How To Customize Your Twitter Profile?

Last updated on August 28th, 2019 at 02:18 pm

Twitter is a social media network which can support your business in a great way like the channel can make your content popular in the digital industry, the network can boost your sales and gives you tons of options to show your creativity and market your brand. Twitter can do a lot more than this if you have customized your profile in the right way. Yes, it is necessary to handle and customize your social media accounts properly as the channels work as the voice of your brand and profile.

Your public page on Twitter gives the first impression of your aura and personality, which decides your popularity. Customizing your Twitter profile can make a bit difference to your presentation and reputation in the industry. 

Customizing your Twitter profile can provide your information about your personality, business or brand you are running. It gives your followers a brief about your thoughts, content and the things you prefer. Moreover,   it also helps in marketing strategies to target and reach certain people and audience.

There are tons of ways through which you can personalize your Twitter profile like choosing or uploading a background image for your Twitter account, uploading a personal profile picture, providing a biography so that your followers can get to know about you more precisely. Continue reading the article to learn how you can customize your Twitter profile and what steps must be taken to avoid any sort of problem.

Customize Twitter Profile:

1. Log In Twitter Account:

If you want to customize your Twitter profile, then you need to start by logging into your Twitter account. Type in your preferred web browser and then press the “Enter” button on your keyboard. Doing this, you will be taken on Twitter’s main page.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Log In Twitter Account

2. Go To Your Profile:

Now, you need to go to your profile to proceed with the next steps. You will get the “Profile” option at the left side of the main page among other options. Click on the option after which you will be taken on a new page.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Go To Your Profile

3. Edit Profile:

From the profile option, you will be taken on a new page with different options. There, look for the “Edit profile” option- the option would be located at the top-right corner of the page.  Click on it, after which a pop-up tab will appear on your screen.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Edit Profile

The pop-up tab will show you your background image, profile picture, bio, location, website, birth date with “Edit” link.

Now, it is time to make the changes as per your preferences. While customizing these options, ensure that you are filling the right details as these details will appear on your profile and visitors on your account will judge you on the basis of profile details.

(i) Header photo (recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels)

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Header photo

When it comes to select a header photo, then it is important to know what size of the image will be suitable, as most social media channels have their certain dimensions that can be fit into the box. Moreover, Your header image is an important part of your profile as it gives the viewers an idea about your choice and aura. Therefore, make sure to select the perfect and relevant image which can represent you and your brand precisely.

(ii) Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels)

The profile photo on your Twitter account is a major aspect of your personality that you show to your audience. Yes, if you are not having a good or the genuine image on your profile section, then it would be difficult for you to reach the target audience.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Profile photo

People decide whether to follow or not or purchase services or not on the basis of your facial expressions and pictures that you have used in your profile. Your profile picture should have a convincing power and amazing frame as it is the base of your account and profile.

(iii) Name

Your name is the voice of your brand and account, if you have not selected your original name or haven’t created it related to your profile, then you could face a downfall of your account and profile. People who visit your profile remember your name and check your authenticity, but if you have used any fake or random name, then it would be difficult for the followers and visitors to remember you and your account.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Name

Furthermore, you should select your name related to your business, make it attractive and quite simple. Short names with creative ideas could do a lot good to your account rather than the lengthy and confusing characters. Therefore, you have to be attentive and creative while choosing a name for your Twitter profile.

(iv) Bio (maximum of 160 characters)

Twitter only its users to write their tweets within 140 to 240 characters, and similar it has a bit restriction for the bio section too. You are only allowed to write within 160 characters in your bio section. It is one of the important sections as it gives a brief about your profile to the followers and the new visitors of your account.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Bio

Always try to keep your bio section precise and crisp. Write what can define you perfectly within a character limit. Moreover, focus on the major sections like your business, brand, personality hobbies and work, do not add the boring concept in your bio section.

(v) Location

Here comes an important side of Twitter, yes Twitter gives you tons of liberties to express and tell about yourself and location is one of them. While editing your profile, you can add your location like where your business is located or the location where your company works. Adding location in the profile section can bring your target audience at your place more easily than ever.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Location

(vi) Website

Adding a website link to your Twitter account is an amazing source to market your content, profile, business, and brand. Yes, if you are running any website where you are selling any sort of services, then the people who are visiting your account will also get to know about your business. This is an easy way to connect with the right target audience. Through adding a link of your website will also support you to reach your goal.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Website

Note: “All the top-ranked social media networks allow it’s every user to add their website’s link in the profile section. This is an outstanding way for the great revenue generation, ultimate popularity, and high sales. “

(vii) Birthdate:

After, profile picture, header, location, bio, there comes a birthdate option. Here, you can add your birthdate which will then appear on your profile. It is not necessary to add the birthdate, but adding it would complete your profile with the genuine details. If you are running a business or a brand, then it could help you get the audience attention.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - Birthdate

Moreover, adding your birthdate also let Twitter know that you are old enough to use a Twitter account and your audience that you are mature enough to run a business. It will also help to customize your Twitter experience.

4. Save:

After providing your all details, click on the “Save” button located at the top-right corner of the page. This will save all the changes that you have made and will redirect on “Edit Profile” page.

Customize Your Twitter Profile - click on the Save button

Additional Tips For Updating Your Profile:

  • Select images in JPG, GIF, or PNG-Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images.
  • If your Periscope account is connected, your Twitter profile will show LIVE on #Periscope when you are broadcasting.