How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook?

27 December 2019

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Facebook was found in 2004 with a core objective to give people the power to create community and bring the world closer together. With over 2.375bn billion monthly active users, Facebook has accomplished its motive to connect people worldwide.

Since Facebook came into the market, it has proved its capability, and now people are more dependent on Facebook for their entertainment and information. People tend to check their Facebook around 14 times a day, and it matters a lot for people in the digital industry.  Previously, the app was only available to share images, videos, communication through messages and the medium of information from different areas, but now it has also added stories section for its users.

Story feature was introduced by Snapchat, but later, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook also added the same feature to their platform. The stories can be in the form of a picture or a video, and also to write up something, but it comes with a word limit.

Stories are just like a newsfeed but in the way of expressing what you want to by letting it appear for only 24 hours, after 24 hours they disappear.  The stories are also different in a way that people can share their everyday happenings, which last for that particular day. It also provides us the option of adding cool and funky stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc.


Facebook always gives us the liberty of choosing our audience. Whether we want to prevent some people from seeing our posts or if we want only limited people to see it, we can vary our settings as per our personal choice. Similarly, for the stories also, we can edit our privacy settings as per our choice and convenience. This article will help you on how to proceed with the process of choosing who view your story on Facebook.  

There are two ways of choosing who views your Facebook stories:


Table of Contents

  1. Editing The Privacy Of Your Story
  2. Hide Story From

Editing The Privacy Of Your Story:

1. Open Facebook

Open the Facebook app on your phone by selecting its icon, which is blue colored having anf written inside it. If you are not logged in already, log in by entering your email id and password.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook - Open Facebook

If you do not have the app in your phone, you can log in through your browser by searching for You have to go through the same process of providing an email address and password for logging in via your desktop.

2. Create A Story

Add a story by tapping on the "+ Add to Your Story"  option appearing in your newsfeed among the stories section. You can do this by selecting a picture or a video from your phone or desktop gallery or by making one at the moment.

On Phone: If you are sharing your story through your mobile phone, then tap "Add to your story" which will take you to a new page where you will see your phone's gallery images, and an option to write caption above the image section.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook On Mobile - Create A Story

On Desktop: If you are sharing your story through the desktop/browser, after clicking on the "Add to your story" link will show you a few options that are "News Feed, "Your Story," and an option to write a caption. There you will have photo/video option to select the content you want to share.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook On Desktop - Create A Story

3. Choose From The Privacy Options

After choosing what you want to add to your story, you have to select the options from the screen. Here, choosing the privacy option varies on a phone and on a desktop.

On Phone: When you select a content you wish to post on your story, you will see your image with multiple options. There you need to select the "Privacy" option located at the bottom of the page. It would be next to the "Effects" option.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook - Choose From The Privacy Options

Tap, "Privacy" which will navigate you to a new page with different options that are, "Public," "Friends and connections," "Friends," "Custom," and "Hide Story From."

Public:Theoption opens your story to public viewing.

Friends and connections: It willshow your story to your Facebook friends and to the people with whom you are connected on messenger, the friend's option will show your story only to your Facebook friends.  

Custom: Theoption will let you select specifically the people whom you want your story to see. You can edit the number of people whom you wish should see your story or not accordingly by ticking off against their names.

Select the option whichever is convenient for you.

On Desktop/Browser: On desktop or web browser, when you select the content you want to post on the story, you will see a tab in front of the "Your Story" option. Click on the drop-down menu to select the settings as per your convenience. Either you want to select the "Public" option to show your content to the world, or you want to "Friends and connection" only to see the content you have shared on the story.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook - Select the option

Hide Story From:

In order to hide your story from specific people, you have to follow the aforementioned procedure. This is another way through which you can also choose people who can see your story.

Once you select the content you want to post, select the "Privacy" option located at the bottom-left corner of the page. There you will be navigated to a new page where you will have multiple options that are, "Public," "Friends and connections," "Friends," "Custom," and "Hide Story From".

  • Tap "Hide Story From":

Tap on "Hide Story From"  located above the "See All-Story Settings" link which will show you a new page. There you will see "FRIENDS" and "CONNECTIONS" tab.

How To Choose Who Views Your Story On Facebook - Hide Story From

  • FRIENDS: This tab will show you a list of friends you have on your Facebook account.
  • CONNECTIONS: This tab will show a list of people who have connected with you through message indirectly but are not added on your Facebook friend's list.

Tick mark the box in front of the people from whom you want to hide your story. That's all. This process will prevent these specifically chosen people to view your story thereafter.

The point that is to be remembered while making these changes in the privacy is to be sure which accounts you are hiding your story from, and thereby choosing the correct accounts. If you have blocked someone from Facebook, they will not be able to view the stories that you post.

Once these changes are made for a specific story, the settings will remain the same from next time onwards. You can edit your privacy settings anytime you decide to post another story.

One should always keep in mind the feelings and sentiments of the audience. If you think that certain posts will offend anyone in any specific way, it is better that they don’t come across such posts, this prevents unnecessary arguments and helps in keeping our timeline under positive limelight.

Precautions are always better than cure, which is why it is always favorable to not post anything which is not appropriate for public viewing. Remember to be a smart user on any of the social media platforms.