How To Activate Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook?

Last updated on June 27th, 2019 at 05:10 pm

Unless you are unaware of everything buzzing around on social media, you must have encountered cases of people reporting about their accounts getting hacked. If you are using the standard authentication methods for your account’s safety then your account might be at risk. As the cyber-crime is growing tremendously which can harm your security and privacy at a large extent, therefore it is necessary to turn on the two-step authentication feature for your profile. Doing this will safeguard your account from the nefarious actions of hackers seeking to get every bits and byte of your data.

Enabling the two-step authentication process adds extra security to your account. Whenever you try logging in to your Facebook account on a new device, you will receive a verification code.

Two-factor verification is a process to ensure users’ security that requires an extra code when the users log in to their account. When you enabled the two-factor authentication, Facebook will require a code from your mobile phone during login. This code is created by the Code Generator tool in the Facebook app. You can also receive it on your phone via SMS. Use this tool to protect your account from unauthorized logins.

Activating two-factor authentication is really an easy job which can be completed through a little procedure. All you just have to keep calm while attempting the process.  Read on to know how to turn on Two-Factor Authentication:

Log In To Facebook:

1. Visit Facebook’s Website:

Open Facebook through its official website from your preferred web browser. Doing this will take you to the log-in page of the website.

Visit Facebook's Website

2. Log In To Your Account:

Log in to your Facebook account with the associated email address or phone number and your password and click “Log In” beside the password tab.

Log Into Facebook Account

3. Click On Drop-Down Menu:

At the extreme right corner beside notification icon, you will see a drop-down menu represented with the triangular shaped icon- click on it to view further options.

Click On Drop-Down Menu

4. Click On Settings:

Once you clicked the drop-down menu, a list of options will appear, click on “Settings” option located just above the “Log Out” option.

Click On Settings

5. Click On “Security And Login” Option:

Now, click on the “Security and login” option from the left-side of the General Account Settings page.

Click On Security And Login Option

6. Click On The Edit Button:

On the security and log-in page, click on the “Edit” button next to the “Use two-factor authentication” option. Doing this will open the two-factor authentication page.

Click On The Edit Button

7. Click On Get Started:

This will start the setup process for two-factor authentication.

Click On Get Started

8. Enter Your Password If Prompted:

After clicking on the “Get started” option, you might be asked to re-enter your password for security issues. Enter your account’s password in the blank field and click on the “Submit” button (Blue box).

Enter Your Password If Prompted

9. Choose A Verification Method:

Now, you can choose convenient option from the list that appears on your screen to receive the code via text message or an authentication app.

  • Text messages are easier to use but less secure.
  • Authentication apps are more secure but difficult to use than text messages.
  • While using an authenticator app, you can receive codes even if you are not having an internet connection.
  • But if you choose the text message option then you will only receive codes if you have a cell signal.

Choose A Verification Method

Using Text Messages:

1. Enter Your Associated Phone Number:

Enter the phone number associated to your account to enable the authentication option, if you don’t have access to the previous number associated to your account then type in the “new phone number” field to receive a verification code. Enter the code on the blank fields to verify your contact.

Enter Your Associated Phone Number

2. Enter Your Password:

You will need to enter your account’s password to verify your identity.

Enter Your Password

3. Enter The Code Sent To Your Phone Number:

Now, enter the 6 digit verification code that you received on your phone to verify your identity and click on the “Next” button.

Enter The Code Sent To Your Phone Number

4. You Are Done:

After completing the entire procedure successfully, the two-step authentication feature will be activated. Now, you can also choose whether you want to get notifications, messages, etc., on your phone or not.

You Are Done

Using An Authentication App:

1. Download An Authenticator App:

Simply type in “Authenticator” in the search box of your App Store or Play Store, a list of authenticator apps will get displayed on your device, just download the one which is convenient for you.

Download An Authenticator App

2. Scan The QR Code Displayed By Facebook:

Scan the code from your app’s camera- if you fail to scan the code for some reason then enter the code displayed by Facebook in the app. Further, follow the instructions directed by the app to add an account.

Scan The QR Code Displayed By Facebook

3. Enter The Code Displayed By The App:

Enter the code to verify that the QR code was scanned successfully.

Enter The Code Displayed By The App

4. Enter Your Password If Asked:

Enter your password if prompted and click on the “Submit” button (Blue box) from the bottom right corner of the dialog box. Finally, click on “Finish” button. You are done!

Enter Your Password If Asked

Setting Up Recovery Codes:

Recovery codes are special codes that you can use once in the place of two-step verification code- if you cannot access your verification code for some reason. 

For example, if you are using the text message authentication method and aren’t connected to a cellular network or you lose your phone and try logging in to your account with another device then you can use these codes.

1. Click On The Edit Button:

On the security and login page, click on the edit button next to the “use two-factor authentication” option.

Click On The Edit Button

2. Click On The Setup Button:

Now, click on the “Setup” button near the recovery codes option from the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Click On The Setup Button

3. Enter Password:

Enter your account’s password if required and click on the “Submit” button (Blue box).

Enter Password

4. Click On Get Codes:

On the next page, click on the “Get codes” option to view the list of alternative codes.

Click On Get Codes

5. Copy Down The Recovery Codes:

Once you click on the “Get Codes” option, you will see a list of codes displayed on your screen. You can note down these recovery codes in your notebook and use it during the right time. If you run out of codes or have used all the codes from the list then simply click on “Get New Codes” option to get new ones.

Copy Down The Recovery Codes

Enabling the two-factor authentication feature for your Facebook account may not look important but actually, it works like a king of security tools. Ask anyone who has faced the situation and your thoughts may sway a little. Enable the feature once and your worries about the security of your Facebook account will cease to exist.

Things To Know:

  • If you have not saved the Facebook’s password to the computer or mobile device you are using, you will be asked to enter code if you have turned on two-factor authentication.  But you don’t have to save password on the browser if you’re using a public computer that other people can access (example: a library computer).
  • If you save Facebook’s  password to your device, Facebook remember your computer and browser information so that you don’t have to enter the verification code to log in. Some browser features does not allowed this option. 
  • If you have cleared history of your browser or computer, you might have to enter the verification code to log in to your Facebook account.