How To Change Language Settings On Twitter?

Last updated on August 27th, 2019 at 05:58 pm

Arguably Twitter has left an amazing impact on the mode we communicate our thoughts and the way we select our preferences. Its ever-evolving way leaves our language in continuous moderation. For example, Twitter has made itself a necessity for connecting with different brands, companies, and mediums. The channel has created a way through which we can connect with better opportunities.

However, Twitter has fewer followers than other social networks but still, it has a strong command to share marketing values, promoting brands, as well as reaching the maximum people across the globe. It has transformed the way we talk on social media platforms, like within 140 to 240 character people are completing their statements, within 160 characters marketers are summarizing their descriptions, and influencers and social workers are bluntly speaking about the grey lines of truth and lie.

Years and days have seen how people fight over Twitter and how they congratulate each other,  but with such mix and match combination, Twitter never settle for the boring and stable updates. The channel is always ready to come up with something new. From pinning a tweet directly to the profile to collaborating with different brands, from establishing a new page to the usage of various language, Twitter has always been an amazing place of magical features.

With all the advanced tools, Twitter also supports thirty-three different languages for its users. Yes, Twitter has thirty-three languages in which users can communicate and share their points to the world. Multiple languages mean tons of opportunities to reach millions at a time and avail the new option to connect with the people who do not understand or speak your language. 

Moreover, in 2019, it is stupid to stick to the old methodologies as you have to put your extra efforts in convincing your audience to come and buy what you are selling. And, if you are a Twitter user, then you have the liberty to open your ways in different sections by promoting your business and posting content in multiple languages.

As a business owner or an influencer, if you are using Twitter, then you can make the best use of different languages and can attain the right result you want.

Note: “Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube also support multiple languages

Twitter provides you the inbuilt option to setup language as per your preference through a simple procedure. You can change the language on Twitter easily and can enjoy the entire website in your preferred language.

Read on the article and see what steps you must have to follow to change the language on Twitter-

How To Change Twitter Language?

1. Open Twitter:

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - Type in your preferred web browser

Type in your preferred web browser and press the “Enter” on your keyboard. This will take you directly on Twitter’s main page.

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - logged in your Twitter account

But, if you haven’t logged in your Twitter account from last few days, then there are the chances that your Twitter account will be logged off automatically. So, in this case, you will be required to provide your login id and password in the required fields to access your Twitter account.

2. Go To More:

On the left side of the main page, you will see a list of options like “Home,” “Explore,” “Notifications,” “Messages,” “Bookmarks,” “Lists,” “Profile,” and “More”.

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - Go To More

Here, click on the “More” option after which you will get a new list of menu to complete the procedure.

3. Click Settings and Privacy:

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - Click Settings and Privacy

From the more option, you will get a list of options, there, you will be required to select “Settings and privacy” tab after which you will get a page where you will have four different tabs including, “your username” “General,” “Account,” “Data and permissions”. Each of these tabs has different options.

On the page, you need to look “Date and permissions” tab, there you will see the “Language” tab.

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - Click on the right side of the Language tab

Click on the right side of the “Language” tab, thereafter, you will have an option of “Change language” with a drop-down menu. Click on the drop-down menu, next, you will get a list of languages, select the language in which you want to access your Twitter account.

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - selecting your preferred language

After selecting your preferred language, you will be required to click on the “Save” button covered with a blue box. Doing this, your language would get saved and you will see everything in your preferred language.

How To Change Language Settings On Twitter - click on the Save button

Connecting with your audience and people in your main language is the best way to reach their positive response. People show their interest in content which is written in their comfortable language and could be easily understood. 

Twitter is a platform where you are able to write your content within a limit of 140 to 240 characters which means you have to precise your write-ups so that the reader could understand it. So, always make sure to write your thought in the language which could be understand by the maximum people, and for certain regions or target group, you can make changes or add translations for your write-ups.

In social media marketing, targeting your audience as per their preferences is an important aspect. And Twitter gives you liberty to target the preferred language as per the target audience. Language targeting can be a beneficial tool for marketers and advertisers who really want to reach a global audience with their messaging. For example, as an advertiser, if you want to promote your ads among Italian speaking people, then you can use the Italian language targeting to reach your right target group.

Twitter is a channel where users from around the globe come together to engage and interact in live public conversations. And advertisers can contribute in these conversations by communication with users in their language that have diverse interest and backgrounds.