How To Add Caption On Facebook Posts?

Last updated on August 3rd, 2019 at 03:19 pm

How To Add Caption On Facebook Posts

Captions can basically be defined as additional written information that accompanies any picture or video. They should be related to the respective picture or the video. Captions enhance and define our posts in a much better way, and also connect the viewer to the information related to the picture in a more appropriate manner. It provides viewers the better and more clear understanding of the post. One should always call upon this feature if one has to give their pictures an improved recognition.

The active users on Facebook are increasing day by day. People, along with viewing the shared pictures or videos like to read the necessary information related to it. It keeps them more engrossed into and helps in maintaining their interests. Captions in a post on Facebook appear to the users even before the shared photo or video. Hence, captions define our posts, so they should always be given importance.

We can add captions to our posts to convey our thoughts in a better way, to make them look improved, to make them look convenient, and to help our followers attain maximum knowledge as they can be in relation to the picture or video we post. Example -telling, conveying our thoughts, expressing any incident about the picture or video posted, etc.

There are three unique ways of how you can add captions to your posts. The network provides us with three different ways of doing the same. One can add captions to the videos at the moment of posting, or one can add the caption even later on, after posting the picture/ video, one can also add a caption to the post shared onto one’s wall, which was shared by someone else priorly. Let us get to know about these ways in detail.

Let us go through the steps leading us into how to add captions to the pictures or the videos on Facebook-

Open Facebook

You have to look for the blue colored icon with a white f written on it, tap on the icon to open the Facebook application. If you are not already logged in Facebook, then you have to enter your necessary details that are email address or username with which you have created your Facebook account.

open Facebook

Further, type your password into the required field. Ensure to enter the right password, if you haven’t entered the correct password, you might receive a notification on your mobile number if you have associated it with your account. 

If you do not have the application of Facebook, you can be logged in your account through in your browser and enter the required details to proceed further.

1. At The Time Of Posting

On Phone:

Once you open Facebook, you will see a box with “Write something here …” text, beside which you will have an option of “Photo” through which you will be directly navigated to your phone’s gallery.

On Phone - Write Something here

Select the photos you want to upload, after which you will have an option of “Next” at the top-right corner of the page. Once you tap on the “Next” option, you will see “Say something about this photo” at the above of your photo. Write caption whatever you want to and then tap on the “Post” option. That’s all you are done.

On Computer/Web Browser:

After opening Facebook, you will be navigated to your home page, commonly known as the “newsfeed” page where you see the posts shared by your friends. You will see a rectangular space at the beginning of the page which says “Write something here.”

On Computer - Write Something here

 At the bottom of that rectangular box, you will have “Photo/Video” option, choose your respective picture or video by clicking on the browse option and then double-click the file from your device that you wish to upload on your account. Once the uploading is completed, you can type in the caption field (empty space) which says “Write something about this photo.”

The next step is to click “Post” and this will post your photo or video to your wall along with the caption that you have written.

2. Uploading The Caption Later On:

On Facebook’s application and on web browser, the steps varies in some ways:                           

On Phone:

Go to the post in which you want to add caption and tap on the three horizontal dots located just at the top-right corner of the post.

On Phone - tap on the three horizontal dots

When you tap on the three vertical dots, you will see a list of options, there you need to tap on the “Edit post” tab. After that, you will see a blank space above your picture, saying, “Say something about this photo.” Write whatever you want to and then tap on the “Save” tab located at the top-right corner of the page. 

On Computer/ Web Browser:

Sometimes, you decide to add the caption later in the future after having uploaded the respective post which you have shared. You can always go back to that shared post and your caption later if you want to.

select the image on which you want to write a caption

For this, you have to view that post in which you want to add the caption. In the next step, you need to click on the pictures and then select the image on which you want to write a caption. Once you get the image, click on “Edit” option located just below the “Description” field.  Type what you want to add on the post or want to share with the users.

 click on Edit option

Once you complete typing or done with the caption, click on “Finished Editing” to post it on the post.  

3. Add Caption While Sharing Someone Else’s Post:

 Facebook gives us the opportunity to share other’s posts and add a caption as per your needs- either you want to show gratitude to someone or add something hilarious on your friend’s post, you are free to do so.

But before writing anything on someone’s post, ensure that you do not hurt their feelings.

On Phone:

see the Share button

If you want to write something on someone’s post, then you need to go with a few steps. Firstly, you need to search for the post which you want to share on your timeline. Once you get the post, you will see the “Share” button on the bottom-right side of the post (you will only see the share button on public posts. Tap on the share button, there you will have a blank field, where you can write anything you want to write. After completing the writing task, tap on the “Share Now” button. This will share the post on your timeline.

tap on the Share Now button

On Desktop/Web Browser:

Click On Share:

Go to the post you want to share with others and click on the “Share” button. It will appear beneath the post.  There you will be then given the options in a drop-down menu as to where you want to share the post.

Click On Share

You can choose among the options, which is either to share right now, on your wall, on a friend’s wall, or to your story, or in a group, in an event, or you want to send the post personally through a direct message. 

Choose accordingly and then edit your privacy according to your choice. Further, in the “Say something about this column,” add your caption.

Tap On Post:

On Computer - Tap On Post

Once you complete writing caption on a post, then you will see an option of “Post.” Click on the option to complete the task.

Keep in mind the following things related to adding captions to a post:

  • It is not a necessity to add captions in your posts. They are not compulsory. One can choose to neglect to add captions if one wishes so.
  • It is always better to write captions related to the picture and the video and understandable by the audience. Otherwise, it makes the main motive of writing the caption redundant and meaningless.
  • You always have the option of adding caption later after posting, but you have to keep in mind that if you are doing this, days after posting, it will not appear in other’s newsfeed unless someone specially chooses to view your post while visiting your profile.
  • If you are adding the caption soon after you post, then there are chances that your post freshly remains in other’s feed, and they may view your caption. The sooner you add your caption, the more are the chances of the edit version of being visible.
  • You can always add a caption to multiple photos by creating an album of those photos. You can also add captions individually to the photos in that album by selectively choosing the photos.
  • You can only add captions to your posted photos and videos and not to other’s posts. You have the liberty to drop in your views about other’s posts in the comments section.
  • Remember to be an effective and friendly user and never post any offensive stuff.

Captions are the convenient guide to the users which are helpful in many terms apart from enhancing a person’s profile. Moreover, this feature is useful for marketing, as it gives the freedom to put in the necessary information, or while blogging-it is always better to access as many features possible that our social media websites provide to us.