How To Change Your Username On Twitter?

Last updated on August 26th, 2019 at 06:06 pm

This is 2019 where everyone is more dependent on social networks as compared to traditional mediums for the latest updates and news. And here, Twitter has given a wonderful platform where people can easily find the information they are looking for. Twitter, a small blogging website which enables everyone to post or share their thoughts in between 140 to 240 characters.

Meanwhile, Twitter has fewer followers than Facebook and other social networks, but still, the channel has the ability to make your profile powerful. Millions of people use Twitter as a robust tool in their marketing strategy and to build their reputation in the industry. But to achieve the right goal, it is necessary to know which channel is perfect for you.

Note: “We usually make mistakes while selecting the right platform to perform, therefore, explore and see which social network could help you to reach your target audience.”

Once you have decided that Twitter is the right social media channel for you and have created your account on Twitter, now it is the time to focus on the username you have selected. Yes, the username of any social media channel is important as it represents your account and profile.

Your audience and followers remember you with your username, therefore it is necessary that the name you chose is attractive and presentable.

Most of the time we face frustrating situations as someone has taken our username or stolen our business name which raises the probability to decrease our popularity and revenue growth. Therefore, registering the username is most important if we are running our businesses through the medium.

So, while selecting a username for your Twitter account, you need to focus on a few points that are given below-

1: Use Relevant Name:

Your username represents your brand and business, therefore, it should be relevant to your name or your brand’s name. Username relevant to your name or company’s name helps others to find your profile easily, not just because the name will appear on your profile, but it will also appear on your Twitter URL. Your Twitter URL is usually  So, the next time when someone will search for you or your company, he will find your profile on Twitter quickly.

But, if your Twitter name is completely different from your company’s name or your name, then how would they find you on Twitter. It would make it difficult for them to get to your profile.

2: Avoid Numbers:

Usernames with numbers do not look good and professional and make the name seem old. Having a username on your name is right but including numbers on it make your profile lost its genuine presence and make it harder for people to search you.

Usually, you pick a name and add a random number with it, but after this when people search for your name, they might end up seeing others profile as Twitter will suggest and show them the name which are without the numbers. So, while selecting a username for your Twitter account, avoid to include numbers in it.

3: Keep It Unique & Short:

Lengthy username are not easy to remember, therefore, you should always make sure to create an amazing username with fewer characters. Moreover, if your username is not unique and different from others, then it would be difficult to revolve your profile on social media networks.

Unique and short username is the best combination as it could boost your profile and account. Being unique is one of the best ways to stand out in the market, therefore ensure to create and build up your username unique and short.

If you keep these three practices in mind then you will surely get the best result which will take you to the next level of popularity and success.

After creating a perfect username for your Twitter account, it is important to know the steps to change the username on your Twitter account- read on the article and learn the basic steps to complete the procedure of changing your username-

How To Change Twitter Username?

1. Log In Twitter:

To change your Twitter username, you need to log in into your account via Enter your password and then click on the “Log In” button.

Change Your Username On Twitter - Log In Twitter

In case you have logged in already in the web browser, then you will be only required to just enter and press the enter key on your keyboard. This will directly take you on the main page of your Twitter account.

2. Go To Your Profile:

Now, it is the time for you to go to your profile option to make edits. It would be located on the left side of the main page.  Click on the “Profile” option which will take you to your profile page. There, you can make edits as per your requirements.

Change Your Username On Twitter - Go To Your Profile

3. Edit Profile:

Change Your Username On Twitter - Edit Profile

Once you landed on your profile page, you will see an option of “Edit profile”  located at the top-right corner of the page.  Click on “Edit profile” option, afterwhich you will have the two different tabs in which you can make changes as per your needs. You can edit your name and make changes in your bio section.

Change Your Username On Twitter - Edit Your Name

Once you made the changes, click on the “Save” button located at the top-right corner of the page covered with a blue box.

Change Your Username On Twitter - click on the Save button

Doing this, all the changes will save to your profile including your username. Having an amazing username is important to have intense popularity among the social networks, therefore ensure to create an outstanding username for your Twitter account.  Moreover, try not to copy others’ username or do not hesitate to choose what makes you feel perfect and enthusiastic.