How To Clear SoundCloud Cache To Improve Performance?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 05:03 pm

SoundCloud is a marvelous music streaming website that offers a platform for musicians to create and share their art to the world. The channel is also available with billions of tracks for the people who love to explore and listen to music.

The accessibility of sharing music to the billion of people and the power of holding millions of tracks makes it an amazing site among all the competitive channels like Spotify. Make a song, upload it on SoundCloud with no expensive deals or distribution plan. Every minute the website release new music and deliver its advanced service to everyone in the industry.

No expensive deals and no extra efforts, the channel provides you with generous options through which the music creators could create tracks of their choice and listeners could choose music as per their interest.

SoundCloud has some special deals for its users, which makes it a better place for users to spend time and creativity. The music site always comes with new ideas and options and make everything convenient for its users. Every minute, twelve hours of new music is uploaded to the service which gives a bunch of tracks to listeners, two hours of uploaded content is free, which means the users could have maximum limit to post their tracks on the site, four hours is just in $55/year which is the lowest range as compares to other music websites. And if we talk about the users of the unlimited pack; then the cost is $ 135/year.

In simple word, SoundCloud is free to the user and free to enjoy. The platform without any restrictions or holds gives an open space to the music lovers to enjoy their compositions with tons of benefits-users are free to upload their favorite tracks and to enjoy other music beats.

Note: “Sound Cloud’s availability around the world is commendable, whereas its big competitor, Spotify, is not available everywhere in the world.”

SoundCloud is a popular music streaming website among the new as well as established artists as it is a great medium to expose musical talent in the world. The giant is available for all the platforms, including a web app version which could be used on any device.   But when you use its application on your Smartphone, you might find the cache accumulated which results in the sluggish performance of your device.

The problem is with all the applications accessed on your phone- every application on your device, either it is a phone or a web browser, the application stores cache on your device, which simply makes the device slow.

 In this situation, it does not matter how perfect and useful the application is; what matters is how to deal with the data stored on your device through such applications.

To deal with the app cache on your phone, you need to make sure that you remove the cache more often-this will make your phone fast and remove all the possible problems you are facing due to the application cache.

Here, the article will walk you through the step by step instructions to remove or clear SoundCloud cache which will support you to improve your device’s performance.

Clear SoundCloud Cache Via Application:

Deleting SoundCloud cache through its application could be done easily within in a few taps. Moreover, the best part is either you delete SoundCloud cache on Android or iPhone through its application; you have to go with the same procedure.

1. Open SoundCloud Application:

Tap on the SoundCloud application located among the other applications on your phone; doing this will take you on SoundCloud’s main page.  

Clear SoundCloud Cache  - Open SoundCloud Application

On its main page, you will find the music uploaded by your friends on the app and the most viewed songs along with different options to access the channel.

Just in case, you are not logged in already on the application; then you will be required to enter your email address or phone number with which your account is associated and the correct password.

2. Tap Hamburger Button:

On SoundCloud’s main page, you will see multiple options, but here your main focus is to delete the app’s cache, so you need to go to the settings option. Tap on the “Hamburger” icon represented with the three horizontal lines located at the bottom-right corner of the page.

Clear SoundCloud Cache  - Tap Hamburger Button

3. Tap Settings Tab:

From the three horizontal lines, you will be taken on a new page consisting of so many options like “Activity,” “Record,” “Settings,” “Open SoundCloud Pulse app” and so on along with your profile picture.

Clear SoundCloud Cache  - Tap Settings Tab

Here, simply tap on the “Settings” tab located just below the “Record” option.

4. Select Basic Settings:

From the “Settings” option, you will be navigated on a new page, where you will see a list of option, there, you need to tap on the “Basic settings” option.

Select Basic Settings

5. Tap Clear Application Cache:

After clicking on the basic settings, you will get an option “Clear Application Cache” along with a notification message, “Clear the application cache to free up memory on your device.” Tap on the option which will clear the app cache from your phone.

Tap Clear Application Cache

Moving forward, you can also clear SoundCloud application cache from your phone’s settings, but clearing the cache from its application is quite easy and convenient. Moreover, there are various applications available in the market designed to delete or remove SoundCloud’s cache. But, when the channel itself offers the easiest way to remove cache, then why to go for any third-party medium.

 If you are facing any technical glitch on your phone, then it does not means that it appears due to the SoundCloud’s cache. It might be possible that you have installed a virus or malware on your device indirectly by using some vulnerable website. Removing cache only supports you to manage and improve your device performance and remove the unwanted occupied space from your gadget.