How To Create An Account On Facebook?

09 December 2019

Create An Account On Facebook

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Facebook arguably the most popular social networking platform which has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Since its launch, it has been the best service provider but also has had a relationship with criticism and controversies.

Facebook has helped many businesses and brands to grow tremendously-it is the best source to reach the world easily. Moreover, it is a major source of entertainment and information for people across the globe. Since Facebook is a global platform, it is available in every part of the world.

You can use the platform to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and even you can find new people on Facebook. People with different interests can find a different source on the platform- it offers multiple features with great opportunities so that users can easily enjoy the platform.

As per the data analysts, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook, the huge number of users on the platform is one of the major reasons you cannot ignore Facebook marketing for your business.   Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users is the most common age demographic you can find on the platform. Every second, five new profile is created on Facebook.

Its data is self-explanatory about how people are crazy for Facebook. Billion of people daily visit Facebook at least 4 to 5 times just to explore new updates around the globe. If you haven't created an account on Facebook yet, then you are missing a lot of things which are important in this digital world.

If you want to see yourself among the 2.38 billion people? Want to join the Facebook community? Create an account immediately and enjoy the roller coaster ride of Facebook. Creating Facebook's account will take a few minutes - once you create a Facebook account, you can share a lot of things with your family and friends.

Follow the step given below to know how to create a Facebook account-

Table of Contents

  1. Sign Up Facebook Account
  2. Setting Up Facebook Profile
  3. Using Facebook

1. Sign Up Facebook Account:

(i) Open The Facebook Homepage:

To create a Facebook account, you need to be at least 13 years old. You can create only one Facebook account per mail address.  Creating an account on Facebook is free, but you can purchase things for your Facebook account if you want to customize your profile as per your needs.

Open The Facebook Homepage

(ii) Enter Your Basic Details:

On the Facebook homepage, you will see a small form where you need to provide your basic information.

Enter Your Basic Details

In the blank fields, enter in the first name, last name, email address, password, birthday, and gender. You must use your real name for your account- nicknames are allowed only if they are a variation of your real name.

(iii) Tap The “Sign Up”

If theinformation is correct, you will receive a verification email to the address you provided.

Tap The Sign Up

(iv) Open Verification Email:

Once you Tap “Sign Up” button, you will receive a verification email - it may take a few minutes to get delivered. Click the link in the email to activate your account.

Open Verification Email

2. Setting Up Facebook Profile:

(i) Add a Profile Picture:

After creating an account on Facebook, the first thing you should do is add a profile picture. This will let other users see who you are.

Add a Profile Picture

Do not use fake pictures of other users as it is against Facebook's Terms of Use- Facebook suspends accounts if someone violates its policies.

"Facebook suspended 583 million fake profiles in the first quarter last year."

(ii) Add Friends:

Facebook is nothing if you don't have friends and family on your account.

Add Friends

You can search for people by their name or email in the search tab located at the top of the page. You can import your contact lists, and invite friends that are not using Facebook.

(iii) Manage Your Privacy Settings:

You can set up privacy settings of your account as per your needs- you can select people on Facebook from which you want to hide your content or posts.

Manage Your Privacy Settings

On the privacy settings and tools, you will have multiple options, select whichever option is the best for you.

3. Using Facebook:

(i) Share and Post:

Creating an account on Facebook is easy, but it is users'  responsibility how do they handle their account.

Share and Post

You can post to your own timeline or post to your friends' timelines. Moreover, you can also share content from others' timeline, elsewhere on the internet, including links, images as well as videos.

(ii) Chat On Facebook:

On Facebook, you can chat with anyone on your friend's list. If the person you are chatting is offline, he/she will receive your message the next time they will log in.

Chat On Facebook

You can download Facebook's Messenger app for your phone to chat.

(iii) Upload Photos:

You can upload your photos to post to your profile and share with friends and family. You can also add a caption to the content you publish with relevant hashtags. Also, you can make an album on Facebook to share photos in bulk.

Upload Photos

Ensurenot to share questionable content or inappropriate content that violates the Facebook Terms of Use.

Facebook is a source through which one can reach to the maximum number of people at a time. It provides a number of opportunities to businesses to market their presence and creators to showcase their talent.  However, Facebook has always been in the controversies like for data breach, and users' privacy violation, but its advanced features and best practices keeping it at the top rank among all the social media networking sites.

Interesting Facts:

  • 1.74 billion user access Facebook on mobile.
  • 76% of females are regular users of Facebook, whereas only 66% of male use Facebook
  • 300 million photos uploaded daily on Facebook.