How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification?

Last updated on August 13th, 2019 at 05:58 pm

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification

YouTube has been one of the best sources to share creative videos around the world-roughly near about 300 hours of video get uploaded within a minute. Being as a video streaming website, YouTube has delivered ultimate options to its every user who love to create, share, and watch video content. Therefore, the platform could work as the best tool if you are planning to promote your creativity through this magical channel.

Meanwhile, having a YouTube channel with unique and creative content is an excellent state to attain popularity on your business, but you could get a more significant image in the industry if you have verified your account or channel on YouTube.

A verified tick on your profile shows how much your channel has survived in the initial stage and with the time it gets official acknowledgment from YouTube. Therefore, verifying YouTube account is an amazing approach to build up an empire of creativity in the social media industry.

If you have your own YouTube channel but have not done channel’s verification yet, then you are missing something big if you really want to achieve your goal.

Verified YouTube account let you enjoy some additional benefits which could increase your channel’s growth and could upgrade you with amazing features. Few additional features are, you could get the freedom to upload longer video than before, broadcast the live streaming of your channel, etc.

Wondering what steps will be required to follow to verify your YouTube account? Read on the article and learn the best possible steps to verify your YouTube account.

1. Open YouTube:

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Open YouTube

Open YouTube on your preferred web browser; there you will see a main page with the popular and most searched videos. There click on the profile icon located at the top-right side of the page- it would be a circle presented with your image or the picture you have provided it with.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification -Click The Profile Icon

If you haven’t uploaded any image, then it would appear with the first letter of your Gmail id.

2. Click Settings:

When you click on the profile icon, a list of options will appear, select “Settings” option there to continue with the procedure.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification- Click Settings

3. Select View Addition Features:

Now, from the settings feature, you will be navigated on a new page where you will find the options related to the account settings. On the page, you will have multiple options, but here your main interest is to verify YouTube account, so you need to look for the “View additional features” link. This link will take you to the page where you would get a verification form for your YouTube channel as well as account.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Select View Addition Features

Click on the “View additional features” link which will get you a new page.

4. Click Verify Button:

Now, on the verification page, you will see “Verify” button covered with a blue box just next to your profile.  Click on the button which will directly take you to the verification page where you will get a form to fill.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Click Verify Button

5. Fill The Form:

The form will appear with different options, and there you have to select the appropriate option and methods.

(i) Select Your Country:

Once you have reached on the verification page, you need to select your country name, for example, India, United States, Russia, etc. from the drop-down menu.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Select Your Country

Select the “receive the verification code by the text or voice call”.

Here, you will get two options for verification, either you select to “call me with an automated voice message” or “text me the verification code.” You will be notified on your registered phone number by a six-digit verification code afterward you need to enter the verification code on the given box located on the page.

Some countries don’t allow receiving a text message from Google; in this case, you need to select the text message with the verification code option.

(ii) Enter Your Phone Number:

If you click on either select to call me with an automated voice message or text me the verification code, you will see a box below this option to enter your registered phone number.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Enter Your Phone Number

Here, you need to enter your registered phone number in the given box to proceed.

(iii) Click Submit:

Once you entered your registered phone number and clicked submit button, you will either get a six-digit verification code by text on your registered phone number or you will get same via an automated call depending upon the procedure you selected.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Click Submit

You need to wait a few minutes to get a text message or automated voice call; if you did not receive the six-digit verification code within the mentioned time frame, you need to request for the new verification code.

There is a limitation to verify the account with the same number- you can only verify two accounts per phone number; if you exceed this limit, then you will get an error message.

(iv) Enter The Six-Digit Verification Code:

Here, you need to enter the six-digit verification code and click the submit button. Afterward,  you will see a blank box below the verification option where you will be required to enter the six-digit verification code sent on your registered mobile number.

How To Complete The Procedure Of YouTube Channel Verification - Enter The Six-Digit Verification Code

Once you verified your YouTube account, you will get various advantages, and many of the features will be enabled automatically which were not available previously. Verification of your YouTube account enables you to monitor your copyright or community guideline ratings. You will see your rating status under “Status and Features.”

If you violate any community guidelines of YouTube, it will give you only three warnings and then your channel ratings, and your channel could face the consequences. Your account might get suspended or termination, which affects your channel depending upon the type of violation such as uploading longer videos or live streaming.

If you don’t violate the YouTube community guidelines, you will see a green status with a smiley face below your “Status and features.”

Checking your ratings is a useful tool for the beginners because they can determine their capability and if they have any problems in starting, then they could take benefits of new features.

YouTube account verification will give you additional features like you can access live streaming.  For this, you need to go on the features page and click the “Enable” button located under the Live Streaming header. Once you enabled the button, you will get options to broadcast your channel and content live easily.

If you get permission for the live streaming of the video content of your channel,  then you will be free to use embed code of your YouTube channel to other various websites via YouTube features page.