How To Delete A Friend Request On Facebook?

03 January 2020

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Facebook is the most powerful social media platform that has the ability to change someone's views, connect people worldwide, and a big platform for creators to share their talent. The platform has become one of the fastest resources to share news, information and any new event happening across the world. 

But with such fast growth, it has also increased the level of competition among users. Users on Facebook has some kind of excitement in them to have a large number of friends on their profile. Most of the users find it tempting to join new people to their account even if they are not known to each other.

At the beginning when Facebook was just launched, it was the only medium to add new friends and connect with new people. But, slowly it becomes a new source of information to the people around the world. Well, it may have reached the new level but its core for which it was started "adding friends" is still its main part for users.


Users can send a request to join their account on Facebook, but there a few people who do it at a large extent. They just want to increase the count of friends on their account. But few people are there who do not like to tolerate this type of behavior, and they don't accept unknown users' request.

Though there are security option one can choose if he/she don't want a friend request from the unknown people, but sometimes we do not want to add people from our official places and other working areas also.

If you are also having a lot of pending friends' request and want to get rid of them, then simply delete all of them from your account.  Deleting a friend's request on Facebook is not a complicated task, it can be done easily with a quick tap.

"When you delete a friend request on Facebook, the person who sent you the request would not get any notification that you have deleted the request. Once you delete the friend request, the person cannot send you another request for one year. Also, to permanently stop that person from sending you another friend request, you can easily block them."

Read on and learn how to delete friend request from Facebook-


Table of Contents

  1. Delete Friend Request on Facebook Via Computer
  2. Delete Friend Request On Facebook Via App
  3. Cancel A Friend Request That You Sent

Delete Friend Request on Facebook Via Computer:

1. Open Facebook:

Go to your desktop and open your preferred search engine. Use the link http://www.facebook.comor type the URL into a web browser and press "Enter." It will navigate you on a new page, where you have to enter your login credentials correctly to log in to your Facebook account. If you are already logged into your account, then you will be navigated automatically to your Facebook's News Feed.

Delete Friend Request on Facebook Via Computer - Open Facebook

2. Click On The Icon Represented With “Shadow Of Two People”:

Once you logged in to your Facebook account, click on "Shadow of two people" icon located at the top-right section of the page. You can find the icon next to the "Create" option.  

Click On The Icon Represented With Shadow Of Two People

3. Click On “Delete Request” Icon:

Once you click on the "Shadow of two people" icon, a complete list of people who have sent friend request will be displayed on the screen. On a list you will a see name of the person with "Confirm" and "Delete" option.

Click On Delete Request Icon

Click on the "Delete" button, doing so will simply delete the request with a "Request removed" message. If you want to mark the person asspam, you can do it just by clicking on the box "Mark as Spam" box.


Delete Friend Request On Facebook Via App:

1. Open The “Facebook” App:

Open the Facebook app on your phone, it would be the blue icon with a white "f." Click on the icon by which you will be directly navigated to a News Feed page.

Delete Friend Request On Facebook Via App - Open Facebook

If you are not logged in, enter your email address/username and then enter your password. Once you entered the correct credentials, click on the "Log In" button.

2. Tap The Hamburger Menu:

Tap on the "Hamburger" icon located at the top-right corner of the page (Android). It would be represented with three vertical lines. If you are an iPhone user, the hamburger icon would be located at the bottom-right corner of the page.  

Delete Friend Request On Facebook Via App - Tap on the Hamburger icon

3. Tap “Friends” Icon:

From the "Hamburger" icon, you will be landed on a new page where you will have a list of multiple options. There, select "Friends" tab, which will show you a new page with suggestions of people to whom you can send request if you want to.

Delete Friend Request On Facebook - Tap Friends Icon

On the page, you will see multiple options including, "Suggestions," "Search," "Request," "Contact," and more. Tap on the "Request" option to see the list of people who have sent you a friend request.

4. Tap "Delete"

Once you clicked on the “Requests” tab, a list of your pending friend requests will appear with "Confirm" and "Cancel" option. Tap on "Delete" option to continue the task. 

Delete Friend Request On Facebook - Tap Delete

Deleting friend request on Facebook is an easy process, you don't have to jump through a complicated procedure. Moreover, if you have ever sent a request to someone by mistake, then you can also cancel it through a few taps.


Cancel A Friend Request That You Sent:

If you have sent a friend request to any of the unknown person by mistake, there you have an option to cancel it. Go to your Facebook's Newsfeed and tap on the search bar located at the top of the screen. You have to type the name of the person to whom you have sent a friend request. You will get their name below the search bar menu; click on their name, which will navigate you to their profile page.

Cancel A Friend Request That You Sent

There, an option will appear of "Friend request sent" at the right side of the person's name located at the top of their profile. Click on the option through which a drop-down menu will appear. There, you will see an option "Cancel request," click on it to remove the request that you have sent.