook Messenger - Tap Remove For Everyone

Tap on the “Remove” option; doing this, you will have a pop-up showing “Remove for everyone” and “Remove for you.” There, tap on “Remove for everyone” option.

4. Tap Remove:

Once you select the option “Remove for everyone,” you will have a pop-up message on your screen saying “You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. They can see you removed a message and still report it.”  with “Cancel” and “Remove” tab.

Tap Remove

Tap on the “remove” tab which will remove the message from both ends. After you delete the message, the receiver will see a message ” This message has been deleted.”

On Desktop-Web Browser:

Deleting Message From One End:

1. Open Facebook:

Go to the search browser on your desktop and type Click on the “Enter” button to open your Facebook profile if you are automatically logged in with your Facebook account.

Open Facebook

If you are not logged in with your Facebook account, then you will be required to provide your email address, username, or phone number associated with the account. In the next tab located, enter your password you have set during the time of opening the account.

2. Click on The Messenger Icon:

Once you logged in your Facebook account, you will directly be taken on the main page or newsfeed page where you will see a different tab for different functions.

Click on The Messenger Icon

At the top of the page, you will have your profile icon with your name, home option where you will have all the newsfeeds, find friends where you can find people you want to add in your friends’ list, create option which allows you to establish new business page or ads.

Besides these options, you will have a humanoid icon, messenger icon, and a bell icon, there click on the “Messenger” icon to reach the conversation tab.  Once you select the message tab, you will be taken on the new menu which will appear with all the conversation you have done.

3. Select The Conversation:

Further, select the conversation from which you want to remove the chats. On the conversation tab, you will have all the chats you have done with that particular person.

In the next option, you will be navigated on the Facebook profile page; there you will find the “Messenger” symbol located on the upper right side of the Facebook page. Click on the drop-down menu after which you will have a drop-down menu.

4. Click On “See All In Messenger”:

If you cannot find the conversation tab you are looking for, then click on the “See all in messenger” after which you will have the entire conversation on your screen.

5. Select A Chat:

Further, select the chat which you want to delete. Move the cursor on the chat, after which you will have two option there- one is three dots, and another one is emoji through which you can send reactions to the chat.

Click on the three dots

Click on the three dots; there you will be prompted with “Remove” and “Reply” tabs. Select the “Remove” option to delete the message.

Remove and Reply tabs

After selecting the “Remove” option, you will be asked for a confirmation to delete the chats. There you need to simply click on the remove option which will delete the selected chats.

Remove for You

“Make sure if you want to delete chats because once you delete the chat, it won’t be retrieved or recover.”

Deleting Message From Both Sides:

1. Open Facebook:

Open Facebook in your preferred web browser by typing; doing this will take you to Facebook’s main page/newsfeed section.

Open Facebook

Just in case you haven’t logged in the computer for a long time, then you might have to provide your email address/phone number/username associated with the account and the correct password which you have created during the time you established your account. Further, click on the “Log in” tab located just next to the password tab.

2. Go to Message Tab:

Moving forward, you need to click on the message tab represented with a blue icon and white zig-zag image inscribed in it located in between the friend request option and a notification tab.

Click on The Messenger Icon

Once you click on the message tab,  you will have a list of chat done by you. Select the conversation there to proceed with the next step.

3. Select Chat:

Click on the three dots

Now, it is the time to select chats which you want to delete.  When you move or drift the cursor around the chat, then you will be prompted by the two options that are “Three dots” and “Emoji.” Click on the three dots after which you will two have more option of “Remove” and “Reply.”

Remove and Reply tabs

4. Click Remove:

After completing the above procedure, click on the “Remove” option. Doing this will prompt a pop-up message saying {“Remove for everyone- you’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. They can see that you’ve removed a message and still report it” and “Remove for the you-This message will be removed for you. Other chat members will still be able to see it”}.

Click on the Remove for everyone option

Click on the “Remove for everyone” option to delete the message from both the partners of the conversation.

Note: Facebook allows to remove messages from both sides within 10 minutes.

In the next step, click on the “Remove” tab (blue box) located at the bottom-left corner of the message appeared on your screen. Doing this will remove the chat from both the side.

Once you remove the chat, the second person will receive a message showing, “The message has been deleted.”

What Is The Time Limit To Delete A Facebook Message?

If you want to delete a sent message on Facebook, then you have to complete the process within 10 minutes. Yes, Facebook gives only 10 minutes to delete the sent messages, while WhatsApp gives 60-minute to delete a message. Moreover, Facebook has a strong reason behind keeping a short time limit to remove a message: cyberbullying.

Note: “Facebook always makes efforts to make the platform more secure for its users- mainly after the issue of Cambridge Analytica.

With the rise of cyberbullying and online threatening, Facebook gives only 10-minute time duration so that kids can have a record. By providing the unsend feature for a short period of time, Facebook hopes to limit the ability for abusers and cybercriminals to delete the evidence.

How To Report A Delete Facebook Message?

As a social networking site, Facebook gives you multiple opportunities and liberties to make your account secured and strong.  Facebook allows it’s every user to report any comment, post, and messages if you find them abusive or inappropriate.

Therefore, if you get any message which is abusive and the sender has deleted it within 10 minutes, there are still options to take action against it. Yes, in this situation, you can report the message within a few taps.

Facebook community guidelines do not allow any hate speech, inappropriate posts: there are certain rules and specification that every user has to follow. If any user breaks or breach its policies then he has face the consequences too.

To report any abusive message which has been deleted from the sender’s end, you don’t need to worry at all. Facebook keeps a private copy of all the message for a short period of time after the message has been deleted-

Below are the few steps to report the deletion of an abusive message:

Tap on the name of the person who’s the message you want to report.

On the menu that appears on your screen, you need to scroll to the “Something’s Wrong” tab.

There, you need to select the harassment category-here you will find all the option to report the content you want.


Do not add unknown people to your Facebook’s friend list in case you are not sure about his authenticity.

Facebook gives multiple options of securities-make the best use of the options to keep your account secure.

In case you receive any abusive message or threats, immediately report the sender. Do not wait for the next second.