How To Delete An Instagram Story From Archive?

Last updated on August 6th, 2019 at 04:40 pm

How To Delete An Instagram Story From Archive

The new updates on Instagram have become a trend these days as these latest updates make the app more convenient, efficient, user-friendly, and handy with lots of tasks to do from numerous different options.

The concept of exciting posts in terms of photos and videos on Instagram was quite tempting for us that after the introduction of the feature of stories, it became quite a lot interesting. We are given the advantage of posting the stories as of photos and videos to our profile. The posts on the stories section are generally visible to our followers for 24 hours. Moreover, the app also provides us another feature of highlighting those stories that can be saved to our profile, in case we want them to appear later on as well. The highlights of these stories will be permanent until and unless we choose to delete them later on.

The stories that we post are saved automatically to our profile. This is a helpful concept because if we want to make a highlight, we can easily access this section and select the respective stories that we want to put into a particular highlight. Instagram saves our stories in the archive section and also allows us to visit our posts that were posted on the same day, in any year, this is like a memory feature.

However, we can always choose to delete a certain story from the archive section. Yes, Instagram gives us the liberty to remove the story from the archive section if we want to.

Read on to know how to delete an Instagram Story from the archive section-

1. Open Instagram:

The icon is represented by a multi-colored square having a white colored camera inscribed in it.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive-Open Instagram

Tap the Instagram icon in your phone by which you will be directly navigated to Instagram’s main page.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive- Log In

In case you are not already logged in, open the application and enter your details of either your username, email id or phone number and enter your password in the required field.

2. Go To Your Profile:

After opening the app, tap on your profile. At the bottom right of your page, you will see the “Humanoid” icon. Tap on it, doing this will open your profile.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Go To Your Profile

3. Open The Archive Section:

Once you open your profile, at the top right of your screen, you will see a timer icon beside the hamburger icon, tap on it. This will open your “Archive” section.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Open The Archive Section

4. Look For Stories Archive:

After opening the archive section, a pop-up menu appears which will proceed you to two sections, one to your “Story archives” and the other to your “Post archives.” You have to select the option of the story archive. As the names suggest, the archives of past posts and stories are maintained in this section.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Look For Stories Archive

5. Choose The Story:

Look for the story that you want to delete from the archive section. Instagram makes it convenient for us to choose from the other pictures as we can look for the dates mentioned at the left corner of all the stories. We can reach out to our respective story easily. Once you find the story you want, tap on it to open it.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Choose The Story

6. Tap On More:

After opening the story that you want to delete, you will see the multiple options over the image/video that are; “Share,” “Highlight,” and “More.” The “More” option would be represented with the vertical dots (Android) and horizontal dots (iOS). Both of these options will appear at the bottom right of your screen.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Tap On More

Tap on the option to proceed further.

7. Tap Delete:

After opening the “More” option, you will be prompted with a pop-up showing different options; “Delete,” “Save,” and “Share as a post.” Here, you need to select the “Delete” option to simply delete the story you have posted.

Delete An Instagram Story From Archive - Tap Delete

Tips To Remember –

  1. You do not have to especially save your stories in the archive section. They are saved automatically as soon as they disappear after 24 hours.
  2. Once you delete a story from the archive section, and you have mentioned it as a highlight, it will be automatically removed from that particular highlight too.
  3. You cannot select multiple stories from the archive section and cannot collectively delete them altogether.
  4. This feature is difficult to access in the web browser on phones. Whereas, this feature is also not available on the desktop. Hence, it is advised to use the Instagram application while accessing this feature.
  5. This archive feature does not consume memory.

The Instagram story feature is meant to enhance our profiles additionally, and to show our daily activities that stay on our profiles for 24 hours. It is not necessary to delete the stories from the archive section. It is a personal choice if we wish to remove certain stories, it is up to us. The archive section is meant for us only. No one can see our past stories unless we put them in a highlight.

A new stories archive feature displayed on both Android and iOS means you no longer need to save stories to your phone for viewing them later. But if you like doing that, then your phone’s gallery space has to be divided as this will keep the post onto your phone’s space.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to disable automatic archiving of stories on mobile phones, and there are tons of ways to do it within the application. However, the drawback with the archive is, anything already archived will have to be deleted manually if you don’t want the pictures and videos there.