How To Change Your Name On SoundCloud?

28 November 2019

How To Change Your Name On SoundCloud


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Hate or love, SoundCloud is arguably one of the best music streaming website which has given a ton of opportunities to the rising music lovers and creators. Since its launch, it has proven its capability of giving musicians a platform where they can stand with their dream and can attain the stardom they want.

The network allows the users from all parts of the world to share their talent, and also provide them the enthusiasm to compose their beats through which they can get recognized.

With around 1.75 million active users, people are creating and sharing their music and listening to new music from all over the world which is flourishing at its peak, giving a tough competition to even YouTube, Spotify, and other such applications.


One of the most common reasons why people are recognized differently from the others on this platform is the freedom of selecting different genre for different music. However, the recognition also arises through the unique names that the people employ, besides sharing their music. Your name on any social networking site matters a lot as it makes it convenient for guests to remember your tracks as well as your profile. It also helps the listeners and guests to discover you on any platform quickly.

Fortunately, the best part of using SoundCloud to showcase your music to the world is that here you can also change your username from your account at any time you wish to do so.

Surprised how? The article will walk you through the complete guide to change the username on SoundCloud.


1. Open SoundCloud:

Change Your Name On SoundCloud - Open SoundCloud

Type in your search engine, “” and open the website. If you are already logged in from your device, your profile will get opened automatically, and if not, then you have to provide your email and password in the required field to open your profile.


Change Your Name On SoundCloud -Sign In

2. Open Your Profile:

Change Your Name On SoundCloud - Click Your Picture Or Name
On your window, you will see a black bar which will have different options such as “Home”, “Library”, “Stream” etc. Here, you will find your name written in that bar, towards the right. Click on it to open the arrow that leads you to further option in the drag down menu. Herein, you will see the first option of “Profile.” Click on it to proceed further.
Change Your Name On SoundCloud - Click Profile

3. Edit:

Change Your Name On SoundCloud - Click On Edit Button

After this, you will see the option of “Edit” represented through a pen icon at the right side of the page below the cover photo- this will lead you to edit your profile in various forms.

Change Your Name On SoundCloud - edit your profile

Here, you can choose to change your Display name, which is the name by which you will appear to the others. You can also change your profile URL here.  You only have to choose from numbers, small letters, underscores, or hyphens. The options on the page will be-

Display name: The name through which people will discover you on the platform- this will the name through which you will make an identity on the platform.

Profile URL: This option not only bring engagement on your tracks but also nudge people to share your tracks through the URL. Ensure to enter the correct URL.

First Name/Last Name: Enter your name as per the legal document you have.

City/Country: The section helps guests and visitors to know where are you from and where do you live- if they want to connect with you, this section helps them a lot.

Bio: Bio section is the most important part of your profile- it actually let the guests know more about you than your profile picture and music. Add something more about you in this section in a crisp and creative way, this way you can attracts visitors a lot.

The option of changing username and profile URL is only available on desktop. One cannot think of installing the application and changing the username, even if it is the creator’s account. You have to log in through your desktop’s search engine only to make such changes in SoundCloud.

However, you are free to choose a kind of display name you want to put or add to your profile. Make sure you display it as you would anywhere else. You are also free to include spaces and capital letters.

Remember that the profile name and the changed URL that you have saved will be available on SoundCloud soon after you make changes. But, for Google search results, it will take some time as the search engine cache does not work immediately. This is not in SoundCloud’s capability. To fasten up your Google search engine changes saved by you in terms of any modification you make in any of your social media accounts, no app’s cache work so quickly.

It is important for you to keep your username and profile URL clear and succinct. You do not have to unnecessarily brag or elaborate while putting in your username. Remember that you have to make the users locate your profile quickly and conveniently. You cannot just choose anything as your display name because as people will recognize you through it, share your content and hence make you famous. Also, do not forget to recheck the username and profile URL before saving them to your account. Recheck it once and adhere to the basic guidelines of social media of not using any offending or morally incorrect language.

You have to think about attracting your audience in the best possible way and make yourself known to attain fame. Use the names which suit your music type, your genre, the areas of your interest, something catchy yet suitable and relevant enough to be used as a name.

Before you decide to change your username, you have to remember that this decision should not be taken randomly. It is a big-time influence on people when they see you in a completely different recognition. This is not something that you should be doing quite often. Once or twice is enough. Once celebrities get famous, it feels strange to recognize them from a different name. If you do it right for that one time, you know you do not need to make further advancements anymore.

Your long term username plays a significant role in making your audience getting acquainted with you. If you have been using the platform for a long time with a particular username, it is advised to not make frequent changes to it as it will affect your popularity.

However, changing your name is worth an experimental shot. Know what is the right time to do such things. Do not make such changes to your profile, which look redundant or useless.