How To Change Your YouTube Password?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 04:22 pm

We all know that YouTube is a fun platform which can boost enthusiasm in the creators to share their content all around the world, and in the marketers to publicize their business with their target audience. But handling and managing YouTube is not an easy job if you are not aware with the facts that you need to keep your YouTube account secure from the hackers as well as the fraudulent people who can harm your content, as well as image.

As a marketer or a popular creator, it is obvious to have a YouTube channel where you share all your content to engage the viewer. You might have saved tons of content on the channel and have created a reputation in the sector through your creative ideas and mesmerizing content. But, it can get destroyed or ruined just because of your little mistake or if you forget your password.

Most of the people have the habit of forgetting password after a few days of setting it up, which could lead the person to a danger or a major loss. And if you are the one who forgets his/her YouTube password more frequently or unable to remember his/her last password, then the article is perfect for you.

The article will walk you through the simple instructions which you need to follow if you forgot your YouTube password.

Table of Contents

Quick Instructions To Change YouTube Password:

Note: As we know, Gmail and YouTube services are associated with Google. You require the same login credentials for them.

1. Login YouTube Account:

Open YouTube in your preferred web browser using URL in the search bar located at the top of the webpage. Further, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard, it will navigate you on the homepage of YouTube.

Open YouTube in your preferred web browser

In case, if you are already logged into your YouTube account, and forgot your account’s password, then you have to change the password by simply open your profile.

Click on the circle located at the top-right corner of the page; it would be covered with your image if you have uploaded it there. In case you haven’t updated your profile picture, then the circle would appear with the first letter of your name.

When you click on the profile icon, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of various options. There, you need to scroll down the list and click on the “sign out” button located at the bottom of the menu. Once you clicked on the sign-out option, you will be navigated on the YouTube login page.

2. Click The Sign In:

Here, you will find a sign-in option located at the top-right corner of your webpage. Go to the “sign-in” option and click on it.

Click The Sign In

3. Enter Your Email Address:

Once you clicked on the sign-in button, you will be directed to your YouTube login page. Here, you have entered your email address or registered phone number that is associated with your Google account.

Enter Your Email Address

4. Click Next:

Once you entered your email address or registered phone number in the given tab, click the next button- it would be the blue button.

5. Click On The Forget Password:

If you have forgotten your password, then there is an option to change your password. Click on the “forget password?” option located just below the email address tab. 

Click On The Forget Password

6. Enter Your Last Password You Remember:

Once you clicked on the “forgot password” option, ask you to enter the last password.

Enter Your Last Password You Remember

7. Answer A Security Question:

If you don’t remember your last password, then there is also another method to change your password. Click “Try a different question,” located at the bottom of the window.

Answer A Security Question

8. Follow The On-Screen Instructions:

Here, you need to follow all instructions until you are asked to create and confirm the new password.

Change Your YouTube Password - Enter verification code

You may get a verification code or verification URL on your registered email address or phone number. Here, you just need to click on that link and follow the instruction to change your password.

9. Enter New Password:

Once you are done with all the instructions, you will be then asked to create a new, unique, strong password that you never used before on other websites.

Change Your YouTube Password - Enter New Password

Go to “Create new password” tab and enter your new password as per given password instruction.

10. Re-Enter The Password:

Here, you need to re-enter your password in the confirm password tab. Make sure that both the password you have entered is same, otherwise, your password would not get created, until you enter the same password in the required fields.

Change Your YouTube Password - Re-Enter The Password

11. Click On Change Password Option:

Before clicking on the “Change password,” make sure that you have entered your password correctly. Thereafter, click on the “Change password” option located just below the confirm password tab.

12. Click Next:

After reviewing your account recovery information, click the “Next” button.

Change Your YouTube Password - click the Next button

If you want to change your security question or your recovery information, then click on the “Edit or remove” icon to proceed.

13. Open Your YouTube Account:

Once you have updated the new password, use the URL in the address box located at the top of the web browser and press “Enter.” It will take you on YouTube’s homepage.

14. Click sign-in :

Once you moved on the YouTube homepage, click on the Sign-in option located at the top right corner of the web page. Now, enter the new password you have created in the required fields. That’s it; you are done. Setting up YouTube password is easy, but always try to create a password which could not be cracked or hacked by anyone. Your YouTube account holds up essential data and information about you; therefore, you should make sure that your account is secure and safe from any loss.