How To Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud?

Last updated on August 5th, 2019 at 07:31 pm

How To Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is attaining popularity with speed since the time it was established in 2007. The music sharing and listening social media platform has reached tremendous growth because of the advanced and amazing features that it provides to its users. Here, people can come and listen to the beats from any corner of the world.

Accessing any social media platform is not a big deal these days. Anyone can learn how to access social networks handles to share their creations with the world. But yes, it is important to learn the right way and right direction to get the fruitful result in your plate.

Every social network actually needs creativity as well as unique content so that viewers can admire your content and hard work. There are different social media platforms for different genres like Facebook for images, news, creating separate pages and more, Instagram for video and pictures, YouTube particularly for video concept and SoundCloud for music stream. Every platform has its importance in this competitive market, either it is a music streaming website or picture sharing channel.

For music lovers, SoundCloud has drawn a line at which listener and creator both can enjoy each, and everyone beats easily. People who see their future in terms of this field should definitely call upon this platform to let their music be explored to the rest of the world. But making the best use of the platform is a little challenging as there is a lot of competition in this digital industry where everyone has something best.

Many people are seen confused as they are not aware of the right solution to upload their individual tracks on their SoundCloud profiles.  The creator’s account helps you to upload your creations. If you are a user of this particular account, and you want your tracks to appear on the trending list, then you must interact with more people and followers as it will help to make them aware about your upcoming tracks or creations.

This way, your tracks are promoted in a better way. This ensures your applicability and reliability among your audience and your fans by increasing the chances of your content appearing more often. This also helps in locating you in the specific and correct genre of tracks under which you wish to appear. The first tag that you add to your track should correctly include the main genre of your track, which should be preferably chosen from the list of the sections mentioned in the list of your SoundCloud profile.

There are certain conditions which you have to keep in mind while uploading your tracks that are-

Checking The Browser And OS Compatibility:

There might be situations where you come across certain problems if you are accessing the website through an old or non-updated browser, in your phone or on your desktop. It is always recommended to use Chrome or Firefox to access the website smoothly.

Email Address Link:

Be assured that you have confirmed your email address to the account which is attached to your SoundCloud profile. In case you haven’t received the mail regarding the confirmation of your SoundCloud account, make sure you check your spam folder in the mail. If you don’t find it there, go the settings to do the same.

Check The Time Left:

SoundCloud accounts have their uploading allowances. If you are a free user, you can upload a total of 3 hours. A user who has the “Pro account” can upload a total of 6 hours. And the “Pro Unlimited” user has no limit to the tracks he uploads.

  • If you have doubts regarding which type of files you should upload, you can see that your files support the WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA formats. The maximum file size support is 4GB. If the file is more than this size, then you have to divide the file into two.
  • Your files will be available to be streamed in high quality, when you upload a stereo file in a lossless format such as WAV, FLAC, AIFF or ALAC. The high-quality files are optimized for streaming such as AAC 256 kbps.
  • If you are not sure about the track or doubt about the best file that you can upload, it is recommended to again upload in either of these formats which are WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC. The bit depth has to be 16 bit and sample rate is supposed to be 49 kHz.

“A file should be less than 6 hours and 45 minutes, in order to be uploaded successfully.”

Now comes the main part of the article, to upload the individual tracks. People face problems while uploading a track on their profile, if you are also the one, read on to know the easy way through which you can complete the task in a few steps-

  • Open your SoundCloud profile by typing “” in your preferred web browser. This will direct you to the main page of your profile. In case you are not logged in already, provide an email address or username associated with your profile, and then enter the correct password.
  • You have to go to the “Upload page.” All you have to do to get there is click on the “Upload” option on the navigation bar appearing at the top of your window of the SoundCloud profile, which has the options of the Search bar, Home, Stream, etc.
  • Going to the Upload page, you can choose accordingly as to how you have to upload the file, which is by either clicking on “Choose file to upload” or “dragging the file from your saved files” in your device to the screen. The latter option can be done via using a phone as well.
  • Remember that if you are a Free or Pro user, you will be continuously reminded about how many minutes are left on your account. This will be shown at the bottom of your upload page. If you are uploading a file that exceeds the number of minutes remaining, then some of your tracks will automatically be hidden from your account to make space for the ones you are uploading at the moment.
  • There is another process of transcoding, which means if you have selected an audio file, it will automatically start getting uploaded, and the website will transcode it to stream it. The transcoding is done for all the tracks to 128 kbps mp3 for having streamed in playback.
  • If you want to change the track information, then you can add any additionally included track information, while your track is getting uploaded.

Many SoundCloud users find the music channels through the “Search” and “Exploring” options. Optimize the tracks for getting discovered to a wider audience.

“Make sure that your tracks are properly aligned in your profile and are easily available through the search-optimize your metadata through using titles, descriptions, and tags.”

These are the basic information options that can be added or edited through different types:

Additional Information:

1. Image:

Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud - Image

Image is the best source to make your tracks discoverable and attractive. If you use the image with the right dimensions and right pixels, then you won’t face any trouble while uploading it. Your image gives an identity to your tracks.

2. Track Title and URL:

Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud -  Track Title and URL

Tracks title and URL gives the name to your music-without name in the competitive market, you can’t even think to stand in the industry. Use the title that can represent you and your beats perfectly and can help listeners to discover your other music beats too.

3. Tags:

Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud - Tags

Making use of tags can lead you in the right direction and to the right audience. Yes, putting hashtags relevant to your other music beats and most searched tags can help your audience to know more about you.

4. Description:

Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud - Description

In the description section, you can tell your audience and followers little more about you like your hobbies, likes and dislikes, your experience and lot more. Always ensure to keep the section crisp and creative, do not make it too wordy.

5. Privacy Settings:

Privacy settings on your SoundCloud profile is an essential part as uploading music on the platform as this decides who will listen to your tracks who will not.

Add Individual Tracks On SoundCloud - Privacy Settings

Public: In this section, your tracks will be available to everyone even if he is not added to your profile.

Private: In this section, your tracks will be available to the people who are added to your followers’ list.


  • Buy link and title
  • Record label and release date
  • License


  • Downloads
  • Embed Codes
  • App Playback
  • Quiet Mode

Make sure you adhere to these mentioned points if you find problems in uploading the individual tracks. We have also guided you to how to upload better tracks, and also upon how to solve problems related to dysfunctional uploading. Following these options will definitely guide you into how to use the app in a better way.