How To Create An Account On Twitter?

27 November 2019

Businesses around the world are using Twitter to reach out to a bigger audience. This small blogging site that allows users to complete their message in between 140 to 240 characters. This is something that was started by Twitter only and the procedure of completing the message with a word limit became an enthusiastic phenomenon for users to follow. This limit does not restrict them to complete their notions, but provide them the option of tweet thread to finish their saying with a better conclusion.

Business owners are being advised to engage on Twitter more often, as Twitter can do great things to your business and brand. Moreover, the channel also helps to increase your visibility around the social networking world and put miles ahead of the competition.

It is hard to believe that the number of Twitter users are much lower than the number of Facebook users, but still, the channel is one of the most powerful tools for marketing and establishing a reputation in the digital industry.

Every social media network including YouTube, Instagram and lot more have their own advantages and disadvantage and same happens with Twitter. From hashtags to pinned tweets, and to social media influencers to business promotion, Twitter provides the flexibility to reach out every single corner of the world and to communicate with billions of people.

The network is one of the greatest sources of information and a big news platform where people can communicate in short messages. Founded in 2006, now recognized as the robust marketing tool which comes under top-ten social media networking sites.

Time after time, Twitter has proven to be an amazing tool, majorly in the sales and marketing industry where revenue is the thing people tend to focus on. But on the other hand, Twitter also brings tons of option on a personal level, wondering how? Twitter is a social networking site which gives its users liberty to share their thoughts and message to the world directly through its newsfeed section.

Through the medium, you can win the heart of millions and can style your business presentation in a new way. Therefore, if you are not on Twitter yet, then you are missing a lot of opportunities in this advanced digital world. Create an account on Twitter, enjoy the best features and get your business popular all over the world.

Here, in the article, learn the basic steps with complete guidance which will ease your job to access and run Twitter-

Through Web Browser:

Open Twitter:

Open the Twitter website by typing in your preferred web browser.

Create An Account On Twitter - Open Twitter

Click Sign Up:

After you open Twitter via a web browser, a page will appear with sign up and login options. There, you need to click on the "Sign Up" option covered with a blue box.  

Create An Account On Twitter - Click Sign Up

On the page, you will find the quote "Join Twitter today".

Create A Username:

When you click on the "Sign up" option, you will be prompted with a pop-up tab saying create your account. On the tab, you will have two blank fields- one for typing the username and another one for the phone number with which you want to associate your Twitter account.

Username and Phone no

Once you provide both the details in the blank fields, you will see a "next" button located at the top-right corner of the page. Click on the "Next" button which will take you to the next page to complete the procedure.

Click on the Next button (1)

Sign Up:

Now, after providing your name and phone number, click on the "Sign up" button located just below the phone number field.


This step would be the third step among the five steps.

Verify Phone:

When you click on the sign-up button, a small pop-up window will appear asking for the verification of the phone number you have provided. There, you will have two options that are "Edit" and "Ok". Here, click on the "Ok" button to complete the verification procedure.


Once you click on the "ok" button, a verification code of six digits will be sent to your number. Enter the code in the required field.

Thereafter, you will be taken on a new page to set-up a password for your Twitter account. Create a strong password with six or more characters and then click on the "Next" button located at the top-right corner of the page.

"Note: Ensure to create a strong password which could not be hacked or cracked by anyone. "

After creating a strong password for your Twitter account, you will see a new tab for setting up your profile picture. There, you can skip the process if you want to, or choose the picture if you want to set it up. Moving forward, you will be taken to the steps where you have to complete your profile with the basic information like your bio, hobbies, interest, etc. Work up those options as per your preferences.

Through App:

To create an account on Twitter via its app, you need to first download the application. Download the application from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once you download the application, click on the "Open" button.

If you don't want to open it through the store you have downloaded it, then look the app among the other applications located in your phone.

The Twitter app would be of blue color icon with a white bird flying image inscribed in it.

Create Account:

Once you open the application, you will be taken on a page where you will have an option of "Create Account" covered with a blue box.

Click on it to start the procedure to creating an account Twitter.

Create a Username:

Now, it is the time to create a username for your Twitter account. After you click on the "Create account" button, you will be navigated on a new page with two blank fields. Enter your name and the phone number with which you want to associate your account.

After providing your name and phone number in the required fields, tap on the "Next" button to complete the procedure.

Thereafter, you will be taken on a new page where you can customize your account with different options. Choose options as per your preferences and tap on the "next" button.

Tap Sign Up:

Now, you will be required to tap on the "Sign Up" button located just below your phone number. After clicking on the "Sign up" option, a small pop-up will appear on your screen asking for the verification of your phone number. There, tap on the "ok" button to proceed with the verification option.

From the "Ok" button, you will land on a new page where you will have to enter the six-digit code which you receive on your phone number. Once Twitter verifies your phone number, you will be allowed to proceed further.

Create Password:

With the entire procedure, create a strong password is necessary to secure your Twitter account. when your number will be verified, you will be asked to create a  password with six or more characters. There, set up a strong password for your account and enjoy the hassle-free service of Twitter.

From downloading the application to set up the Twitter password, every step is so easy which can be done within a few minutes.  

Once you are done with the procedure of creating an account, you will see other options like updating profile, completing bio and more. You can skip these options or can complete them later, it's all your choice.


Creating an account on Twitter is not a complicated task if you are working with the right steps. If you will have an account on Twitter, then you will have multiple opportunities to do a lot of great things in your marketing business or personal life. You can easily convey your messages with the simple writeup and can grab the attention of millions within a few seconds. Either you want to promote your brand, or looking to advertise your business, do not hesitate to use Twitter a tool as it could bring billions of people to your profile and business.