How To Add Music To Facebook Stories?

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 12:25 pm

Facebook has recently introduced the ability for users to add music to their stories post. The giant has launched music for the 300 million people who are the regular user of Facebook stories. The initiative is taken for the user’s convenience and fun, and now every user of the giant can add music to their stories post as like as any other social media site.

Similar to the music on Instagram Stories, the feature will enable every user of Facebook to add songs and voice to their photos and videos they post. The feature was introduced in June, and probably it will raise the popularity of the giant.

In a blog post, Facebook explains about launching the new feature of adding music on stories, Facebook said: “Moments are remembered and accentuated with music, and we can’t wait to see all the ways people around the world get creative with these features, make memories, and have fun with friends and family.”

This was the statement of Facebook, but there are many reasons behind the launch of the new feature, one of them is Facebook’ stories.  Facebook stories were launched with a motive of bringing new possibilities of showing content for its users, but it has not given results as per the expectations.

Therefore, it can be an initiative to make the story section more adorable and attractive. Facebook has been a standout social network amongst the most popular stages for sharing recollections as pictures or recordings, subtitles, posts, and what not so as to remain associated with the potential group of spectators. Not just this, Facebook has been furnishing suitable choices to associate with music live or from the library.

Uploading music on Facebook stories could be done in an easy manner, read on and learn the easy procedure-

1. Open Facebook:

Open Facebook on your phone and record a story by means of the camera on the app or select from the library.

open Facebook App

2. Select Sticker:

Now, from the sticker section, select the music sticker. The sticker icon would be located at the top of the page.

Add music sticker

3. Select Music:

Moving forward, select the sound/music which you want to add in your story.

Add Music To Facebook Stories - Select Music

(It likewise gives you the freedom to choose the particular piece of the tune you need to include.)

Pro Tip: “Ensure to add music relevant to your photo or video, or choose the music which can easily define your story- it will be helpful for you if you are promoting or advertising your business and brand through the section.”

Apart from music, you can also add stickers to your stories to make it more attractive and tempting for the viewers.

Quick Procedure To Add Stickers To Your Facebook Story:

As determined previously, stickers contribute a significant part in making your story more fascinating than it seemed before.

Here are straightforward strides on the most proficient method to add stickers to your story :

  1. Open your Facebook application on any smartphone and record a story according to your desire.
  2. Click on the white camera symbol on the upper left corner to snap a photo or set on the video mode to record. To include the photos and recordings existing in your display, click on the two square shapes speaking to the exhibition on the right side of the record button.
  3. Once you finished the recording or capturing, add the sticker from the upper “emoji” symbol. Include music through music sticker or pick some other stickers according to the prerequisite.
  4. After adding stickers, add the story to your Facebook profile, which will be live for the next 24 hours.

Pro Tips To Know While Adding Music To Your Facebook Profile :

It seems to be so irritating when you are swiping up the Facebook’s feed or stories, and suddenly melodic post start with full volume- unquestionably it is not right particularly when you’re at some open spots. Keeping this in view, Facebook presented the element of adding music in an alternate way.

The new music segment furnishes you with a choice to play music for a video you’re intrigued to watch rather than naturally being played.

Also, pinning music to your profile in order to display your mood is altogether a great combination.

Lip Sync Live:, which is now known as Tiktok,  an application for music and discoursed, has been trailed by Facebook recently. This was about TikTok; however, what precisely is the Facebook highlight working along these lines?

Add Music To Facebook Stories - Tiktok

Lip sync live feature followed by Facebook which requires your recordings of singing or moving to the beats and sharing it live commonly give you the opportunities to make the most of your preferred songs.

Lip sync live give opportunities for real-time artists and the audience to connect and also promote any upcoming projects in a way. It causes the clients to associate and share new encounters, additionally catching inputs from the group of spectators.

In previous days, it was not the way to share any kind of video or content- previously everyone was restricted with the copyright formalities. Sharing of any kind of copyright music online was in a flash expelled by artificial intelligence programming. But,  Facebook marked an arrangement with UNIVERSAL MUSIC Gathering (UMG). This arrangement enables Facebook clients to utilize any kind of copyright music or sound in their recordings and offer it on the web.

We can expect the giant to make a bigger push for adding music in stories in coming days which will allow the users to make the best deal of the section or maybe will enable every user to monetize from it. If you cannot see this new feature on your Facebook application yet, then wait since the giant gradually rolling it out.