How To Create An Album On SoundCloud?

30 November 2019

Create An Album On SoundCloud


  • SoundCloud users can upload a track of 180 minutes (3 hours) only.
  • The maximum audio file size is 4GB – split into separate folders if it exceeds.
  • SoundCloud is currently enforcing a 500 tracks limit to playlists to maintain quality of its services.


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SoundCloud allows you to shape your voice, nourish your tracks, and give the best home to your music beats. Arguably, the platform is the largest music streaming platform where music lovers can share their music and enjoy others' tracks.

Moreover, SoundCloud provides an opportunity to the users to create their own album, so if you want to create a music album and want to have an official release on your profile, read on the tutorial.

"You can mark a playlist as an album,  EP, Single or a Compilation for the official release."

Here arequick and simple steps to create an album on SoundCloud-


Table of Contents

  1. Sign In To SoundCloud
  2. Create A Playlist
  3. Save The Playlist
  4. Click On Edit To Playlist
  5. Provide A Release Date
  6. Save The Changes
  7. Benefits Of Creating An Album

1. Sign In To SoundCloud:

 For creating an album on SoundCloud, you must have an account on it. If you’re a new user, then go to www.soundcloud.comon your web browser. Go to the option  "Create account" (you’ll find the option on the top right corner of the tab). Moving forward, provide your registered Email address and your desired password in the required tabs.


2. Create A Playlist:

To represent your album, you must have a playlist. Go to the search tab to search for the specific artist, song or the album. You’ll find a search icon on the center-top of the page. Once you find the desired track, click on the option saying  "Addto Playlist" underneath the playing song.

Create A Playlist

3. Save The Playlist:  

Click on the box named with “Playlist Title." Type the desired name for your playlist. Once you are done with the process, click on “Save” to save the playlist.

4. Click On Edit To Playlist:

Click on the pen icon representing the "Edit" option. A new tab will pop-up asking for basic Info. Go to "Playlist type" box and select “Album” as your Playlist Type.

Click On Edit To Playlist

5. Provide A Release Date:

Beside"Playlist type" box, you will see the " Release date" field. Fill it with the release date. You can also edit the "Genre," "Additional tags," "Descriptions" and other sections if you want to.

Provide A Release Date

6. Save The Changes:

Once youre done with the changes,click on "Save changes" tab to save the Playlist as your album.

Save The Changes

Organizingyour song is always a great idea- SoundCloud helps you to create an album and add tracks. There are a plethora of ways for artists on SoundCloud to garner their music tracks. A few of those methods include adding songs to a playlist, creating an album, getting reposted, and even uploading tracks to another account.

Benefits Of Creating An Album-

  • Better experience for listeners:  an album allows you to organize your channel properly and give your listeners a personalized experience.
  • Makes you a better curator: you can compile and organize songs into an album to give a wonderful experience to the listeners. Album is a great way to manage the record of your playlist.
  • Better Interaction:-  With the well-managed album, listeners could get more ways to discover, share and interact with new records on SoundCloud.